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Thursday, October 19, 2006

On Treason And Those Who Promote It

The following article originally appeared in the Roanoke Times on September 14, 2006

What's a proper punishment?
By Jerry Fuhrman

It can be said without too much exaggeration that Adam Gadahn is a member in good standing of the angry left in this country.

Born 27 years ago to hippie parents in Orange County, Calif., he and his sister were raised in an anti-war (and anti-electricity, anti-indoor plumbing) household where he learned a trade that proved to be of considerable value in later life. He and his father made a living by "humanely" slaughtering goats (by slitting their throats in ceremonial fashion), and by selling the prepared carcasses to the local Muslim community as food.

His expertise apparently has taken him -- as best the FBI can tell -- to Pakistan, where he interacts with al-Qaida's top terrorists today, and where his throat-slitting skills presumably are greatly appreciated. You may have seen Gadahn's photo on TV the other day. He was the young man shown on the Al Jazeera video, in full beard and Muslim raiment, along with the world's second most villainous terrorist -- Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

Gadahn created quite a stir when he sent the following message to our fighting men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan: " ... we invite all Americans and other unbelievers to Islam, wherever they are, and whatever their role and status in Bush and Blair's world order. And we send a special invitation to all of you fighting Bush's crusader pipe dream in Afghanistan, Iraq and wherever else 'W' has sent you to die. You know the war can't be won and that the condition of America's war machine is going from bad to worse. You know you're considered by Bush and his bunch of warmongers as nothing more than expendable cannon fodder -- a means to an end."

"You know the war can't be won." "Bad to worse." "Cannon fodder." From the lips of an enemy intent on slaughtering our children and grandchildren.

A number of pundits drew a parallel after the video aired between Gadahn and one William Joyce. For those not around during World War II, Joyce, known as "Lord Haw Haw," was another traitor to his country. Born in the U.S., he subsequently moved to England where, in adulthood, he took up fascism -- the hippie fad of the day -- only to flee the country in 1939 to avoid arrest.

Eventually settling in Hamburg, he became a naturalized German citizen. From there, Joyce began broadcasting radio messages back to England and to troops fighting the Nazis on the continent, telling the allies that all hope was lost, that the SS and Wehrmacht were crushing the American and British troops on the battlefield, that Nazism was the inexorable way of the future, etc.

Sounds disturbingly like Gadahn, yes?

So now the question becomes: What do we do with this traitor? What should we do with a man who tells us that all hope is lost and who seeks our defeat? What's to be done with a man who says, "The global war on terror has become a global war of error. Attacking or threatening countries which did not attack us. Bombing neighborhoods to save neighborhoods. Committing atrocities in the name of stopping atrocities"?

What do we do with someone who denigrates the service of our brave soldiers by saying, "You would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags or some mad regime -- Pol Pot or others -- that had no concern for human beings. Sadly, that is not the case. This was the action of Americans in the treatment of their prisoners."

What should happen to a man who says the "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong"?

When he says, "And there is no reason ... that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children ... "?

I should tell you, those last four quotes actually came from influential Washington Democrats, not from Adam Gadahn. Tough to differentiate between them, isn't it? So what should be done with these perfidious defeatists in our midst? In the case of William Joyce, Lord Haw Haw was captured at the end of WWII, was tried and was summarily executed.

How Humiliating

Congressman Rick Boucher of the 9th Congressional District of Virginia - once known as The Fightin' 9th - is in such a heated battle for reelection against ... well, I forget ... that he campaigned on Tuesday in Tennessee:
Boucher stumps for Ford in Tennessee
Jennifer Wig, Bristol Herald-Courier

Blountville – A Virginia Congressman encouraged Tennessee voters to choose Democrat candidate Harold Ford Jr. for U.S. Senate Tuesday.

U.S. Rep. Rick Boucher, D-Abingdon, who worked with Ford in Congress, said the region’s geography requires a Tennessee leader who can work with those in Virginia. (
Good grief.

A Match Made In ...

In local news:
Newspaper will get new hand at the helm
Wendy Zomparelli, publisher of The Roanoke Times, plans to retire in February.
By Ray Reed, The Roanoke Times

Wendy Zomparelli, president and publisher of The Roanoke Times and
roanoke.com since 2000, will retire in February.

She will be succeeded by Debbie Meade, currently advertising director of the newspaper.

[Meade] is chair-elect of Planned Parenthood of the Blue Ridge ... (
Well, she certainly has the resume for the job ...

This Is More Like It

I must make a confession. I wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat on frequent occasions after having experienced the same recurring nightmare. I often dream that I'm Katie Couric and I'm having a colonoscopy performed on national television. It is so frightening that I've sworn to never have that kind of invasive test performed, with a crowd gathered to watch or otherwise, in my sleep or wide awake.

That having been revealed, this is welcome news:
Virtual colonoscopy accurate and 'less invasive'
By Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

Here's welcome news for anyone alarmed by a standard "optical" colonoscopy, the oft-dreaded and unpopular exam for colon cancer that yields an accurate diagnosis, right along with patient discomfort and embarrassment.

