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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Great Divide

This reminds me of the reign of Louis XVI. He was le Roi de l'etat - as long as he didn't venture beyond the gates of his palace in Versailles.

Anyway, here's how Virginia's counties came out in the Webb-Allen race. Allen counties in red; Webb counties in blue. Make of it what you will.

Map courtesy of the Associated Press.

In a Nutshell

A handful of people down in Grayson County are upset that a proposed new prison to be built there is going to bring a degree of economic prosperity to the area. Why? Because it's not the kind they want. They want that gaggle of tourists that we all hear our illustrious politicians extol to someday show up and partake of the area's scenic beauty. And we all want to win the lotto ...

The details:
Protesters decry planned prison site
Some Grayson County residents oppose a prison on the New River.
By Paul Dellinger and Laurence Hammack, The Roanoke Times

Independence -- Plans for a state prison in Grayson County got off to a rocky start Thursday, with some 50 sign-carrying protestors greeting the announcement with jeers and slams at local and state officials.

State Sen. William Wampler, R-Bristol, and Del. Bill Carrico, R-Grayson County, touted the 1,024-bed medium-security prison as a boost to economic development with a $6-million-plus annual payroll.

But the crowd that showed up for the announcement was having none of it. Most were upset that the Cox's Chapel site being considered is on New River, a tourist attraction. (
The New River in Grayson County is a tourist attraction. That'll comes as news to the local folks.

This is probably closer to the mark:
"If they needed new prisons in Arizona, do you think they would put them on the Grand Canyon?" said Charlotte Reynolds, who frequently canoes on the river. [my emphasis]
One of those "local tourists" I've read about, no doubt. I'm still trying to figure out what that means.

In any case, there are a whole lot of people in the area who are willing to wait - until doomsday - for Congressman Rick Boucher's tourists to make their way down here from his upper crust neighborhood in DC to see a river flow (like they don't cross 16 others to get here).

So we wait ... and wait ... and wait.

Dems Take Charge. Hollywood, Terrorists Rejoice.

With friends like these...
Hollywood liberals giddy over D.C. change of guard
By Stephanie Mansfield, The Washington Times

LOS ANGELES -- Rep. Nancy Pelosi promised that her newly empowered Democratic Party would not be gloating, but there's plenty of gloat in Hollywood, a hotbed of left-wing, hybrid-car driving, anti-Bush liberal activism.

"We're absolutely cuckoo bananas for the Democrats," said producer Lynda Obst ..." (
Cuckoo bananas. seems right.

'You Don't Want Low Prices'

You people in the Bronx can forget it. There'll be no cheap prices on quality name brand goods in your town. Not as long as your borough leadership has any say in the matter:
Opponents Try to Lock Up the Bronx Before Wal-Mart Knocks on the Door
By Manny Fernandez, The New York Times

Last year, opponents of Wal-Mart — including neighborhood, labor and small-business groups — helped persuade a real estate developer to drop one of the company’s stores from a planned mall in Queens. In August, opponents again helped thwart plans for a Wal-Mart at the southern tip of Staten Island.

Now, the Bronx has emerged as the latest battleground over attempts by Wal-Mart to open its first store in New York City. Leaders of the anti-Wal-Mart campaign have been forming alliances with Bronx community groups and politicians as well as holding town hall meetings to plan their attack and energize their ranks. (
So your city is awash in poor people who could benefit greatly from a low-priced discounter of food and clothing in the neighborhood? And you pay $17 for a pair of undies? Too bad. Your neighbor's union has your best interest at heart. So shut up.

Here's a Switch

Let me think about the implications ...
3 Americans Convicted of Terror in Vietnam
By The Associated Press

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (AP) -- Three Americans were convicted by a Vietnamese court on terrorism charges Friday after ... (link)
Now I don't advocate strapping a bomb belt around your waist, and I don't recall reading anything about 72 virgins waiting for you in heaven in the King James version of my Bible, but ...

