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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Webb Still Has No Ideas

Jim Webb, newly elected senator from the great state of Virginia, in a mind-numbing 1,043 word letter published by the Wall Street Journal this morning ("Class Struggle"), tells us that he has all kinds of problems with class inequities in the USA. Not least of which, according to the novelist cum legislator, is that those inequalities are worsening (the decade of greed that existed in the time of Bush I disappeared in the era of Clinton I and has now, demonically, reappeared under Bush II).

And, after having slaughtered a whole forest of trees in order to bring us this startling news, Webb offers up his solutions to the many, many problems. They are, in no special order:
Well, actually he provides no solutions. Just as he did throughout his campaign, Webb carps. Nothing more. His 1,043 word scholarly treatise contains not one syllable in the way of suggestions or proposals that would allow for resolving what he preceives to be a nation-altering issue. Not even the obligatory mention of the minimum wage which, I remind you, applies to a whopping 0.5% of American workers.

So why did Jim Webb feel the need to write to the Journal? Perhaps he is of a mind with all the other Democrats sucking up oxygen in Washington DC these days who have lots of complaints but not one new idea. Or maybe he promised some union boss that he would focus like a laser beam on labor issues. Or maybe he continues to struggle to impress upon us how smart he is. Or perhaps the reality of the moment is setting in and he wants to go back to being a novelist.

To that last thought, I can confidently respond: Soon enough, pal. Soon enough.

We Want It Back!

They make it sound like the kids in that candy store can go even crazier:
Va. revenues exceed forecast
Tax collections rose nearly 6 percent over same period last year
By Michael Hardy, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

As the governor begins crafting changes to Virginia's budget, his administration announced that tax collections the past four months rose 5.9 percent above the same period last fiscal year.

This week, budget analysts in the House of Delegates forecast that lawmakers will have an additional $600 million or more to spend during the legislature's winter session. (
Why? Why does it go without objection that the state government can simply spend this revenue that it didn't anticipate having and didn't require?

Our legislators determined their budget needs and taxed accordingly. This $600 million is over and above their needs - and came about by our sacrificing ours.

You took in more than you expected? Give it back!

Lock And Load

First there was this troubling admonition from Hillary Clinton on Monday:
"Health care is coming back," Clinton warned, adding, "It may be a bad dream for some." (link)
I reacted (after taking a cold shower) by saying: Let her try. She single-handedly doomed the Democratic Party to minority status the last time she went down this road.

But then there is this in today's news:
Big 3 automakers commit to reducing oil dependence
By Sean Lengell, The Washington Times

The nation's largest automakers told President Bush yesterday they are committed to ...

But the automakers added that if the U.S. automotive industry is to be competitive with Asian imports, the federal government must take a leading role in helping lower the industry's health care costs ... (

This is no small thing. GM, Ford, and Chrysler, thinking that they would be able to tag their new vehicles with exorbitant prices with impunity in perpetuity, negotiated spectacular wage and benefit contracts with their unionized employees over the years. Included were health care provisions that make the rest of us envious. Even laid off and retired workers are entitled to more comprehensive and cheaper coverage than you and I.

Now that their world has come crashing down, the Big Three want the government (meaning you) to step in and assume that obligation for them.

And you can bet the Democrats, led by the Hillarycare mastermind herself, will gladly oblige.

Look, GM, Ford, and Chrylser got themselves into this situation without our help (except in our obeisance and willingness to pay $40,000 for a pile of steel with wheels). They need to work their way out of it.

As for Hillary and her ilk, it's time to drag the weaponry out of mothballs and prepare to go to war. The battle cry is sounded.

Separating Wheat From Chaff

When the Republican minority reorganizes in the senate in coming days, an important shift will take place. Not the one, though, that's capturing headlines:
Lott Bids for Return to Senate Leadership
By Laurie Kellman, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ousted Republican Majority Leader Trent Lott is plotting a return to the Senate's center of power with a quiet but intense campaign against Sen. Lamar Alexander for the vote-counting job of minority whip. (
This is important only in "inside baseball" circles. The real news of consequence is buried in the same article:
Remaining neutral is Sen. Mitch McConnell, who is uncontested in his bid to be the Republican minority leader.
Mitch is a take-no-prisoners conservative who aggressively challenges the Democrats at every turn. He also has never had a burning need to make nice with the press and is willing to mix it up with reporters. He's the right man for the job. Actually I recommended him for the top position (of course it was the role of majority leader back then) when Lott demoted himself several years ago. The Republican caucus chose milquetoast, Bill Frist, instead. And has suffered because of it.

Things are looking up.

This Required A Poll?

Poll: Most Doubt Dems Have Plan for Iraq

But Now That We're In Charge ...

The New York Times is backpedaling furiously now that the Democrats have taken control. Having launched their Iraq Bad "news" crusade and having provided grossly skewed coverage of the events that have been unfolding there in recent years in order to oust those evil Republicans, the Times advises caution. Stay The Course:
Get Out Now? Not So Fast, Experts Say
By Michael R. Gordon, The New York Times

Washington, Nov. 14 — One of the most resonant arguments in the debate over Iraq holds that the United States can move forward by pulling its troops back, as part of a phased withdrawal. If American troops begin to leave and the remaining forces assume a more limited role, the argument holds, it will galvanize the Iraqi government to assume more responsibility for securing and rebuilding Iraq.

This is the case now being argued by many Democrats, most notably Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, the incoming chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, who asserts that the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq should begin within four to six months.

But this argument is being challenged by a number of military officers, experts and former generals, including some who have been among the most vehement critics of the Bush administration’s Iraq
policies. (
So we're being told now, after the election, that Bush has been right all along.

How predictably pathetic.