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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Criticism Of McCain Pours In

Perplexed by McCain's and Warner's reasoning? You ain't alone:

McCain’s Dubious High Ground

John McCain and his band of Republican rebels defying President Bush on the issue of interrogation have a strange attachment to confused argumentation.
By Rich Lowry, National Review

For people supposedly occupying the moral high ground, John McCain and his band of Republican rebels defying President Bush on the issue of interrogation have a strange attachment to confused argumentation.

In real life, the closest we get to a ticking-time-bomb scenario is the one that prompted the CIA interrogation program — the capture of high-level al Qaeda operatives with knowledge of ongoing plots. McCain can’t bring himself to say that he opposes the program outright, so he professes to support it, but refuses to give the program the legal cover necessary for it to continue. And this is the moral high ground? (

Bizarre. And shameful.

Cheney Focuses On The Big Picture

Dick Cheney, always on target, says it's a battle for our very way of life:
Cheney: Hopes of civilized world rest on U.S. terror war victory
By Tom Raum, The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Dick Cheney cast the global war on terror on Tuesday as a "war of nerves," borrowing a phrase Harry Truman used to describe the Cold War. Cheney asserted that the hopes of the civilized world depend on a U.S.

"We are not going to let down our guard," Cheney told a convention of automobile dealers. He said President Bush "will not relent in the effort to track the enemies of the United States with every legitimate tool at his command." (
Those who can't see the relationship between the battles going on in the streets of Baghdad and the terrorist attacks across the globe are blind.

Another Day, Another Adventure

Ever wish you could find a job that would get you out from behind that desk?

'The (D) Stands For Defeat'

One of the most powerful and effective (and moving) videos I've ever seen. It shames Kerry and Webb for their calculated efforts to degrade our war effort, not that they hadn't brought shame upon themselves plenty already.

Both political parties should give consideration to hiring the producer of this visual broadside. It's stunning and potent.

To go directly to the YouTube video click here.

They're Desperate

You know the anti-gay marriage amendment crowd is flailing when they dream up silly crap like this (from a Roanoke Times editorial this morning):
The anti-family amendment

The amendment is meant to strengthen families. Instead it will strip many Virginians of rights they enjoy and set the stage for family court battles. (
Fiddle-faddle. Even the editorialists at the Times and the leftist lawyers they rounded up to conjure such a preposterous notion had to be giggling when they wrote/read this.

Breaking News!

McCain Risks Alienating GOP

Quote Of The Day

Great Moments in Higher Education
On a New York Times message board discussing an education story, the very first comment comes from one Christopher Oliver, who says he is an instructor at Michigan State University. Here's an excerpt:

Still, there is no substitution for adequate preparation of graduating high school seniors prior to their entering the university (e.g., many of my students have very limited writing skills when their enter college).
It's hard to disagree that they should be more preparation for college.

James Taranto, Best of the Web Today, September 18, 2006

A Plan In Search Of a Strategy

Do you get the impression, when listening to senatorial candidate James Webb articulate his plan for Iraq, that if he were put in charge tomorrow he wouldn't do one thing differently from that which is being done now?

Here's his strategy, as outlined in the debate with Senator George Allen yesterday:
My view on Iraq is that we got in precipitously. We need to get out carefully. But that does not mean that we should take a great deal of time in order to do that. (link)
We seem to get a lot of "that does not mean" from this guy. At what point do we learn exactly what it DOES mean?

It's About Time

The American people are getting the message being sent to them by Muslims around the world:

Bias against Muslims growing
WSLS NewsChannel 10

WASHINGTON (AP) - Bias incidents against Muslims rose nearly one-third last year to a 12-year high, fueled by growing rhetoric against the group, a national Islamic civil rights group said Monday. (
" ... fueled by growing rhetoric ... " That's hilarious.

Is name-calling the reason for this attitude toward Muslims or does it have something to do with this?

Call me a hothead but when someone calls for my children and grandchildren to be murdered and others act on the call for jihad, I get a bit biased. And heavily armed.

The Religion Of Peace

To make the point again:
'World Conquer' Qaeda Makes Pontiff's Case
By Andy Soltis, New York Post Wire Services

September 19, 2006 -- Muslim terrorists proved Pope Benedict XVI's point yesterday - vowing to fight Christianity and spill blood until Islam conquers the world.

