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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sometimes Less Is More

Send this one (from a Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial this morning) back for a re-write:
Monarchies have privy councils composed of titled mediocrities who advise their temporal lords. When it declared independence in 1776, America said goodbye to all that. The town of Independence in Virginia's mountainous Southwest holds an annual Grand Privy Race. This is the stuff of poetry. (link)
Privy council? Privy race? Poetry? Please.

Dead Air

It's so easy to gloat about now. And the headline says it all:
Air America, Home of Liberal Talk, Files for Bankruptcy Protection
By Jeff Leeds, The New York Times

Los Angeles, Oct. 13 — Air America Radio, the liberal talk network started two years ago in a bid to counter the influence of conservative radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Friday.

The network and its corporate parent, Piquant LLC, filed after an owner of stations that carried Air America programming took legal action to freeze its bank accounts as part of a dispute over unpaid bills. (
Liberal talk is bankrupt. We'll be able to use that as an epitaph before long.

Unlike chapter 7, which calls for the liquidation of assets, chapter 11 protection shields a company while it organizes its debts. So Air America will - perhaps - stay in business for a while.

As a businessman, this saga fascinates me. From day one, Air America operated like a charitable organization dependent on government for its existence, only AA relied on its handful of rich investors. Because it never operated as a business - that is, it never had to turn a profit - the radio network's costs were always stratospheric and its debts were always enormous.

Could liberal radio succeed in a capitalist America? Probably not. Its following is made up of a relatively small group of people and liberalism's strongest demographic - young people - don't tune in to talk radio, and generally don't have disposable income.

So the network that was created to go up against Rush has been crushed. Good.

America's Largest?

Someone needs to look this up. I'm on the 17th floor of the Radisson in downtown Indianapolis this morning. I'm looking out the window on a civil war memorial in the city's center that towers perhaps another ten stories above my elevation.

Is this the tallest civil war monument in America? If not, it has to be close.