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Thursday, November 09, 2006

It Begins

The Bob Dole Is Electable psychosis sets in:

To run against the Democrats' Clinton-Obama (or Clinton-Warner) for president and vice president in 2008, how about McCain-Rice or McCain-Lieberman?

Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, "
Just Asking," November 9, 2006
Fight the urge. Please.

An Interesting Stat

The Wall Street Journal, in an editorial this morning, makes a good point about Tuesday's election, one that surely applies to the Virginia results:
The GOP "base" voted in respectable numbers, but enough of it voted for Democrats to make the difference. At 32%, the self-identified conservative share of the electorate was down only slightly from 2004 (34%), and the liberal share of 21% stayed the same. What changed is that the GOP won fewer conservative and independent votes. (link) [my emphasis]
Interestingly, liberals are rejoicing this morning. And they probably will tomorrow morning as well. But it will prove interesting, when the euphoria wears off and the hangover sets in (and President Bush comes to his senses) to see them regret the harvest they've sown.

Another Interesting Stat

When looking at the results relating to the marriage amendment, I can proudly say Southwest Virginia had the highest percentage of supporters in the state of Virginia. The 9th district came in as follows:

Yes ... 141,393 (75.26%)
No ....... 46,474 (24.74%)

The ultra-liberal and morally bankrupt 8th District (think Fairfax County where most of the citizenry accepts the fact readily that they'll eventually be burning in hell) came in just the opposite:

Yes ... 71,313 (33.17%)
No ....143,692 (66.83%)

What's even more interesting is the fact that 9th District Congressman Rick Boucher (who's virulently pro-abortion) came in with lopsided numbers opposite those on the marriage amendment:

R C Boucher ... 129,273 (67.71%)
C W Carrico ...... 61,561 (32.24%)

Y'all here in Southwest Virginia are going to have to help me with that last one ...

Another Interesting Stat

From James Taranto at Best Of The Web Today:
It was not a referendum on Iraq. One of the most pro-Iraq lawmakers in Congress, Sen. Joe Lieberman, ran as an independent and trounced anti-Iraq Democratic nominee Ned Lamont. Meanwhile, of the five remaining Republican members of Congress who voted against Iraq's liberation, three lost: Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R.I.), Rep. John Hostettler (Ind.) and Rep. Jim Leach (Iowa). Only two anti-Iraq Republicans will return to the 110th Congress: Reps. Jimmy Duncan (Tenn.) and Ron Paul (Texas). (link)
I'm not familiar with Jimmy Duncan but Ron Paul is a staunch libertarian who voted against the war on idealogical grounds relating to his opposition to entering into a war without congressional approval.

As for the others, they serve as a lesson (especially to Republicans like John McCain who think they can be successful by cozying up to the Democrats and the press): Be true to your convictions and the base will be there to support you. Or act like a Democrat and be sent home.

Now I Understand

I've been puzzled of late as to where in the world Congressman Rick Boucher got that number of new jobs he says "he's created" since he first took office back in 1912. 41,000 is the figure he seems to use most often.

Now I know. He has somehow convinced state officials to allow us to have all the prisons. He beat out Congressman Moran and the folks up in Fairfax for the opportunity. How disappointed they must be.

It all became clear when I read this bit of news this morning:
Officials: Prison will be built in Grayson County
By Paul Dellinger, The Roanoke Times

Independence -- A 1,024 bed state prison is planned for the Cox's Chapel community in Grayson County.

Larry Corriher, a county businessman, confirmed Wednesday that the state is acquiring land for the project from him. He said it is near Independence and on the New River. (
Counting the soon-to-be inmates coming to Grayson, Boucher can now claim 42,024 new jobs.

You go, Rick.

Winners And Allies

These three headlines in this morning's New York Times say it all:
Democrats Turned War Into an Ally

Suicide Bomber Kills 42 Pakistani Soldiers

Iran Press Gleeful but Cautious After U.S. Vote
I fear for my country.

Eating Their Own

If the rabidly anti-American left didn't win on November 7, they sure did on November 8:

Rumsfeld Resigns; Bush Vows to ‘Find Common Ground’; Focus Is on Virginia
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times

Washington, Nov. 8 — Faced with the collapse of his Republican majority in Congress, President Bush responded swiftly on Wednesday by announcing the departure of Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and vowing to work with Democrats “to find common ground” on the war in Iraq and domestic
issues. (
From the day he came to Washington, President Bush has been trying to appease the opposition. One bloated government later, with a massive expansion of federal oversight of the states' education responsibilities and a medicare drug benefit that will cost trillions, what has he gotten for it?


How does he respond?

More appeasement.

Bill Clinton may have been an awful president but he kept his gaggle of crooked and feckless friends in office to the end. Bush tosses his to the wolves.

For the love of God.

Let The Games Begin

Rumsfeld gets tossed out and 12 million illlegals are invited in. We've gone mad:
Bush eyes Democrats for help on amnesty
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

President Bush yesterday said he will team up with Democrats to pass an immigration bill with a guest-worker program that his own party blocked this year, and his Republican opponents predicted a bloody intraparty fight but said they cannot stop such a bill from passing.

"We will fight it, we will lose. It will go to the Senate, it will pass. The president will sign it. And it will happen quickly because that's one thing they know they can pass," said Rep. Tom Tancredo, Colorado Republican and chairman of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, who had led the opposition to a guest-worker plan. "I am absolutely horrified by this prospect, but I have to face reality." (
Two things will come of this: (1) All those rich urban Democrats will continue to have their laundry and toilets cleaned on the cheap and (2) You get to pay the bill.