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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Quote Of The Day

... while it might indeed be the case that the Iraq war is provoking Islamic radicals, it is not the case that absent the war they would be unprovoked. Any excuse will do.

Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, "Provoking Terror," October 1, 2006 (link)

How Not To Make Friends & Influence People

What is the purpose of a gay pride festival? To be offensive, it seems:
Gay event pushes city's envelope
People at Richmond's pride festival call for understanding, respect
By Olympia Meola, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

If the political conversations at the Gay Pride Virginia Festival didn't move people, the upbeat and often-vulgar musical medley from drag artist Lady Bunny probably did the trick. (

It is to be assumed that gay people take pride in this.

And they, at the same time, call for understanding and respect.

You might think it through, fellas.

It Must Not Be That Critical After All

Governor Tim Kaine yesterday advised the citizens of the commonwealth that there really is no transportation crisis. It was all a hoax. That's the only way a sane person can read this:
Kaine rules out transport funding
By Larry O'Dell, Associated Press

RICHMOND -- Forget about significant new funding for transportation until at least 2008 -- and then only if traffic-weary voters take out their road rage on anti-tax Republican legislators in next year's elections, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine says.

The day after the General Assembly ended nearly nine months of wrangling over transportation funding by doing nothing, Mr. Kaine, a Democrat, acknowledged that resuming the fight in the election-year session that begins in January would be pointless.

"My sense is, unless there would be a real parting of the clouds, a major effort in '07 for transportation revenue is a low likelihood because of the elections and this is fresh in folks' mind," Mr. Kaine said Friday. (

Guys like Kaine speak out of both sides of their mouths. We hear them bemoan the fact that, unless something is done immediately, our roads and bridges are in danger of collapse. Then we read that Kaine doesn't plan on getting anything accomplished until 2008.

Hokum. It's all hokum.

Time To Rethink Affirmative Action

Here's a news story that should give all those modern-day slave traders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton pause:

Black Incomes Surpass Whites in Queens
By Sam Roberts, The New York Times

Across the country, the income gap between blacks and whites remains wide, and nowhere more so than in Manhattan. But just a river away, a very different story is unfolding.

In Queens, the median income among black households, nearing $52,000 a year, has surpassed that of whites in 2005, an analysis of new census data shows. No other county in the country with a population over 65,000 can make that claim. (link)

Unfortunately, there is a distinction to be made here. The black people in Queens who have made such gains in recent years aren't native-born. They're immigrants:
The gains among blacks in Queens, the city’s quintessential middle-class borough, were driven largely by the growth of two-parent families and the successes of immigrants from the West Indies.

“Southeast Queens, especially, had a heavy influx of West Indian folks in the late 80’s and early 90’s,” said [lawyer David] Veron, who, like his 31-year-old wife, was born on the island of Jamaica. “Those individuals came here to pursue an opportunity, and part of that opportunity was an education.” he said. “A large percentage are college graduates. We’re now maturing and reaching the peak of our earning capacity.”
If black immigrants can succeed ....

A Chapter Soon Ends

When I was young, it wasn't uncommon to see a news story appear in the paper or on TV about the capture of a former nazi somewhere. There were many other scintillating stories about high-ranking nazis being hunted in Argentina or living lavish lifestyles on some island in the Pacific. But as we get further and further from that time period, I read fewer accounts like this:

Hungarian Is Faced With Evidence of Role in ’42 Atrocity
By Nicholas Wood and Ivana Sekularac, The New York Times

Budapest, Sept. 30 — The past caught up with Sandor Kepiro, 92, on Thursday, when the Simon Wiesenthal Center identified him as a junior police officer who was twice found guilty of participating in one of the worst atrocities committed by Hungarian forces during World War II.

At a news conference at a synagogue opposite Mr. Kepiro’s apartment here, members of the Wiesenthal Center ended what for him had been 60 years of relative anonymity as they issued copies of a recently rediscovered wartime court verdict. The document shows that Mr. Kepiro was charged and found guilty along with 14 other Hungarian Army and paramilitary police officers of taking part in the Novi Sad massacre in northern Serbia in January 1942, in which more than 1,000 people, mostly Jews, were killed.

Speaking to reporters in Budapest, Efraim Zuroff, the director of the Wiesenthal Center’s Jerusalem office, listed Mr. Kepiro, a former lawyer, as one of four leading suspects he said he hoped would be tried in connection with crimes committed during the Nazi era.

All of the suspects are in their early 90’s. (
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has done great work over the years tracking down and/or exposing former nazis and other World War II era criminals. These 60 years later, as all the participants die off, so will the Center.

The end of an era.