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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Axis Of Evil

How uncomfortable the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media must feel when they hear their arguments being made by a man who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Americans on 9/11 and who has vowed to slaughter our children and grandchildren.

How uncomfortable ...
Al-Zawahri: Bush a Liar in War on Terror
By Bassem Assem Mroue, Associated Press Writer

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) -- Osama bin Laden's deputy described President Bush as a "deceitful liar" in a new video statement and called a U.N. resolution to send peacekeepers into Sudan's war-torn Darfur region a "Crusader plan," imploring the Muslims of Darfur to defend themselves.

"Can't you be honest at least once in your life, and admit that you are a deceitful liar who intentionally deceived your nation when you drove them to war in Iraq?" al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri said. (

Sound like anyone we know?

You Have The Money. Use It Wisely.

Governor Kaine and his Democratic pals in the legislature - and at the Washington Post - are now decrying the collapse of transportation budget talks in Richmond and the impending collapse of all our roads and bridges here in the commonwealth:

Va. Road Repairs Expected To Stall
Leaders Predict No Help Until 2008


From the Report Of The Joint Legislative Audit And Review Commission "Review of State Spending: December 2005 Update"

Over the past decade, Virginia's operating budget has increased by 80%, growing from $16.3 billion in FY 1996 to $29.3 billion in FY 2005.

In addition, state coffers have been overwhelmed by a $2 billion surplus.

You all have the money. You just need your priorities told to you.

And the brave Republicans in the House of Delegates are going to keep pounding that message until it sinks in.

We Got Us Another Tourism Center!

If we could grow jobs like we grow tourism centers, we'd be in high cotton around here. Chilhowie has the newest and prettiest:
Tourism center opens
Dan Kegley, Staff, Smyth County News

Final preparations continued at 3:30 Thursday afternoon but when the ribbon was cut about three hours later, the community was treated to a collection of professional exhibits of local history at the H.L. Bonham Regional Development and Tourism Center.

Awaiting identification of its precise role in tourism development since the Bonham heirs donated the house for tourism purposes to the Town of Chilhowie four years ago, the property and its operations will transfer this fall to the new county-wide tourism association from its parent organization, the Chamber of Commerce of Smyth County. (

The precise role of the center and whether it conflicts with another regional tourism center just up the interstate in Wytheville and with a state tourism center just down the interstate in Bristol aren't known.

They Want Us To Lose

On that NIE:

Charleston Daily Mail: Win or lose?
Abandoning Iraqis now would simply hand jihadists a victory

The National Intelligence Estimate’s statement that Iraq has become a “cause celebre” for jihadists pleased those who question whether Iraq should be part of the war on terrorism.

The report also makes clear that leaving Iraq now would be a disaster. (link)

· "Iraq has become a “cause celebre” for jihadists."

· " ... leaving Iraq now would be a disaster."

Two reasons why the Democrats are cheering.

Terror Suspects and Their Rights

You'll not find terrorists covered in the Bill of Rights. I checked.

In fact, you may be surprised to hear that no non-Americans are protected in the first ten amendments to the Constitution that we hold dear. They protect US.

But to leftist one-worlders, there is to be no distinction:
The Charleston Gazette: Un-American

Before leaving for election recess, Republicans in Congress passed a bill sought by President Bush to limit the rights of terror suspects. (link)
"Limit the rights of terror suspects." Rights that are enumerated nowhere on this planet.

To illustrate, by the way, the point that the Democratic Party is now not just opposed to the war in Iraq but the War On Terror as a whole (this bill had nothing to do with Iraq; it only addressed the issue of interrogation methods of suspected terrorists), 33 of 45 Democrats in the Senate voted against the establishment of interrogation guidelines, preferring to stay on the sidelines and disparage all our efforts.

With friends like these ...

When News Stories Collide

As told by ABC News Friday and repeated here:

Civilian Says Va. Guardsmen Fled Convoy
By Michael Felberbaum, Associated Press

Richmond, Va. (AP) - A Virginia National Guard unit came under scrutiny after a video seemed to show troops abandoning a civilian truck convoy during an attack by Iraqi insurgents, resulting in the executions of three unarmed drivers.

The video, obtained by ABC News, shows a military personnel carrier racing away after insurgents open fire and disable four Halliburton trucks last September near Balad, Iraq. (
The real story:

Convoy leader details Iraqi ambush
By Peter Bacque, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

As many as 100 to 150 Iraqi insurgents attacked a supply convoy escorted by Virginia Army National Guard soldiers last year, the convoy commander estimates.

"It was a total, 100 percent complex ambush attack," said Staff Sgt. Marty Herron of Ivanhoe in Southwest Virginia.

Iraqi insurgents were coming from everywhere, Herron, 39, said yesterday.

Hand grenades, gunfire from AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades rained down on the convoy from rooftops, garages, bushes and culverts along the narrow, quarter-mile-long "kill zone," Herron said.

The fire was so heavy that the Virginia gunners were firing back with automatic weapons in both hands, he said.

Three American contractor drivers died and three others were wounded in the attack on Sept. 20, 2005, as was one of Herron's soldiers from the Guard's 1173rd Transportation Company.

"It was hell, really," said the veteran of Desert Storm, Somalia and Bosnia.

ABC News obtained a videotape showing Herron's Humvee racing away after insurgents opened fire and disabled four Halliburton trucks.

"They held off the insurgents the whole time ..." (

ABC's response?
"Others can decide whether there was or wasn't appropriate action taken [by the Guard soldiers]. Clearly the contractor we interviewed did not feel that way."
So the ABC story should have been about a contractor's feelings rather than about alleged cowardice on the part of American soldiers fighting to protect a civilian contractor's life.

But no.

Shameful. Typical.

It's Bush's Fault

George Bush and Big Oil are behind this.

Oh, wait.
Experts Predict Lower Winter Gas Costs
By H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Natural gas producers predicted Thursday that consumers will see lower prices this winter because there's plenty of natural gas already in storage and more is being produced. (
We can thank Bill Clinton for this ...

OK. You Go First.

Did you watch the rerun of Steven Spielberg's Jaws on television yesterday? In it, there's a scene in which the mayor of Amity, after a couple of area residents have been viciously ripped apart and eaten by a shark, says that it is now okay to go back into the water because some yokel had found and killed one of the savage predators.

You know that storyline.

The experts are telling us that the spinach is safe to eat again ...

Spinach Called Safe
By Bloomberg News and William Yardley

Consumers can now resume buying and eating fresh spinach, the Food and Drug Administration said. The tainted spinach all came from Natural Selection Foods, a vegetable grower and processor in San Juan Bautista, Calif., said David Acheson, chief medical officer for the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition of the F.D.A. All brands that were affected by an outbreak of E. coli that killed one person and sickened 188 in the United States and Canada have been recalled ... (

We all know what happened to Captain Quint.

Cue the Jaws theme music. BUMP bump BUMP bump BUMP bump ...