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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Thought From Our Wayward Western Counties

You gotta love the editorialists at the Charleston (WV) Gazette. They try so hard to make a cogent point ...

U.S. can't dictate future
Today's Editorials

Perspectives from historical scholars are critical to understanding current events, especially the growing U.S. disaster in Iraq. (
link) [my emphasis]
Translated that means: Historians will, with objectivity and detachment, write the history books but in the case of Iraq, we're going to give them a not-so-gentle helping hand.

They then go on to cite some quack who claims to be a "military historian and analyst," and offer the following:

Jeffrey Record, a military historian and analyst, warns that continued U.S. military interventions in small countries will prove that America cannot dictate the future of other nations.
That bit of "history" will come as a welcome surprise to the former rulers of:

  • Grenada
  • Panama
  • Kosovo
  • Somalia
  • Serbia
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • The Philippines
  • Cuba
  • Morocco

... these just came off the top of my head.

This expert's opinion may not hold up under close scrutiny but, in the case of the Gazette, it's always the passion that counts anyway.

Quote Of The Day

At a recent Des Moines, Iowa, stop on his should-I-run-for-president tour, [Mark] Warner cautioned his fellow Democrats not to continue their heated campaign against President Bush's tax-relief efforts.

Virginia's former governor specifically took aim at his party's 2004 presidential nominee: "Even though the Bush tax cuts only applied to the top 2 percent of Americans, what I think the Kerry campaign missed was that the other 98 percent of Americans still aspired to get to the point in their life where they could qualify for the tax cuts."

While wrong about the Bush tax relief applying only to the top 2 percent of income earners, Warner is right about the uselessness of class-warfare as a political strategy. Americans don't hate rich people: They hope someday to be counted among them. That's the very promise of America. [Where have we heard that

So now that Warner has decided Kerry is wrong on tax cuts, could the Virginian be re-evaluating the 2004 tax increases he championed as governor?

Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, "
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