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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Gathering Storm

A growing chorus of bloggers here in Virginia are calling on Senate candidate James Webb to fire one of his employees who recently called Webb's opponent, Senator George Allen, a racist ... and worse.

Alton Foley and Riley, Not O'Reilly are leading the refrain.

They have a point. It's one thing for bloggers to fling invective but it's another for a politician's hired hand to act like a hired gunslinger paid, it would appear, to spew hate.

Kinky For President

Jesse Ventura redux or a breath of fresh air?
Friedman wants 10,000 troops at border
By Michael Graczy, Associated Press Writer

HOUSTON -- Kinky Friedman, the proudly politically incorrect entertainer running for governor, said Wednesday he wouldn't put just 1,500 National Guard troops on the Texas-Mexico border, he'd send 10,000.

"We've waited 153 years for the feds to help us," Friedman said. "They haven't yet. We have our own army. I want 10,000 Texas National Guard troops on the border and I want them now." (
If that doesn't bring a few votes to "The Texas Jew Boy," Kinky's policy position on crime and his plan for combatting it should:

Friedman said Hurricane Katrina evacuees who relocated to [Houston] and break the law or refuse to find jobs should be sent back to Louisiana.

"I'm just kind of stunned other politicians are not talking about this stuff and are not doing anything," Friedman said.

Today the statehouse, tomorrow the White House?

Kinky and his band, The Texas Jewboys, by the way, are legendary for such hits as "Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns In The Bed," "Cotton-Eyed Joe," and "They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore."

My Kinda Guy

This is the way heads of state should be treated if they are in any way connected to terrorist organizations:
Romney bars state security for Iranian's Harvard visit
Cites unacceptable use of funds on 'a terrorist'
By Farah Stockman and Scott Helman, Boston Globe Staff

Governor Mitt Romney declared yesterday he would not allow any state resources to be used to protect a former Iranian president during his visit to the Boston area this weekend, and he sharply criticized Harvard University for inviting Mohammed Khatami to speak on the eve of the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

"There are people in this state who have suffered from terrorism, and taking even a dollar of their money to support a terrorist is unacceptable," Romney, a potential candidate for the Republican Party's 2008 presidential nomination, said in a telephone interview yesterday. (
I can imagine how upset with Romney all the Harvard leftists are going to be.

But any politician who goes against the elitist grain and says to scum like Khatami, "Peddle your sick worldview elsewhere, freak!" gets my vote.

Romney, at least until he proves to be just like the other Republicans out there, gets just that.

More Of The Same

Tom Shales reminded me this morning why (in part) I gave up on network news many years ago:
No News Not the Best News For Katie Couric's Debut
By Tom Shales, The Washington Post

A title change would seem to be in order. Maybe "The CBS Evening No-News." Or "The CBS Evening Magazine." Or "30 Minutes."

Yesterday ... was apparently a no-news day in the opinion of Executive Producer Rome Hartman, the staff and [Katie] Couric herself, since ... (
I reached a point several years ago where I would turn to the evening news (there was no FoxNews back then) and would calculate the amount of time that elapsed before the show jumped to non-news about breast implants or pollution in a creek in Guatemala or the latest hair transplant technique. I never went more than seven minutes before I turned the station.

It appears that the more things change the more they stay the same.

For what it's worth, I didn't catch Katie's coronation. I was watching the news on Fox.

Democrats Prove Their Mettle

The deep-thinkers on the left, those who believe Wal-Mart to be the greatest threat to western civilization, made an all-out blitz yesterday to convince the American people that they knew better than did George W. Bush how to protect our country.

God help us.
Democrats say U.S. less safe since 9/11
By Amy Fagan and Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

Democrats are going toe to toe with Republicans on national security in the final months before November's elections, calling for the ouster of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and claiming that America is less safe today than before the September 11 terrorist attacks.

"Under the Bush administration and this Republican Congress, America is less safe, facing greater threats and unprepared for the dangerous world in which we live," Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, said yesterday. (
To prove they have figured out this terrorism stuff, the Democrats sent President Bush a letter reiterating their really heart-felt belief that we should redeploy our troops that are fighting the terrorists in Iraq to a more effective staging area where they can fight ... Wal-Mart presumably, although Wal-Mart hasn't yet opened a store on the island of Okinawa. That's the implication anyway. Make that an unequivocal explication.

Uh, I think I'll trust the adults when it comes to the security of our children and grandchildren, Harry.

Big Oil Makes Big Oil Find

Big news from the Gulf of Mexico:
Big Oil Find Is Reported Deep in Gulf
By Clifford Krauss, The New York Times

An announcement yesterday by three oil companies of a successful production test in the Gulf of Mexico — potentially the largest American oil find in a generation — was seen by experts as ushering in a new era in ultra-deepwater offshore drilling.

Chevron, Devon Energy and Statoil ASA, the Norwegian oil giant, reported that they had found 3 billion to 15 billion barrels in several fields 175 miles offshore, 30,000 feet below the gulf’s surface, among formations of rock and salt hundreds of feet thick. (
Great news for our energy-starved world.

Like I Said ...

Arlen Specter (of all people) found it necessary the other day to chastise his fellow Republicans for not finding a compromise with Ted Kennedy on the matter of illegal immigration, saying "If we Republicans want to retain control of the House for sure, you'd better move ahead on immigration reform." I scoffed.

One of us was right. Non-Washington Republicans are finding the opposite to be true:
In Bellwether District, G.O.P. Runs on Immigration
By Carl Hulse, The New York Times

... while Congress is unlikely to enact major immigration legislation before November, inaction does not make the issue any less potent in campaigning. In fact, many Republicans, on the defensive here and around the country over the war in Iraq, say they are finding that a hard-line immigration stance resonates not just with conservatives, who have been disheartened on other fronts this year, but also with a wide swath of voters in districts where control of the House could be decided.

“Immigration is an issue that is really popping, “ said Dan Allen, a Republican strategist. “It is an issue that independents are paying attention to as well. It gets us talking about security and law and order.” (

Republicans can take a liberal Republican's advice and find meaningless common ground with liberal Democrats, ground we've already been over that resulted in the invasion of 12 million illegals, or we can hold off for now and fight for serious border control - the core issue - another day.

Take a stand! and the people will stand with you.