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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Say Yes To Prosperity

Norfolk Southern wants to bring jobs to Southwest Virginia. Local residents, as happens too often, aren't interested. But, as the Roanoke Times makes clear in an editorial this morning, everyone needs to think this through and make it work:
Don't let NS railroad an intermodal yard

Residents in and around Elliston are understandably dubious about a possible Norfolk Southern intermodal freight yard in their neighborhood. Their concerns are warranted and deserve attention from the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors in cooperative discussions with the rail company and the state.

County supervisors jumped the gun recently, voting to oppose the project before Norfolk Southern had even unveiled the particulars. That confrontational approach ultimately will serve no one.

The region, state and even the entire eastern half of the nation need this sort of project. (
It's encouraging to see the Times put aside its relentless calls for more of those unimportant greenways and come out foursquare in favor of economic growth. God knows the area could use some.


Time To Get Serious

Howard Dean beware:
U.S. Supporter of Al-Qaeda Is Indicted on Treason Charge
By Dan Eggen and Karen DeYoung, Washington Post Staff Writers

A California native who has appeared in al-Qaeda propaganda videos has been indicted for treason, making him the first American to be charged with that crime in half a century, the Justice Department announced yesterday.

Adam Gadahn, a 28-year-old fugitive believed to be living in Pakistan, could be sentenced to death if convicted of treason, which has been alleged only about 30 times in U.S. history and has not been used since the aftermath of World War II. (
I wrote a column for the Roanoke Times about this beanbrain not long ago. And about all those like-minded anti-American souls who head up today's Democratic Party. As best I can tell, Gadahn has been charged with the crime of treason for saying the kind of things that Dean and Durbin and Murtha and Pelosi and Rangel and Kerry say all the time.

Someone check and see how much prison capacity we have. It looks like there's going to be a mass migration soon.

A Way With Words

California's governor has demonstrated virtue, understood as the good we do when no one is watching. With his state and the nation paying no attention to an anti-constitutional campaign to alter the way presidents are chosen, Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed a bill that, had it become law, would have imparted dangerous momentum to a recurring simple-mindedness.

George Will, "From Schwarzenegger, a Veto for Voters' Good," Washington Post, October 12, 2006

Another Democrat To Do The Perp Walk

It appears that the top Democrat in the Senate has, at minimum, run afoul of Congressional ethics rules in a big, big way. Here's hoping he finds a boyfriend in the federal pen in the process as well:
Reid Land Deal Under Scrutiny
Senator Confers With Ethics Panel on Disclosure Requirements
By Jeffrey H. Birnbaum, Washington Post Staff Writer

Harry M. Reid of Nevada, the Senate's top Democrat, said yesterday that he was in discussions with the chamber's ethics committee to determine whether he should amend his financial disclosure forms to include details of a real estate transaction that allowed him to collect $1.1 million.

The Associated Press reported that Reid gained a windfall from that sale of land in 2004 even though he had not personally owned the property for the previous three years. Reid also did not divulge the 2001 transfer of the land to a company he co-owned with a friend, a transaction that would normally call for a mention in Senate financial disclosure documents, the AP said. (link)
You may recall, it was this same newspaper just the other day that tried to make a scandal out of George Allen's failure a few years ago to report profits he didn't make on stocks that were in fact worthless at the time.

Harry Reid, who has been accused of being a crook on more than one occasion, in this instance has brought about, once again, an infraction that has considerable substance. I think it's time we did something about this Democratic culture of corruption.

They'll Just Never Understand

Since the days of Ronald Reagan, conservatives have argued that income tax cuts generate wealth followed, soon thereafter, by tax revenue increases. Liberals hear that - tax cuts produce tax revenue increases - and they say, "What? No way."


Dubya's Disappearing Deficit

October 12, 2006 -- President Bush took a moment yester day to point with pride at a re election campaign promise kept: He vowed two years ago that his tax cuts would produce enough new revenue to cut the federal deficit by half in five years, and the latest figures show they've done just that - three years early.

It now stands at $247.7 billion - down from $520 billion in 2004.

And it's continuing to drop.

"These budget numbers are proof that pro-growth economic policies work," Bush said. (link)
Of course Democrats won't believe it. And they'll never understand it. They certainly aren't going to accept it. But there's no getting around those numbers.

So you know, Senator George Allen's opponent in next month's election, a novelist, has vowed to end the tax cuts. Perhaps we the voters should step in and write the next chapter of his soon-to-be bestseller - his autobiography - for him.

He can then return - forever - to makebelieveland.

Kill All Scientists

These guys are starting to get on my nerves. Guess what has, according to paleontologists, been causing the extinction of mammals at various points in time in the history of the planet.

Global cooling.

I need a drink:
Study Links Extinction Cycles to Changes in Earth’s Orbit and Tilt
By John Noble Wilford, The New York Times

If rodents in Spain are any guide, periodic changes in Earth’s orbit may account for the apparent regularity with which new species of mammals emerge and then go extinct, scientists are reporting today.

It so happens, the paleontologists say, that variations in the course Earth travels around the Sun and in the tilt of its axis are associated with episodes of global cooling. Their new research on the fossil record shows that the cyclical pattern of these phenomena corresponds to species turnover in rodents and probably other mammal groups as well. (
link) [my emphasis]

For the love of God.

We can only hope, if there is a God, that the next tilt of the earth's axis wipes out all these global warming ... er, global cooling scientists.

Chalk Up Another One For The Looney Left

There is an interesting phenomenon playing out these days in American politics. Except for a few primary wins, which count for nothing, every candidate that the angry left, as represented by DailyKos and MoveOn.org, has endorsed has lost. Every one.

But they were crowing not long ago with the ouster of pro-American Joe Lieberman from the Senate by anti-war leftist Ned Lamont. Lamont was their man. This time things were going to be different. They were sure to win one. The sky was the limit.

Well, the sky is falling. Again:
Political Climate Warms to Lieberman’s Favor
By Anne E. Kornblut and Jennifer Medina, The New York Times

Washington — Two months after a tumultuous Senate primary that was hailed as a watershed moment in American politics, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut appears to be comfortably ahead of his challenger Ned Lamont in their general election rematch. (link)
It's interesting to watch the leadership of the Democratic Party trying to figure out who it should support nowadays. After Lieberman was driven from the party, every major 2008 contender flocked to Kos's annual gathering of screaming loonies and groveled pitiably to the assembled masses. And they all showed up in Connecticut to wrap arms around Lamont and high-five the victory that was surely theirs.

Now that Lieberman has risen from the dead, they're all scurrying back like rats:
Democrats here are convinced that Mr. Lieberman stands a good chance of returning to the Senate as an independent, and many have reassured him that he will not be stripped of his seniority if he wins ...
A once-great party has come to this.