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Thursday, November 16, 2006

No Growth West Virginia

This is what passes for tax policy over in our wayward western counties:

Junk food
Keep tax high

Charleston Gazette editorial

Commendably, Gov. Manchin sought to lower the state sales tax on healthy food to 3 percent, but hike it back to 6 percent on unhealthy candy and soft drinks, which produce obese kids with cavity-riddled teeth.

But part of the governor’s plan faltered because the official legal definition of candy excludes flour-containing confections such as Kit-Kats, Twix bars and licorice. So the House of Delegates compromised, raising the tax on cola but applying the lower food tax to candy (except for items sold in vending machines). (

West Virginia has the distinction of being the only state in the nation to have lost population in the last census and it ranks near the bottom in terms of economic growth. And the legislature in Charleston is debating the tax on Twix bars.

No mention in the article, by the way, of the fact that West Virginia votes heavily Democratic each year. Nor that there may be a correlation ...

Church Of 'Inclusion' Drives 'Em Out

The Episcopal Church (USA) has taken a stand for "inclusion." As a result of the active efforts on the part of church leadership to open the church's arms to homosexuals, it finds itself, once again, to have driven more of its traditional membership into the wilderness.

Feel the love:
Episcopal leaders vote to leave
By Julia Duin, The Washington Times

Leaders of two of Virginia's most historic Episcopal parishes have voted to split from the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia, a move that could spark a legal battle over millions of dollars' worth of property.

The vestry -- or governing board -- of Truro Episcopal Church, an 18th-century church in downtown Fairfax, voted unanimously Saturday to depart from the 2.2-million-member Episcopal Church over questions of biblical authority and the 2003 consecration of New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, an active homosexual.

Monday night, the vestry of the Falls Church, an equally historic Virginia congregation in the city of Falls Church, voted 15-2, with one abstention, to leave the Episcopal Church, a denomination it has called home for more than 200 years. (

Home for more than 200 years and now the members feel like outsiders in their own church. You must be very proud.

This About Sums It Up

I think I know who'll win this one:
House race pits Murtha vs. ethics
What was it Tom Delay was accused of again?

Fair & Balanced

It's so heartwarming to see the New York Times providing balanced coverage of the war in Iraq - finally. Yesterday we read a nice article on the front page that supported the argument that President Bush has been making all along, that to cut and run now would bring disastrous results and prolong the war on terror.

And today, lo and behold we get this:
General Warns of Risks in Iraq if G.I.'s Are Cut
By Michael R. Gordon and Mark Mazzetti, The New York Times

Washington, Nov. 15 — The top American military commander for the Middle East said Wednesday that to begin a significant troop withdrawal from Iraq over the next six months would lead to an increase in sectarian killings and hamper efforts to persuade the Iraqi government to make the difficult decisions needed to secure the country.

The commander, Gen. John P. Abizaid, made it clear that he did not endorse the phased troop withdrawals being proposed by Democratic lawmakers. Instead, he said the number of troops in Iraq might be increased by a small amount as part of new plans by American commanders to improve the training of the Iraqi Army. (
So, several days after the election, the New York Times offers up arguments against our withdrawing from Iraq prematurely and against cutting troop strength.

This is rich.

What will tomorrow bring? A call for a march on Damasacus? A demand for the heads of all Islamists? Stay the course?! Something has brought these fanatics to their senses. Oh, what could it be?