Three-dimensional computed tomography colonography -- or virtual colonoscopy -- is getting high marks from the Radiological Society of North America, which is lauding both the procedure's accuracy and appeal. Simply put, there is no 52-inch "scope" involved, and no sedation. (
And now that I know the "scope" is 52 inches long, which by my calculation would take it to between my ears, there sure as hell ain't no way I'm ever having that done now.

Here's to the fella who dreamt up three-dimensional computed tomography colonography. I can now sleep well at night, knowing that my nasal cavity will not be intruded upon.

On That New State Slogan

Remember several months ago when the state of New Jersey was hunting around for a new state slogan? Entries came pouring in, including these:
  • New Jersey: The Ocean, The Motion, The Magic
  • New Jersey: You Got a Problem With That?
  • New Jersey: How You Doin’?!
  • New Jersey: Most of Our Elected Officials Have Not Been Indicted
  • New Jersey: It Always Smells Like This
  • New Jersey: Come Glow With Us

What officials there decided upon was the woefully nondesript "New Jersey, Come See For Yourself."

The news in this morning's paper cries out for a do-over:

Bloomberg’s Car Is Stolen in New Jersey
By Sewell Chan and Nate Schweber, The New York Times

A gray 2001 Lexus owned by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg was stolen in a carjacking in Hackensack, N.J., yesterday in which two thieves assaulted a personal employee of the mayor, took the car and ditched it about seven miles away, according to the authorities. (link)

It's probably a good thing state officials didn't take my suggestion:

"Get jacked up in Joisey."

Kinda catchy though.

Promises Promises

My (former) governor learned it from The Master. Mark Warner, seeing how successful a ploy it was when Bill Clinton tried it, promised, when he was running for office, to not raise taxes if elected. Of course both of them were lying through their teeth when they said it; both raised taxes.

Nowadays it's the thing to do. In New York, they've even taken it to the next level. It's raining tax cuts ... well, promises of tax cuts anyway:
Candidates for Governor Differ Sharply on Tax Cuts
By Danny Hakim, The New York Times

Albany — Both John Faso and Eliot Spitzer are proposing billions of dollars worth of tax cuts if they are elected governor, calling New Yorkers overtaxed and economically challenged. (
This being New York, there'll be no tax cuts no matter who wins. And the people are fully aware of it. And so the candidate least likely to ever fulfill that promise is way ahead in the polls. How can that be? You see, New Yorkers have this deep-seated admiration for Bill Clinton, and Spitzer reminds them most of the former Tergiversator-in-Chief. Both do/did great promises.

"A car in every garage and a chicken in every pot." Some things never change.

Finally .... IT'S BUSH'S FAULT!

Just when Democrats around the country were getting comfortable with the goofy notion that President Bush and Karl Rove have manipulated oil prices, thus reducing gas prices at the pump, so as to bring about a Republican victory in November elections (how exactly is never explained), comes this conspiracy-bending news:
Oil Prices Climb to Nearly $58 in Asia
By The Associated Press

Singapore (AP) -- Oil prices rose Thursday as traders awaited the outcome of an OPEC meeting discussing a possible cut in production to prop up prices. (
I listened to a recording on the radio yesterday of some beanbrain running for Senate (need I mention the fact that she's a Democrat?) in Missouri claiming the drop in prices was, yup, a Bush conspiracy.

I shudder to think what she and her like-minded pals (am I giving them too much credit by suggesting they have one?) will make of this.

It All Seems So Right

Feelings of remorse for circumstances not of their making.
Feelings of guilt for actions taken by people not known.
Feelings of compassion for those dead and buried long ago.
Feelings of sorrow for unknown pains inflicted upon unknown innocents.

Feelings ... feelings ... feelings.

Just another day in Liberal America:

Panel Suggests Brown U. Atone for Ties to Slavery
By Pam Belluck, The New York Times

Boston, Oct. 18 — Extensively documenting Brown University’s 18th-century ties to slavery, a university committee called Wednesday for the institution to make amends by building a memorial, creating a center for the study of slavery and injustice and increasing efforts to recruit minority students, particularly from Africa and the West Indies.

The Committee on Slavery and Justice, appointed three years ago by Brown’s president, Ruth J. Simmons, a great-granddaughter of slaves who is the first black president of an Ivy League institution, said in a report: “We cannot change the past. But an institution can hold itself accountable for the past, accepting its burdens and responsibilities along with its benefits and privileges.”

The report added, “In the present instance this means acknowledging and taking responsibility for Brown’s part in grievous crimes.” (

How touching.

When I read that Brown University had created a "Committee on Slavery and Justice," I thought the students, faculty, and administration there had decided to work to end the suffering and degradation brought about by the slave trade that is active today in Sudan and Somalia and Chad and Niger.

But no. They are erecting a memorial to their feelings.

Expect to see Brown University put up another monument, this one in memory of all those African women and children who are being sold into bondage in 2006 ... 200 years from now.