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Friday, October 20, 2006

Be Careful What You Wish For

Ted Kennedy is upset over the fact that the Boston Globe just isn't the newspaper it used to be:
By Paul Tharp, The New York Post

October 20, 2006 -- The New York Times Co. reeled yesterday from a 39 percent drop in profits as it came under a surprise attack from liberal politicians for gutting and damaging its sister Boston Globe.

The profits bomb came as Sulzberger got scolded yesterday by a group of prominent politicians and business leaders in Boston, led by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), claiming Sulzberger and his team have committed a "terrible shame" by gutting the paper since acquiring it in 1993.

In a letter to [CEO Arthur] Sulzberger, Kennedy and others said "a troubling pattern of disinvestment, downsizing, outsourcing and cost cutting has emerged" to damage the fabled paper.

"A shrinking news hole and the elimination of bureaus have stung the morale of employees facing in creased health care costs and wage freezes." (
Kennedy might want to rethink his stance. If the Boston Globe ever regained its footing and brought journalism back to the once-proud Boston daily, the people of Massachusetts might finally get the news that their venerated and adored senior senator was guilty of voluntary manslaughter (but never served a day in prison) oh so many years ago.

I don't think you want that news getting out. Teddy.

When You Have Nothing To Say ...

Paul Krugman is the the-sky-is-falling columnist-in-residence at the New York Times. He has made a career out of uncovering, come hell or high water, problems with our robust, record-setting, ass-kicking economy. But he obviously is running out of things to complain about. So he finds himself retelling old warnings of woe ... that proved to never materialize:
Incentives for the Dead
By Paul Krugman

We still haven’t come to grips with the epidemic of corporate misgovernance revealed four years ago by the Enron and WorldCom scandals. (
link requires an arm and a leg)
An epidemic? Four years ago? Why "grip" it now?

Why not bring up Teapot Dome? The robber barons. The S&L's. The Yazoo Land Scandal. Andrew Jackson and the Bank of the United States. Jay Gould. BCCI. The 1866 Louisiana Lottery ...

Open mouth. Insert plug.

Everybody's A Critic

The New York Times a few years ago expanded its op/ed section to accommodate more opinion. Even that isn't enough apparently. Now we get "news analysis" as well:
News Analysis
Bush Faces a Battery of Ugly Choices on War
By David E. Sanger and David S. Cloud

Washington, Oct. 19 — The acknowledgment by the United States Army spokesman ... (
We're getting to the point where people who read the Times wonder just what the news is that all these reporters, columnists, and editorialists are analyzing ad nauseum ...

And They Ain't Alone

At least the New York Times (occasionally) labels its editorializing "News Analysis."
Major Change Expected In Strategy for Iraq War
By Michael Abramowitz and Thomas E. Ricks, Washington Post Staff Writers

The growing doubts among GOP lawmakers about the administration's Iraq strategy, coupled with the prospect of Democratic wins in next month's midterm elections, will soon force the Bush administration to ... (
News? Analysis? Opinion? Editorial? Wild guess? Bad mood?

If Anyone Is Going To Be Discriminating, It'll Be Us

While America bends over backwards these days to accommodate the deviant sexual propensities of the homosexual community in this country, some who voice their opposition to the trend find themselves punished. How the tables have turned:
Harrisonburg man fired for pro-marriage amendment sign
By Dionne Walker, Associated Press Writer

Richmond, Va. - A Broadway man who posted a sign on his truck urging voters to support a constitutional amendment blocking same-sex marriage in Virginia was fired for the display, according to a group supporting the measure.

Cargill, a global producer of agricultural products, confirmed that Luis Padilla was fired on Oct. 5 after he refused to permanently remove a handwritten sign on his back windshield.

Padilla was fired for insubordination, not his political views, spokesman Mark Klein said. "He was asked to do something relatively simple - remove from his truck two signs that several employees complained about," Klein said. "He did not do that." (link)

There are those who suggest that we as human beings should learn to be tolerant of one another. And there are days, I'll bet, when they really really mean it.

When You Lie Down With Dogs ...

I noticed Bill Clinton was trolling for chicks ... er, campaigning with Jim Webb here in Virginia yesterday. They seemed to be enjoying each other's company. Somewhere along the way the two of them must have kissed and made up over this (from George Allen.com):

Six years ago, Jim Webb criticized Bill Clinton for running “the most corrupt administration in modern memory” and Chuck Rubb for having “‘become part of the problem’ in Washington.

Today, Webb is campaigning with them.

Five years ago, Jim Webb wrote that it was “
a pleasurable experience to watch Bill Clinton finally being judged, even by his own party, for the ethical fraudulence that has characterized his entire political career.

Today, Jim Webb invites the “ethical fraudulence” to his own campaign.

Five years ago, Jim Webb wrote that “
Bill Clinton will never live down the arrogance of his final departure.
What was that boloney I saw on TV the other day where Jim Webb was proclaiming himself to be a man of integrity? I think aliens have abducted the real Jim Webb and we got this Democrat in his place.

We want the old Jim Webb back. The honest one. The man of integrity.

A Note To All My Friends And Colleagues

You know how annoying it can be when someone never returns your call. You know what's even more annoying?

When someone sends me an email that reads, "Great idea. We should discuss. Call me."

I will tell you right now, I'll never call. I don't care who you are. I don't care how many years go by. I don't care if you're on life support and you need my liver. If your house is burning down and your litter of puppies is trapped inside.

My usual email response: "Your fingers are broken? You can't pick up a phone and dial?"

If you want to talk to me on the phone, don't send me a message to call you. CALL.