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Monday, September 18, 2006

Quote Of The Day II

If 9/11 had really changed us, there'd be a 150-story building on the site of the World Trade Center today. It would have a classical memorial in the plaza with allegorical figures representing Sorrow and Resolve, and a fountain watched over by stern stone eagles. Instead there's a pit, and arguments over the usual muted dolorous abstraction approved by the National Association of Grief Counselors. The Empire State Building took 18 months to build. During the Depression. We could do that again, but we don't. And we don't seem interested in asking why.

James Lileks, National Review (link)

Quote Of The Day

... if Senators John McCain, John Warner, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins get their way, aggressive interrogation as an antiterror intelligence tool will effectively end.

If they get their way, they will make it impossible for any government agency to squeeze the next al Qaeda terrorist who may have information about a ticking bomb in an American city.

Wall Street Journal editorial, "Geneva Contentions," September 18, 2006 (link)

This Is So 'Last Year'

We've moved on from the avian flu scare, lady. That was last year's fad catastrophe. Or not:
Fairfax report anticipates toll of bird-flu outbreak
The Associated Press

FAIRFAX - A bird-flu pandemic would kill nearly 700 people in Fairfax County, according to a new report. (
Revealing the fact that Fairfax is awash in unnecessary personnel and needs to consider a reduction in workforce, it's health director (yes, the county has a health director) offers up what is in effect a wild guess as to what is imminent:
"Life as you see it today will not be the same," Fairfax health director Gloria Addo-Ayensu said in response to a 112-page primer on how the Washington area's largest local government would respond to such an outbreak.
"Life ... will not be the same." Give people like Gloria too much control and I'll guarantee that to be the case ...

Makes Perfect Sense To Me

Pope Benedict says Mohammed was a violent man. The Muslim world reacts violently.

And the pope apologizes.
Pope 'deeply sorry' about Muslim fury
By Stephen Brown and Philip Pullella, The Washington Times

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Benedict XVI yesterday said he was "deeply sorry" Muslims had been offended by his use of a medieval quotation on Islam and violence, but failed to quell the fury of some Islamic groups demanding a full apology. (

My guess is this won't suffice. Mullahs and clerics across the globe will demand that the pope and all other non-believers be put to the sword. How dare we consider them - and their prophet - to be violent people .

Wait Til They Hear This

The Associated Press reports in breathless tones this morning that the U.S. is holding 14,000 terrorists in prisons around the world without the benefit of a trial!

O, the humanity!
U.S. war prisons legal vacuum for 14,000
By Patrick Quinn, Associated Press Writer

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- In the few short years since the first shackled Afghan shuffled off to Guantanamo, the U.S. military has created a global network of overseas prisons, its islands of high security keeping 14,000 detainees beyond the reach of established law.

Captured on battlefields, pulled from beds at midnight, grabbed off streets as suspected insurgents, tens of thousands now have passed through U.S. detention, the vast majority in Iraq. (
I wonder what this reporter will say when he finds out that there were 105,000 Americans (including my father) held under the same circumstances back in the 40's. (link)

If that doesn't send him spiraling, he's sure to flip when he finds out that there were actually 1,071,600 Germans and Japanese held - in some cases for years - without trial in those same years.

Or maybe he knows all this and, like the rest of the looney left, he just hates Bush ...