"You infidels and despots, we will continue our jihad and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks and raise the fluttering banner of monotheism when God's rule is established governing all people and nations," warned an umbrella group of extremists led by al Qaeda in Iraq. (
To counter the calls of blood-thirsty Islamists to kill all non-Muslims, moderate Muslims around the world had this to say: "."

Not To Be Taken Seriously

The New York Times this morning calls for troops to be sent to war-torn Darfur ... perhaps:
Take the Lead on Darfur

Mr. Bush would [do right] if he announced that ending the killing in Darfur was now a first-tier foreign policy concern, one on which Washington would judge its relations with other states. Yesterday’s news that Mr. Bush would name a special envoy for Darfur was a good start. That message would be even stronger if Mr. Bush said the U.S. would take the lead in soliciting troops for the U.N. and recommended making NATO planners available to help draw up contingency plans for a possible forced entry. (
Discounting the nebulous and seemingly spineless clause, "take the lead in soliciting troops," the clear and unequivocal call for "forced entry" is rather bold.

It would be wise, though, to recall that it was this same bunch that encouraged American intervention into Somalia back when Bush 41 was president and it was the same pseudo-warriors who encouraged Clinton 1 to retreat from Somalia as soon as the terrorists in Mogadishu killed American soldiers.

Ditto Iraq.

So I would give this call for action the attention it deser ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Another Day, More Idiocy

I've suspected for a long time that the people of New York, taken as a dataset, can't be all that bright. Take for example the guy they elected their mayor - twice. Mike Bloomberg has discovered the fact that there are some seriously poor people living on the other side of town from his palatial upper west side penthouse digs. He's decided to do something for them. He's going to give his poor people a tax credit.

You go, Mike:
To Fight Poverty, Bloomberg Plans Tax Credits and Rewards
By Diane Cardwell, The New York Times

In an effort to reduce the city’s high poverty rate, the Bloomberg administration plans to offer tax credits to impoverished families to offset child care costs and cash rewards to encourage poor people to stay in school and receive preventive medical care.

The tax credits, which would be worth up to $1,000 per child and would need approval from the City Council and the State Legislature, and cash payments would be unique among cities in the United States, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday in announcing the programs. (
" ... unique among cities ..." That's an understatement. Since poor people don't fill out tax returns, Mayor Mike's brainstorm may not have all that much impact. Could it be that he isn't serious about ending poverty? (If he were, he might offer tax breaks to employers who would have an incentive to hire those poor people and make them non-poor).

From his actions, it would appear that Bloomberg really wants to keep them around to wash his dog and clean his toilet. Forever.

Another Day, Another Disappointment

Imagine how aggrieved the end-of-the-worlders must feel each day when they get out of bed and read another disappointing headline like this:
Hurricane Warning Issued for Azores
By The Associated Press

MIAMI (AP) -- A hurricane warning was issued for the Azores as Hurricane Gordon moved rapidly toward the sparsely populated group of islands Tuesday, while Hurricane Helene remained a large Category 3 storm, but was expected to miss Bermuda, forecasters said. (
" ... sparsely populated group of islands ..." Who cares about a sparsely populated group of islands?! We want this hurricane to slam into Miami! New Orleans! An orphanage! A busload of nuns! ...

Another Day, Another Impending Catastrophe

Yesterday we were reminded that the avian flu is prepared to strike and will end life as we know it. Today, we get Crazy Al telling us that ... well, you're now familiar with his dog and pony show:
Al Gore Urges Action on 'Climate Crisis'
By The Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) -- Former Vice President Al Gore stepped up his call for immediate action to halt global warming, urging politicians on both sides of the aisle to ''have the courage to do better.''

''Each passing day brings yet more evidence that we are now facing a planetary emergency, a climate crisis that demands immediate attention,'' Gore said Monday. (
With a little luck we should be able to get in the Bengals at Pittsburgh Sunday at 1:00pm. After that, we will deal with chicken flu and global warming and hurricanes and ozone depletion and acid rain and nuclear winter and measels and ...