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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Afraid of That Spinach?

People are now dying from e coli embedded in fresh vegetables. To avoid injury or death, I recommend as an alternative .... MEAT.

These have to be tough times for you vegetarians out there ...

This Can't Be Good

If you don't know what a bush hog is, you don't need to read this. If you know what a bush hog is, you probably don't want to:
Woman with bush hog injuries, condition unknown

Virginia authorities transported a Washington County woman to a local emergency room after she was caught under a bush hog.

The incident occurred Thursday afternoon near North Ford River, officials said. The woman has not been identified and her condition is unknown. (
The mind reels ...

Christmas In September

I decided recently to cash in all the frequent flyer/frequent sleeper points I've accumulated from the many hotels and airlines I routinely patronize. Some of these had grown to embarrassing proportions. So I'm now the proud owner of a Sony photo scanner, a 6 megapixel Nikon camera, a $100 Lowe's gift certificate, about twenty magazine subscriptions (I just cashed in the last of my Continental Airlines points this morning) and I still have countless free nights at hotels that offer only free nights.

With the disappointing exception that nobody offers booze or cigars, this is kinda cool.

Lost In The Wilderness

Two congregations from two increasingly liberal - and disoriented - church organizations have decided to walk away and to merge. The news:
Lutheran and Episcopal groups merge
Some people left their churches because of disagreements with the Episcopal Church in America.
Jen McCaffery, The Roanoke Times

A Roanoke Valley evangelical Lutheran church has joined forces with a small group of disenchanted Roanoke Valley Episcopalians who left their home churches this summer.

Representatives from both congregations announced the unification at a small press conference Friday at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church on North Lake Drive. (
Though the Lutheran church is generally considered quite conservative in its approach to ordination, social issues, and theological principles, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is by far the most liberal - and increasingly so - of its synods. And the Episcopal church in recent years has gone off the charts. And is rapidly imploding.

Let's hope these poor souls find God on this journey.

An Endorsement

There's been a lot of speculation of late that New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg is considering a presidential run (an example). Some experts (who do nothing for their reputations by conjuring such nonsense) actually think he could win.

But as Bill Clinton learned during his interminable stay in the White House, you don't screw with the NRA and expect to survive. Bloomberg hasn't learned - and will never learn that lesson:

By Frankie Edozien, The New York Post

September 23, 2006 -- Mayor Bloomberg fumed yesterday that Congress doesn't care about getting illegal guns off the streets.

"They're going to pass a bill that says if a gun dealer lies in his paperwork, it's OK as long as its not a big lie. And not only can they lie, they can't be punished for destroying the evidence," Bloomberg said on his weekly WABC radio show. (link)

Gun control. Every politician in America now knows to stay away from it. But not Mike.

We should welcome a Bloomberg third-party run. He certainly wouldn't draw any Republican votes outside the northeast where, as long as we have that annoying electoral college process in place, their votes don't matter, the rabidly liberal mayor can only hope to pull votes from Hillary.

Run, Mike, run.

The Underlying Story

I read the following and paused:

Berlin Mayor, Symbol of Openness, Has National Appeal
By Mark Lander, The New York Times

Fresh from his never-in-doubt re-election as Berlin’s mayor, Klaus Wowereit was soaking up the vibe at Popkomm, a music-industry trade show where the conventioneers favor fishnet stockings and motorcycle boots. In short: a typical Berlin scene. (
"Symbol of openness?" What the hell is that?

Why would this non-story, of a mayor half way around the world getting re-elected to a post he had no chance of losing, get such a prominent write-up? Then I noticed the accompanying photo -

Hmm. I knew where this was going.

After reading through some fluff, I came to this:

Charming, sociable and openly gay, Klaus Wowereit (pronounced vo-vuh-rite) is the newest star in the German political firmament. It is a firmament short on stars. After his victory, the mass-market newspaper Bild ran a front-page headline asking, “Will Wowi Be the First Gay Chancellor?”

The ulterior motive. This man isn't a mayor. He's gay. That's what was important to the Times.

Just as Barack Obama, the Democratic Illinois senator who receives all that adulation from people who know absolutely nothing about him is revered because of his skin color, Klaus Wowereit makes headlines because he sleeps with men. Is he a decent mayor? It doesn't matter.

Shallow. So shallow ...

Photo courtesy of The New York Times