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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Road Not To Be Taken

Republicans will be inclined to go down this road now that they've been bruised in yesterday's election. But they went there once before and lived to regret it:
McCain gains political capital in elections
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

Sen. John McCain emerged from yesterday's elections as one of Republicans' only winners as Democrats made solid gains and both parties turn an eye toward 2008. (
I have two words for you Republicans who think you need to latch on to a "sure bet" like McCain: BOB DOLE. He was another senator from a time long past with an impressive background as a war hero but who created absolutely no excitement among the party's base (I skipped that race out of disgust the day I went to vote in 1996 and concentrated on others).

In McCain's case, I've made it clear in recent years that if I want to vote for a liberal (nut), I'll vote Democrat. Nominate McCain in 2008 and watch a whole mess of us stay home or do just that.

You've been warned.

The NY Times And I Agree

I think this is probably right:
The Democratic House
New York Times editorial

There was only one explanation for the crazy-quilt combination of victories around the country that gave the Democrats control of the House of Representatives last night: an angry shout of repudiation of the Bush White House and the abysmal way the Republican majority has run Congress. (
They came to Washington in 1994 with such promise. They leave in disgrace. Such a waste of an opportunity. Shame on all of them for letting us down.

A Senate To Be Proud Of

As things stand this morning, Democrat Jim Webb leads incumbent George Allen in their race for Virginia's Senate seat. If the numbers hold, the Democratic Party will have bragging rights to an interesting fraternity:

Virginia offers up a pervert ...
... who will sit alongside a murderer ...
... and a Klan member ...
... and a crook ...
... and a socialist ...
... and an anti-war war hero ...
... make that two crooks ...
... and a moron ...

oh, and a token black dude.

I want to get my hands on the video when they get this bunch of miscreants and malcontents in a room together.

The Market Shifts To The USA

When one thinks of manufacturing woes in the year of our Lord 2006, the names GM, Ford, and Chrylser come to mind. But there is a bright spot. A huge bright spot.

Airbus is on the ropes:
FedEx Rescinds Order for Airbus A380s
By Carter Dougherty and Leslie Wayne, The New York Times

Frankfurt, Nov. 7 — FedEx canceled an order for 10 Airbus A380s on Tuesday, becoming the first customer to abandon the European superjumbo jet in the wake of production delays that have shaken the company.

The order will instead go to its American rival Boeing, which will supply FedEx with 15 Boeing 777 freighters, a plane also designed for long-haul cargo flights. (
Recent analysis has shown Airbus to be top-heavy, excessively bureaucratic, and woefully rigid in its thinking and execution, with too many European governments meddling in its decision-making.

This situation will only get worse for the Europeans. And better for the USA.

That's Nice. You're Fired.

He may have had noble intentions. And such things play well in Hollywood. But it doesn't cut it in the boardroom:
Los Angeles Paper Ousts Top Editor
By Katherine Q. Seelye, The New York Times

Dean Baquet, the editor of The Los Angeles Times, who defied orders from his corporate bosses to cut jobs, was forced out of his own job yesterday, shocking the newsroom just as it was gearing up to cover election returns.

Mr. Baquet’s departure follows that of the paper’s publisher, Jeffrey M. Johnson, who openly objected to cuts ordered by the Tribune Company in September and was fired last month. (
Liberals can often be found to have a curious mindset that allows them to think that the corporate world operates like the government - there is no profit motive or need to control costs. Dean Baquet has now learned otherwise. The hard way.

"You want a happy newsroom full of happy reporters that loses millions? Go create your own. You're out-a-here."

Capitalism 101.

Kark Rove Is Too Smart By Half

It was particularly galling that the White House, in contemptuous political calculation, decided in the primary season to campaign openly and rigorously against a good conservative Republican candidate for Senate in Rhode Island. They succeeded in foisting liberal moonbrain Lincoln Chafee on Republicans at general election time. Yesterday Republicans stayed home:
Ex-U.S. Attorney Ends Tenure of the Chafees in Rhode Island
By Pam Belluck, The New York Times

Providence, R.I., Nov. 7 — Senator Lincoln Chafee, a popular politician from a family with a long political legacy in Rhode Island, lost his re-election bid to Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat, in one of the most hotly contested races. (
This is the second time the Rove White House has stabbed the party's conservative base in the back. In Pennsylvania two years ago, President Bush decided to support liberal Republican Arlen Specter over a wonderful conservative challenger, Pat Toomey. In that case Toomey was narrowly defeated and Specter won the general election. And he sits today in the Senate badmouthing the President at every turn.

