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Monday, September 25, 2006

They're At It Again

To hear Southwest Virginia Democrats tell it, VDOT will go out of business if we don't find a compromise (i.e. raise taxes) in the special session of the legislature that was called to hammer out a transportation plan:
Special session crucial to Southwest Va. transportation
By Charles Owens, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

TAZEWELL, Va. — When lawmakers return to Richmond Wednesday in hopes of resolving the statewide transportation funding question, the outcome of the legislative debate will be closely watched by officials in Southwest Virginia.“If there isn’t a statewide plan, we won’t benefit,” Sen. Phillip Puckett, D-Russell, said of Southwest Virginia. “That’s the thing that concerns me more than anything else. Without a significant statewide plan, I don’t think the Senate will support regional plans. What would happen, there would be almost nothing in new money to other areas of the state.”

If lawmakers fail to strike a deal this week, any impact to Southwest Virginia would most likely be felt in the long term, Delegate Dan Bowling, D-Tazewell, said. (
They go on to express concern that the Coalfield Expressway and its Route 460 connector, as well as the Route 696 project in Tazewell County might be in jeopardy. Again.

The statewide plan that Puckett voted for, in case you forgot, involved a massive tax increase, an action he's never shied away from. Bowling being a Democrat, it can be assumed he favors one as well.

Remember this: Any increase in the tax burden here in Southwest Virginia will result in more job losses, more depopulation, and more economic hardship. It's time to decide what our priorities are.

We may get some nice roads when all is said and done. But WE may not be around to enjoy them.

Taking My Advice

I suggested recently that, with gas prices plummeting, you left-wing conspiracists out there should change your argument from "Big Oil is running up gas prices in order to make windfall profits off the backs of those most vulnerable" to "Big Oil is running down gas prices in order to get Republicans re-elected."

The Charleston (WV) Gazette has taken my advice:

Gasoline prices have dropped to $2.23 at Cross Lanes and elsewhere. Is the huge cut a conspiracy by Big Oil to make ruling Republicans look good in the upcoming election? The answer will be clear if prices soar again after the voting. (

The Law Of Supply And Demand couldn't have anything to do with it ...

Judenhetze, Virginia Style

When Peggy Fox of WUSA-TV in Washington, D.C. asked Senator George Allen at the recent debate if he had any Jewish forbears, a palpable gasp went up from the 600 or so in attendance, followed quickly by boos and hisses. Allen's response has generally been characterized as being one of indignation, as was appropriate.

Liberal bloggers the next day couldn't figure out what all the fuss was about. To them, it was a perfectly legitimate question. That in itself says more about those who are propelling James Webb's candidacy into the cesspit than about Peggy Fox and her completely inappropriate question.

The attitude (and ignorance) expressed by the party faithful is apparently part of a growing trend, and the Democratic Party leadership is becoming concerned (even if Webb isn't):

Dirty Dirty Politics
By The Prowler, The American Spectator

With Democrat hopes to retake the House and Senate seemingly crumbling by the day, both Senate minority leader Harry Reid and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi have grown increasingly alarmed about the growing anti-Semitic and racist tone of their party's base, say House and Senate Democrat leadership staff.

"They have been monitoring the [Ben] Cardin and [James] Webb races and they are extremely concerned," says a Senate Democrat leadership aide. "On both campaigns' staffs and on the Internet we are hearing and reading an ugliness that we haven't seen in probably decades. It's embarrassing, but we're chalking it up to a small segment of young people who are frustrated at constantly losing and are lashing out. To think otherwise raises too many uncomfortable questions about our party." (
In Webb's case, I have a tendency to believe as well that it's a small segment of young, politically immature teenagers wth a keyboard, a modem, and a paycheck from the Webb campaign who are driving this wretched effort. That makes it all the worse.

James Webb is wanting us to believe he is a man with leadership capabilities. To this point, it appears he can't even get control of his own campaign.