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Monday, October 02, 2006

People With Too Much Time On Their Hands

These people earned their paycheck TODAY.
Rube Goldberg would be proud.

Chart in its original form courtesy of Raising Kaine. The chart was modified to illustrate the absurd.

My Kinda Guy

What does a corporate executive do when he suspects someone working for him isn't on the same page? He takes a stroll:
Slumping Fox News Celebrating 1st Decade
By David Bauder, AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) -- Fox News Channel will mark its 10th anniversary this week in an unusual position: knocked back on its heels.

The network is in the midst of its first-ever ratings slump.

Maybe some of this was on Fox News chief Roger Ailes' mind one day last week when he rode the elevator to the 22nd floor of News Corp.'s office tower for an 8:45 a.m. stroll through the network's ad sales department.

Mr. Ailes? What are you doing up here, someone wondered aloud.

"Taking attendance," the hard-charging motivator replied. (
And taking no prisoners. Motivation indeed.

My Career Goal

When I grow up, I want to be involved in this:
Free breast exams, low-cost mammograms
Charleston (WV) Gazette

Women can get a free breast exam and discounted mammogram Oct. 20 at Cabell Huntington Hospital’s Edwards Comprehensive Cancer Center.

No appointment is necessary for the one-day clinic. Walk in anytime between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. that Friday and get in line. Women are screened on a first-come, first-served basis. (
Free? No way. I'd pay top dollar for the opportunity ...

Off Target

As one who has a whole lot of experience in marketing, I can say, with a high degree of confidence, this is inaccurate:
High-fat food ads target American toddlers
Associated Press
Not even.

This would be related in a way to those marketing campaigns that attempt to reach out to hippies and the destitute who wander the hiking trails of Southwest Virginia. You want them to come here and do what? They have no money. They live in tents. They pee in the bushes. They bring their freeze-dried food and marijuana with them. What's the purpose?

McDonald's knows it's target audience. And it ain't three-year olds.

When A City Loses a Quarter Of Its Workforce

The numbers are staggering. And they continue to reflect a tragic loss:

Labor force slides
Down almost 10,000 in area since 1990
By Amanda Buck, Martinsville Bulletin Staff Writer

A drop in the size of the area’s labor force between this August and last is tied to the massive loss of jobs in Henry County and Martinsville during the past decade, a Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) economist said last week.

Between August 2005 and the same month this year, Henry County and Martinsville’s combined labor force — which includes employed people and those looking for work — dropped by 919 people, statistics show.

But that number is only part of the story. Between 1990 and 2005, the labor force dropped by nearly 10 times that many people, from 40,212 to 31,427, according to statistics on the VEC’s Web site. (link)

Where did all those workers go? Scattered to the four winds ...

What Would We Do Without Richmond Experts

The economy in Southside Virginia, as long as it doesn't get worse, is going to get better. So says an expert with the Virginia Employment Commission:

Economist: Conditions stabilizing
By Amanda Buck, Martinsville Bulletin Staff Writer

“It looks like this year, as you get farther and farther away from the layoffs, it’s starting to level out now,” said [Bill] Mezger, chief economist with the Virginia Employment Commission’s Economic Information Services Division. “If you don’t get any more big, catastrophic layoffs, then it might turn around and grow a little bit.” (
Can't argue with that ...

Quote Of The Day

... let's look at George Allen. Now, he's a bad guy because he has a Confederate flag.

... the Democrats have as their dean in the Senate an actual former Klansman, Robert Byrd of West Virginia. In my very clear memory, the whole bulk of the senior Democrats routinely called blacks "nigras" and voted against any kind of civil rights laws, right down to anti-lynching laws. And this is the party that presumes to judge a man because he owns a Civil War artifact memorializing incredible American courage? Didn't we just recently have as President a Democrat from Georgia who was inches away from being a segregationist in his early career? And what did his state flag look like when he was governor? And George Allen is being judged by these people?

Ben Stein, "Hypocrisy, Democrat Style," The American Spectator, October 2, 2006

On Abnormal Sexual Behavior

Regarding Congressman Mark Foley's deviant sexual proclivities, the latest:

Former Pages Describe Foley as Caring Ally

By Rachel L. Swarns, The New York Times

In the hierarchy of Congress, the high school students who serve as Congressional pages fall somewhere near the bottom, seemingly invisible as they scurry through the hallways of the Capitol ferrying messages to powerful lawmakers who often fail to give them a second glance.

In that rarefied world, Representative Mark Foley, the silver-haired Republican from Florida, stood out.

Mr. Foley’s resignation on Friday, following the disclosure of his sexually explicit Internet and cellphone messages to pages, left many former pages shaken. And on Sunday, they burned up the phone lines and sent e-mail messages flying as they reached out to their old friends who remain tight-knit years after leaving Capitol Hill. (

You all might help me here. Are Foley's abnormalities bad or should we demand that they be sanctioned in church?

I get really confused these days.

Breaking News!

You know it's a slow news day when we get future news reported.

New York Times, front page, above the fold:
Roberts Court May Be Defined in Second Term
Stop the presses.