When will these guys learn? The base of the Republican Party is strongly conservative. Defy your base and watch your base sit out the election.

What Part Of YES Don't You Understand?

The Richmond Times-Dispatch editorialists have decided that yesterday's vote to save the institution of marriage was (a) won by us neanderthals, (b) a contest fought too early; we neanderthals need to die off first so that more enlightened souls can decide the issue a decade from now and (c) our amending our Constitution permanently isn't permanent.

In their own words:
Virginia's amendment ran weakest in the state's most populous regions. The vote may have come at the right time. Demographics and evolving attitudes suggest an identical amendment submitted in 2010 would confront a more difficult climate.

Marriage amendments in Virginia and other states will not settle this vexing issue. The federal government, probably through the Supreme Court, will decide. If this is a victory, it may well prove Pyrrhic. (
Marriage protection amendments have passed in nearly every state in the nation (including four more yesterday) - by huge majorities in every case - and yet the prognosticators at the Times-Dispatch have decided that a tiny and shrinking minority of clueless Americans who don't give a damn one way or another about any moral issue (see yesterday's news about New York City's impending decision to allow confused citizens there to decide whether they want to be men or women (!) and ongoing news about the many rapidly imploding liberal churches in America that have decided that there's no such thing as perversion in this our enlightened age; that there is only love manifesting itself in new and artfully glorious ways) will decide the issue sometime in the future.

Maybe we should pass another amendment just for these guys.


The Democrats Take Temporary Control

Weblog heaven:
Democrats Take Control of House; Senate Hangs on Virginia and Montana
By Adam Nagourney, The New York Times

Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives and defeated at least four Republican senators yesterday, riding a wave of voter discontent with President Bush and the war in Iraq. (
As a number of pundits has warned, the Democrats ran without a platform either foreign or domestic (other than cut and run) and now they'll create legislation with that mandate.

Expect them to go back to "tax the rich" and "100,000 cops on the streets" and "raise the minimum wage." We might even do gun trigger locks again. And midnight basketball leagues for gangmembers.

At worst, they'll nibble around the edges.

For the next two years ...

On The Marriage Amendment

Virginians hammered a permanent bit of clarity into the state Constitution in yesterday's election. Consider it a clarion call to all those creative liberal judges out there who think it's their responsibility to write our laws:
The institution of marriage will not be bastardized.
Because of the climate of the age, in which legislatures and executive offices around the country willingly cede power to the courts, creating a menacing imbalance, there is a host of issues that needs to be codified in amendment form so that meddling liberal judges don't change our laws to suit themselves. Beginning with property rights.

The results of Amendment 1:

Yes - 1,317,838 (57.06%)
No - 991,797 (42.94%)

Want to know why liberals disdain the referendum or popular vote of the people? Look no further. We rule.

Boucher Wins Big

Here in the 9th Congressional district, Democrat Rick Boucher crushed Republican Bill Carrico, as predicted. The results:

RC Boucher - 128,765 (67.60%)
CW Carrico - 61,609 (32.35%)

I had gently suggested to Carrico early on that, if he didn't light things up and go after Boucher, and call the incumbent to account for the vast array of problems the district has, he would lose by 20 points, as did his predecessor.

Carrico has been praised for the positive campaign he ran and there is speculation about that he is destined to run for higher office in the future. If that was his plan, to keep his nose clean and to not incur the wrath (or more wrath) of the Roanoke Times and the Washington Post, he succeeded.

How that helped the people of Southwest Virginia in this critical election I don't know. This was a race to be won, not to be used as a stepping stone to future greatness.

But it can now be said that Bill Carrico ran a positive campaign. And lost by 35 points.

Right Out Of a Movie Script

If you watched Ben Stiller's hilarious movie "Zoolander," you 'll remember a scene marvellously similar to Faith Hill's meltdown at the CMA awards the other night. Watch it here - Faith that is.

Sometimes we get too caught up in our own fame and fortune ...