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Thursday, September 21, 2006

It Gets Really Confusing

If there were ever a case that cried out to be solved on the federal level, it's the one playing out in a Vermont courtroom in which two women - a former couple - are fighting over custody of a child after they split:

Vt. judge to hold hearing in civil-union custody case
The Associated Press

RUTLAND, Vt. -- A judge will decide after a hearing whether to penalize a Virginia woman who failed to comply with a child-custody ruling after the breakup of her civil union.

The women left Virginia and went to Vermont in 2000 to get a civil union. They returned home, where Lisa was artificially inseminated and gave birth to a baby girl, Isabella. Later, they moved to Vermont, where they lived together a little more than a year before splitting.

Courts in Virginia have ruled that the state has jurisdiction in the custody case. Virginia's Marriage Affirmation Act prohibits state institutions from recognizing same-sex civil unions.(link)

What makes this case interesting is the dispute that has arisen between the two states, one that will ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court and needs to be addressed by Congress and the people.

Beyond that, though, is the greater issue relating to the fact that the target in this case, Lisa Miller-Jenkins, decided recently that she's no longer a lesbian, which should give those who assert as fact the inherent nature of homosexuality some pause.

This case should make lawmakers and judges think twice before they decide to confer special rights on the confused and create turmoil in America's courts.

Setting The Record Straight

It's time to put a knife into the heart of this lie:
Freedom of religion equates to freedom from religion.
In a free society, we celebrate our being able to express and to be subjected to all points of view, no matter how absurd, no matter how debauched, no matter how offensive, no matter how wrong. It is who we are. It's our fundamental and unalterable freedom of speech.

Some would have you believe, however, that all speech is welcome, encouraged, and protected by the Bill of Rights, except religious speech. Then, under certain circumstances relating to one's belief system, it is prohibited. It's the devious notion that arose in recent decades that there is a freedom from religion, the right people have, if they are allowed to have their way, to not be subjected to the words and expressions of others. How utterly depraved. And un-American.

So we have Freedom of Speech absolutists arguing expansively that burning a flag is somehow a form of speech but arguing parochially against people being allowed to utter certain phrases - even in a whisper - even in silence (!) - in front of a gathering of students at a football game. Crusaders against book burning demanding that the most-read book in history, the Bible, be banned from school libraries. Champions of a degenerate's right to distribute porn in front of a Virginia Tech game demanding the restriction of your right to stand next to him and distribute copies of the 23rd Psalm.

What or Whom do they fear?

This has gone on long enough. There is no such thing in these United States as freedom from religion, any more than there is a freedom from the rants of a Howard Dean or the idiocies of a Barbra Streisand (although I'm tempted).

Those of you who see something in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution that protects all speech except religious speech have had your day. Your day is done. Freedom of speech means freedom OF speech. You have an implied right to not have to listen.

Which your side is good at anyway.

On Islamist Extremism

By God, Washington Post columnist George Will has found a Muslim who speaks out against Islamist extremism. That's one out of 1,300,000,000. A good start.

The fact that the Muslim woman, one Hirsi Ali, has suffered death threats, has armed guards to protect her, and lives in fear of being murdered speaks volumes about the "religion of peace."

Get Out Of The U.N.

There can be no better argument for our withdrawal from that den of thieves and scoundrels - otherwise known as the United Nations - than the spectacle that took place over the last few days there. A report:

Will the U.N. circus never stop?

Yesterday's featured clown was Venezuelan strongman Hugo Cha vez - who took to the floor of the General Assembly to rip President Bush as "the devil."

Predictably, the applause was significant.

This, just a day after that crackpot from Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, fingered the United States for just about every problem under the sun.

Also to applause.

It makes you wonder: Given that America coughs up some $1.3 billion a year to keep the U.N. & Co. afloat, how much would it have to pay to have the organization shut down? (

We need to send these clowns back to their mud huts and garbage heaps and the U.N. to Zimbabwe where they'll all be more comfortable.

And we need to spend that $1.3 billion savings on bombs and bullets.

All You Need To Know

The header to a New York Times editorial:
Keep Christ Out of the Christmas Tree
Nothing more needs to be said.

