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Monday, October 30, 2006

Not To Be Left To Amateurs

It's not easy to be witty. To wit:

Shining Light on Moonshine
WSLS NewsChannel 10

The Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Department confiscated eight gallons of moonshine as part of a drug bust a week ago.

It's a problem of our area's past that's still tough to swallow. (
... still tough to swallow.

Kids with keyboards. There ought to be a law ...

Someone Get Their Priorities Straight

Transportation crisis? What transportation crisis?

VDOT to hold meetings on bicycle and pedestrian program
By VDOT (via NRVToday)

The Virginia Department of Transportation will hold four informal meetings in southwestern Virginia to provide information about its bicycle and pedestrian program and allow people interested in bicycling and walking to discuss the program with VDOT representatives.

VDOT's bicycle and pedestrian program was formed to ensure that bicycling, walking and other modes of non-motorized transportation receive the same consideration as motorized transportation in the planning, design, construction and operation of Virginia's transportation network. (link)

A Virginia Department of Transportation meeting to talk about trails and footpaths. I'll certainly mark the dates on my calendar.

This goes a long way toward explaining how it is we have as many bike paths and walking trails in Southwest Virginia as we have roads. It could also be a portent of what our required mode of transportation is going to be in the future if we keep these guys in charge.

And they demand a transportation tax increase ...

When Economists Become Prognosticators

The chief economist of Great Britain has become a soothsayer. He's predicting massive floods and drought (at the same time) and is calling for ... drumroll ... a boatload of new taxes:
Report to tell consumers to brace for 'green' taxes
By George Jones, London Daily Telegraph

LONDON -- Britain's consumers will be told today to prepare for new "green" taxes on cars, fuel, air travel and consumer electronics to curb pollution and avert a looming global catastrophe caused by climate change.

A report drawn up by Nicholas Stern, the government's chief economist, says that ignoring global warming could lead to economic upheaval on the scale of the 1930s Depression and turn 200 million people into refugees as their homes are hit by drought or flood.

Ministers plan to use the report to pave the way for "eco-taxes" to persuade people to adopt less-polluting lifestyles. (
"Less-polluting" lifestyles. As in the Dark Ages. The Black Plague. A life expectancy of 35. Rampant tuberculosis. Disease. Famine. Pestilence. Malnutrition.

But clear skies and babbling brooks ...

... And It Won't Make Any Difference Anyway

So much for the Kyoto Protocol on Global Warming. While Britain is poised to tax its citizenry back into the Stone Age in order to reduce the warming threat, or so the tax-raisers claim, other nations signed the agreement, blamed the USA for ignoring the looming crisis, and then went on polluting anyway:
Global warming gases on rise again despite Kyoto Protocol
The Associated Press

BONN, Germany (AP) -- The industrialized world's emissions of greenhouse gases are growing again, despite efforts under the Kyoto Protocol to cap them and stave off global warming, the United Nations reported Monday.

Emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases declined in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the shutdown of polluting factories and power plants in eastern Europe. But now those economies are rebounding, contributing to a 2.4 percent rise in emissions by 41 industrialized nations between 2000 and 2004. (

What we learn here is that if our economy goes into complete collapse, we help the environment, as did the Soviet bloc when it met its ruin.

Reduced carbon dioxide in the stratosphere ... mass starvation. Can we vote on that?

The Paranoia Begins To Set In ... V

This bit of psychosis is at least creative:
Remember to Vote, Hope It Counts
By Michael Waldman, Wendy Weiser, and Open, N.Y., [sic] The New York Times

On Nov. 7, many voters will encounter new voting machines, new computerized voter lists and new rules regarding registration and ID requirements. As primaries earlier this year demonstrated, local officials and poll workers are overwhelmed by all the changes — some of them engineered by mischievous partisans who have passed laws and rules that would block many eligible citizens from voting.

There is a silent disenfranchisement afoot — one that could affect hundreds of thousands of voters. That’s bad for democracy. In the 2004 presidential election, some states were decided by less than 1 percent of the vote. This year, dozens of Congressional races could be close enough that vote suppression would affect them.

What follow are examples of ways the vote could be suppressed next week ... (
It could be. But then again, it could not be.

I'll save you having to look at the accompanying graphic. It says, "Peope are stupid. Especially the poor, the elderly, and minorities."

My God.