You Left Something Out

In providing us with our new Senate majority leader's biography, the New York Times makes this snake out to be the Second Coming of Christ:

Harry Reid, an Infighter With a Sharp Jab
By Mark Leibovich, The New York Times

Harry Mason Reid is the product of the tiny desert town of Searchlight, Nev., whose father, a hard-rock miner, battled alcoholism and depression before killing himself at 58. The future senator hitchhiked 40 miles to attend high school in Henderson, where he became an amateur boxer.

He came to Washington to attend law school, working nights as a Capitol police officer. He was elected to the Nevada State Assembly at 28, served as lieutenant governor and later led the state’s Gaming Commission, a job that pitted him against organized crime figures. (Mr. Reid’s wife, Landra, once found a bomb under the hood of the family car.) He was elected to Congress in 1982, and moved to the Senate four years later.

Mr. Reid has brought his pugilistic sensibility to his career ... (
Actually, knowing a little bit about this guy, the word wiener should be in there somewhere.

The author of this saliva-laden ass kiss forgot to mention something. Harry Reid, lord protector to the realm, will soon be busting big rocks into little pebbles and making nice to his new boyfriend, Bubba, in the federal pen when this makes its way through the courts.

Thr images that impart ...

A Fitting Punishment

Let's give Saddam the same chance he gave those hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children he slaughtered.

Kiss one terrorist goodbye.

My Favorite Place To Shop

If you've been taking notes over the last three years, you know that I am participating in a boycott of Target for having driven off the Salvation Army bell-ringers from in front of its stores at Christmas. I've entered my third year in which I've made zero purchases at the anti-charity for the poor retailer. Memo to Target executives: I've got all the time in the world. And my money is welcome (as is America's most effective charity helping the impoverished) and goes farther elsewhere:

Wal-Mart wishes you a Merry Christmas
By Jayne O'Donnell, USA TODAY

Wal-Mart will put "Christmas" back into the holidays this year, the retailer plans to announce Thursday.

A year after religious and other groups boycotted retailers, including Wal-Mart
(WMT), for downplaying Christmas, the world's largest retail chain will have an in-your-face Christmas theme this year.

"We're not afraid to use the term 'Merry Christmas.' We'll use it early, and we'll use it often."

Wal-Mart told about 7,000 associates of the plans at a conference last month and "was met with rapturous applause. ... We know many of our customers will feel the same," says John Fleming, Wal-Mart's executive vice president of marketing. (
The bell-ringers will be out in force. Give generously. It's the Christmas thing to do.

A Humorous Response

I had heaped considerable ridicule on the Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial team the other day for suggesting that the marriage amendment that passed overwhelmingly on Tuesday was just a matter of bad timing for the gay community. The proposition was that there are just too many of us fossils still living here in Virginia and, had the "enlightened" crowd - those with superior thought and reasoning capacity - waited several years - until we were too old and feeble - or to a time when the Democrats finally get their way and we skip elections all together and we go right to judges making our decisions for us - any idea of marriage being protected against adulteration would have been given short shrift.

What they perceive as a movement toward a more open and tolerant society is in fact a temporary "if-it-feels-good-do-it" blip in our culture's ongoing and undying demand for clarity and well-defined boundaries so that our children understand their proper place in life and the rules by which they and their children, and their children's children, must adhere as they enter adulthood. The deep thinkers don't see that though. They hear the drip and anticipate the deluge.

Anyway, after having made mention of the Times-Dispatch editorial and of the depiction of guys like me as being aging, knuckle-dragging neanderthals, I got this email response (names have been removed; I sought no permission to replicate it here) from a reader:
The wife and I are going to take a ride in the car today. We want to remember America for what she once was. Very shortly, [my wife] will have to be measured for her burqa. I am just happy that I will be able to crush homosexuals beneath large boulders. By the way, do you know of any large Buddha statues that I can destroy??

Your call on the Marriage Amendment was a good one. One thing the RT-D fails to take into account is that liberals are steadily decreasing their voting numbers through abortion. For that reason alone, I say keep it legal!!

In the Book of Romans, Paul exhorts us to pray for our leaders. Does praying for them to be hit by a bus count?
Humor in a time our nation is at its darkest and most troubling point. I see a brilliant light shining on the horizon.