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Monday, October 16, 2006

Showing That a Public Education Pays Off

The editorial staff at the Charleston (WV) Gazette must have excelled in math in high school. How can you tell? They know that 3>1+1.
Appraisals by the assessor’s office say that all of Kanawha County’s five most expensive homes — ranging from about $2 million to $5 million in value - are on Quarry Ridge Road above Kanawha City. One is owned by an heiress, another by an elite lawyer couple, and three by doctors. It seems that medicine produces more millionaires. (link) [my emphasis]
The use of that word "seems" kind of troubles me though ...

Wisdom For The Ages

The bulletin board at Charleston Catholic High School says: “Happiness is a conscious choice....” That’s partly true — but there are complications. If your child gets cancer, or a flash flood destroys your home and job, it’s harder to choose to be happy.

"Potpourri," The Charleston (WV) Gazette, October 16, 2006

Twisted Logic

Another jewel from the geniuses over at the Charleston (WV) Gazette this morning:
Gasoline prices seemed to be heading below $2 for the election, but now they’re climbing again. Was the $1 drop a Big Oil plot to help ruling Republicans in the Nov. 7 balloting? If not, why didn’t petroleum corporations cut the price months ago? (link)

Let's parse this gem.

Big Oil controls gas prices ... and wants to help the GOP ... by seeing to it that gas prices are "climbing again" ... before the election. Brilliant ... simply brilliant.

Can't Argue With That

Conference Board study shows lack in (sic) communication and ethics skills

An Instructive Lesson For The Virginia GOP

You tax-happy Republicans up in northern Virginia might take note of what the party has done to itself - and to the state's economy - over in Ohio:
In the Capitol, in Ohio, and in plenty of places between and beyond, the party that promised to reform government has become the party of government.

Republicans have practiced one-party rule in the state since 1994--more than enough time to lose one's principles. Former Gov. George Voinovich set the standard in 1992 by breaking his word and signing tax hikes. His successor, Bob Taft, with the help of the GOP legislature, in 2003 broke pledges not to raise taxes without voter permission. Some $3 billion in tax increases later, Ohio jumped to fourth place in the rankings for state and local tax burdens. (It was 23rd in 1994, when the GOP took over.) Over their first 10 years in power, Republicans increased Ohio's general operating budget by 71%--the highest increase in the nation.

The Taft and Spend strategy socked it to the Ohio economy. Its gross state product grew a measly 1% between 2004 and 2005, while Ohio lost 150,000 jobs between 2000 and 2005. Unemployment levels have hovered above the national average.

[From Kimberly A. Strassel's "
A Tale of Two GOP's." The Wall Street Journal, October 16, 2006.]
A lesson to be learned. Here in Virginia, money is pouring into state coffers in unprecedented proportions and yet some (sadly, far too many) Republicans have been convinced by big-government Democrats that another massive tax hike is needed in order to fix their roads.

We have on hand the money needed for highway repairs. And, until you cowards and mental lightweights surrender to the dark side, we have the people of the commonwealth on our side in this battle for Virginia's future.

Don't do an Ohio.

What? No Topless Photo?

You know they've come to the conclusion that they've made a big mistake and that their candidate is flailing when you see their press outlet run a puff piece on "the little woman." Such proves to be the case this morning with Johnny-One-Platform Ned Lamont:
Not-So-Hidden Asset, His Wife, Is Force in Lamont’s Senate Bid
By Alison Leigh Cowan, The New York Times

Greenwich, Conn., Oct. 15 — Over the past two decades, she has made an ample fortune as the impresario behind young companies with big ideas. They count on her for money, market intelligence and moxie. When these high-wire acts soar, she reaps financial rewards. But she is equally adept at staying out of the spotlight, shunning even small indulgences like vanity license plates celebrating the deals.

“We’re not the heroes,” explained Ann Huntress Lamont, modest and tactical in ... (
"They count on her for money, market intelligence and moxie." If only they could count on her for gonads and an extra spine, she could hand them off to her husband who lacks both and is losing the race to Joe Lieberman by gargantuan margins.

Spare me.

Scratch Another One

If I understand the War on Terror strategy of the Democratic Party correctly, they'll not want us redeploying our troops that are currently in Iraq to Sri Lanka. There are terrorists there:
Sri Lankan Military Convoy Hit by Suicide Attack
By Reuters

COLOMBO (Reuters) - A Sri Lankan military convoy was hit by a suspected Tamil Tiger suicide bomb attack in a north-central district on Monday and casualties were feared, police said.

The attack on the naval convoy took place near the town of Habarana, about 190 km (120 miles) northeast of the capital, Colombo, they said. (
So Sri Lanka is out.

It looks like future Democratic Secretary of Defense John Murtha is right. The remote Pacific island of Okinawa provides our best locale from which to fight global terrorism. There are no terrorists there. Yet.