The Electoral Process Is Becoming a Joke

We have illegal aliens voting. We have dead people voting. We have residents in one precinct voting a second and third time in others. We have, in some areas of Chicago, more people voting than we have adult residents.

The system is corrupt. And when our democratic system becomes corrupt, we become a banana republic. Welcome to Venezuela Norte.

But this doesn't influence the deep-thinkers at the New York Times. They want every person on the planet, whether a citizen or not, whether alive or not, to be able to vote at least once come election day:

Keep Away the Vote

One of the cornerstones of the Republican Party’s strategy for winning elections these days is voter suppression, intentionally putting up barriers between eligible voters and the ballot box. The House of Representatives took a shameful step in this direction yesterday, voting largely along party lines for onerous new voter ID requirements. Laws of this kind are unconstitutional, as an array of courts have already held, and profoundly undemocratic. The Senate should not go along with this cynical, un-American electoral strategy.

The bill the House passed yesterday would require people to show photo ID to vote in 2008. Starting in 2010, that photo ID would have to be something like a passport, or an enhanced kind of driver’s license or non-driver’s identification, containing proof of citizenship. This is a level of identification that many Americans simply do not have. (link)

Ruthless sumbitches. The Republicans want to require that a person be able show the same ID at the local polling place as he or she is required to do at the IGA when cashing a check. May they rot in hell.

The fact that a system for providing FREE voter ID's to those who don't have one and are unable to obtain one makes no difference. It's voter suppression anyway.

For the love of God.

When Liberals Are In Charge

You're driving a subcompact in order to keep the monthly payments under $300? You sometimes wonder how a hunk of metal can cost half your annual earnings? Ask all those liberal politicians who are out there driving the price up with annoying and bound-to-lead-nowhere lawsuits like this:

California Sues 6 Automakers Over Global Warming
By Nick Bunkley, The New York Times

California, which has battled the automotive industry over new global warming regulations for years, sued the world’s six-largest automakers yesterday, demanding that they pay for environmental damage caused by the emissions of their vehicles.

“Global warming is causing significant harm to California’s environment, economy, agriculture and public health,” said the state’s attorney general, Bill Lockyer. (

Setting aside the fact that scientists, in general agreement that the planet has warmed marginally in recent decades, are in complete disagreement as to the cause, Bill Lockyer knows what they all don't, apparently. The classic liberal.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the name, Lockyer is the genius who tries routinely to get firearms banned in his state. Now he wants to do for the automobile industry what he's done for Smith & Wesson.

You Californians must be very proud.

'Morally reprehensible and ethically bankrupt'

We've gone from a scandal about a non-word being a possible slur among nomadic tribes in North Africa to the issue of George Allen's partial Jewish ancestry. Does this James Webb character have nothing more profound to discuss? My grandchildren get more serious thoughts out of their pet guppie. And this guy's running for a seat in the United States senate.

I'm apparently not alone in my indignation with these shenanigans. America's Jewish community is now weighing in*:
Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota sits on the Senate’s Homeland Security and Government Affairs and Small Business Committees. He’s also a member of the Foreign Relations Committee with Senator Allen. Senator Coleman issued the following statement today through the Allen campaign:

“As both a colleague of Senator George Allen’s, and as someone who shares a proud Jewish heritage, I am proud of his embrace of his Jewish heritage. There are those, for whatever reason, who wish to suggest that Senator Allen’s Jewish heritage is an issue in this campaign. I find it morally reprehensible and ethically bankrupt. Senator Allen’s opponent and his opponent’s supporters have engaged in a pattern of intimidation and intolerance that I am saddened to see in this country. In their primary campaign, Mr. Webb and his opponents were responsible for a flier that contained a caricature of his Jewish opponent – complete with bigoted and intolerant visions of an individual with a hooked nose and money pouring from his pockets – and calling the person the ‘anti-Christ of outsourcing.

“Former Naval Secretary Webb’s campaign is sailing on dirty and dangerous waters when it plays the religion card. The voters of Virginia should sink this vessel and wash away any effort to question Senator Allen's faith or heritage.
"... morally reprehensible and ethically bankrupt." That describes perfectly the people behind Webb who are driving his campaign into the sewer.

* From a Friends of George Allen press release