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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quote Of The Day

The Beltway Retreat
The insurgents are hitting their targets--in Washington.
We need to be realist but not defeatist. We need to understand that there is a need of utmost urgency to deal with many of the problems of Iraq but we must not give in to panic.
So said Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih on Monday, in a BBC interview while in London for talks with Tony Blair. If only such statesmanship prevailed on this side of the Atlantic, where election politics and a spate of critical new books have combined to paint an increasingly desperate--and false--picture of what's happening in Iraq.

Wall Street Journal editorial, October 25, 2006 (link)

Reliving The Good Old Days

Boy, the anti-war types are feeling their oats these days. They've got the Bush administration right where they want it. In fact, they're feeling so confident that they've allowed their disgraced anti-Vietnam War presidential candidate to open his mouth and repeat his mantra:

Calling Again for Troop Withdrawal
Michael Abramowitz, The Washington Post

During the years that he led opposition to the Vietnam War, former senator George S. McGovern (D-S.D.) says, he consoled his family with the proposition that the United States would never again commit such a "tragic mistake," as he put it. But McGovern said in an interview last week that America is headed down "the same road" in Iraq. (link)

Can you tell these guys are feeling like it's 1968 all over again and they feel like they hold sway over a demoralized and restless America? Ah, the memories.

But wait. Was McGovern elected in 1972? I'm trying to recall. Did he even carry one state?

You fellas have your fun ...

Then What's Your Point?

The FBI investigated an allegation of wrongdoing on the part of a California congresswoman and turned up nothing. This is news?
Probe of Harman's AIPAC Ties Confirmed
By Dan Eggen, Washington Post Staff Writer

Federal law enforcement sources confirmed yesterday that the FBI opened an investigation in 2005 into whether Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) improperly enlisted the aid of a pro-Israel lobbying group, but they cautioned that no evidence of wrongdoing was found. (link) [my emphasis]
Good grief.

The Paranoia Begins To Set In ...

Those evil Republicans have sabotaged the voting machines again, and are poised to deliver victory to their candidates despite the wishes and best efforts of the citizens. Or so some believe.

A dispatch from the looney left:
Report Warns of Potential Voting Problems in 10 States
By Amy Goldstein, Washington Post Staff Writer

Two weeks before the midterm elections, at least 10 states, including Maryland, remain ripe for voting problems, according to a study released yesterday by a nonpartisan clearinghouse that tracks electoral reforms across the United States.

The report by Electionline.org says those states, and possibly others, could encounter trouble on Election Day because they have ... fledgling voting-machine technology ... (
So what should you Democrats take away from this story? This: Don't even bother to vote. It's over. The books are already cooked. You'll be wasting your time. All hope is lost.

Is it wrong of me to take advantage of the psychological disorders of others?

The Paranoia Begins To Set In ... II

Meanwhile here in Virginia, the Democratic party is all atwitter over the fact that the Republicans have gotten to the electronic voting machines in certain liberal bastions and ...

Ballot glitch concerns Democrats
Webb's last name cut off on part of electronic ballot in three cities

Richmond Times-Dispatch staff and wire reports

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Webb's last name has been cut off on part of the electronic ballot in Alexandria, Falls Church and Charlottesville because of a computer glitch.

The Democrat's full name appears on the page where voters choose for whom to vote. The error shows up only on the summary page, where voters are asked to review their selections before hitting the button to record their votes.

Election officials emphasized that the problem won't cause votes to be cast incorrectly, even though it might cause some voter confusion. (

What? We don't care what election officials emphasized. We know they're all Republicans! ... well, they're actually Democrats too, but no matter. The fix is in! We demand a recount! An investigation! George Allen needs to resign!

More fun than a grown man should be allowed to have ...

Utterly Humiliating

I made mention the other day of the fact that men and women from India are pouring into this country by the millions to fill doctor, engineer, and technical positions that native-born Americans are too stupid - and lazy - to achieve. Was I being too harsh? Let's look at the state of Maryland, a microcosm of the national problem:
30% of freshmen in remedial classes
The Associated Press

Baltimore (AP) -- Thirty percent of Maryland's college freshmen who graduated with a college-prep education in a state high school were assigned to remedial classes, according to a recently released study.

At the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 17 percent of freshmen in 1999 had to brush up on math skills; in 2004, that figure was 49 percent.

At Coppin State University, the jump was from 54 percent to 76 percent; at Morgan State University, that figure increased from 24 percent to 38 percent. (

How pathetic. And disgraceful. These "students" "attend" school for twelve years (!) and in all those years failed to pick up a book and learn to read. They deserve Indian bosses when they "graduate" with their BA degrees ...

... and start their post-college careers at McDonald's.

When You Swim With Piranhas

Trying your best to be liberal isn't enough. Ask Republican Congressman Chris Shays:
A Congressional Endorsement
New York Times editorial

[As to] Representative Christopher Shays, a Republican from Connecticut’s Fourth District. Mr. Shays has been in office for nearly 20 years, during which his state has grown increasingly Democratic. This year his race with Diane Farrell, a former first selectwoman of Westport, is regarded as one of the tightest in the nation.

The Times has endorsed Mr. Shays in every race in which he has faced a serious opponent. [?]

Mr. Shays has been a good congressman, but not good enough to overcome the fact that his re-election would help empower a party that is long overdue for a shakeup. This decision is painful, but not difficult, given the high caliber of his opponent. With due respect for Mr. Shays’s service, we strongly endorse Diane Farrell for Congress. (

Setting aside the fact that the beaners at the Times "strongly" endorsed Chris Shays over the years but chucked their principles with the crass notion that he stood in the way of a Democratic takeover of the House this year (if I were Diane Farrell, I'd take that "strong" endorsement for what it is), there is a more important point. As Dick Armey has said over the years: If Republicans act like Republicans, they win. If Republicans act (and rule) like Democrats, they lose.

Christopher Shays is the posterboy for that truism.