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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You Elected 'Em

Charles Rangel is one of the most powerful and influential Democrats in Congress. We can learn much about them by listening to him. Knowing that, feel the love he has for our heroic men and women in uniform who have chosen, of their own free will and at great personal sacrifice, to protect his fat ass:
"I want to make it abundantly clear, if there's anyone who believes that these youngsters want to fight, as the Pentagon and some generals have said, you can just forget it. No young, bright individual wants to fight just because of a bonus and just because of employment benefits. And most of all of them come from communities of very, very high unemployment. If a young fellow has an option of having a decent career or joining the Army to fight in Iraq, you can bet your life that he would not be in Iraq." (link) [my emphasis]
In fact, they all had the option. And they opted to take up weaponry to protect the country they love, in spite of lowlife scum who suck up oxygen here and who disparage them at every turn.

Charles Rangel doesn't deserve them.

You Elected 'Em II

If Jim Webb were as mean-spirited toward the enemy as he is toward his president, we'd be winning the war on terror about now. It turns out, based upon his initial actions in Washington, your newly elected senator is going to make the perfect Democrat. In addition to being a pervert, he's rude and obnoxious:

In Following His Own Script, Webb May Test Senate's Limits
By Michael D. Shear, Washington Post Staff Writer

At a recent White House reception for freshman members of Congress, Virginia's newest senator tried to avoid President Bush. Democrat James Webb declined to stand in a presidential receiving line or to have his picture taken with the man he had often criticized on the stump this fall. But it wasn't long before Bush found him.

"How's your boy?" Bush asked, referring to Webb's son, a Marine serving in Iraq.

"I'd like to get them out of Iraq, Mr. President," Webb responded, echoing a campaign theme.

"That's not what I asked you," Bush said. "How's your boy?"

"That's between me and my boy, Mr. President," Webb said coldly, ending the conversation on the State Floor of the East Wing of the White House. (
The age of joyous bipartisanship has arrived. And you have unleashed it. You must be very proud ...

Update: Bearing Drift has his own analysis here. And NLS shows he has the same penchant for pettiness by laughing at the exchange between the nation's Commander-In-Chief and our august senator-elect. A distinguishing display by all.

Why We Need Constitutional Amendments

Judges can be so creative in their interpretations sometimes. Take for example a case involving Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans homeowners, their insurance companies, the meaning of the word "flood," and an intelligence-challenged federal judge:
Judge Upholds Policyholders’ Katrina Flood Claims
By Joseph B. Treaster, The New York Times

A federal judge offered a glimmer of hope to the tens of thousands of people whose homes and businesses in New Orleans were flooded in Hurricane Katrina, ruling that insurance companies should pay for the widespread water damage.

Judge Duval’s [Stanwood R. Duval Jr. of Federal District Court in New Orleans]decision centered on the distinction between flooding caused by high winds and heavy rains and flooding caused by human error. Much of the destruction in New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 was a result of levee failures.

He said the language in the insurance policies on flood coverage was ambiguous because it did not “clearly exclude man-made” flood disasters. (link)
My guess is this "judge" was appointed by the president who famously asked what the meaning of the word "is" is. F-L-O-O-D doesn't necessarily mean flood. It could, if one expanded one's mind, have so many, many meanings.

We're at their mercy, folks. God help us all.

And He Ain't Alone

While we're on the subject of creative and intelligence-challenged judges, there's this:


November 29, 2006 -- Washington - The government discriminates against blind people by printing money that all looks and feels the same, a federal judge said yesterday in a ruling that could change the face of American currency.

U.S. District Judge James Robertson ordered the Treasury Department to come up with ways for the blind to tell bills apart. He said he wouldn't tell officials how to fix the problem, but he ordered them to begin working on it. (link)
Another Clinton appointee, no doubt.

Someone needs to tell these judges to stop it. It's no longer funny.

Someone Is Earning Her Money

The New York Post has the best headline writer on the planet. Every day you can expect to read something like this (in this morning's edition):
It's a story by Maureen Callahan about America's darlings - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears.

There's no need to even read the article. The header says it all.

Now Get Back Out There And Pick That Cotton

You could feel the rolling resentment toward the Democratic party leadership building in Maryland this last election season. In the primary race for the open United States Senate seat there, the party apparatus lined up behind a weak nondescript bureaucrat - chosen strategically in part because he was white - and defeated a black contender in the race. As soon as the primary ended, party leadership turned to the huge (and powerful) black community and said: Now you're to vote for our candidate in the general election ... whose opponent happened to be another black guy, this one a Republican. Blacks there did as instructed, though with a rising level of resentment. The dull, nondesript, and white bureaucrat won handily.

Fast forward to yesterday. Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi had promised to pay back the loyalty of the party's black constituency by giving a primo committee leadership post to a black member of Congress. But that promise, like every other one made by this bunch, was made before the election, and is therefore today null and void. Now that they've won ... well, you know the story:

Pelosi Won’t Pick Tainted Lawmaker for Key Post
By Mark Mazzetti and Kate Zernike, The New York Times

Washington, Nov. 28 — Representative Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that she would not award the chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee to Representative Alcee L. Hastings of Florida, who was a leading contender for the post.

The decision by Mrs. Pelosi, the incoming speaker, ended weeks of speculation ... (link)

Loyal black Democrats dutifully defeated Kweise Mfume ...

... and Ken Blackwell

... and Michael Steele

... and Lynne Swann

... and this is their thanks. When will they learn ...

France Is Crumbling

I've never understood why northeast elitists (think John Kerry) are so enthralled by all things French. Already having a reputation of being a society of cowards and reprobates, and of having a massive, seething, murdering, impoverished, disfranchised, uncontrollable Muslim underclass, the country is slowly sinking into anarchy as well:

Paris Soccer ‘Ultras’ at Center of Furor Over Fan’s Death
By Elaine Sciolino, The New York Times

Paris, Nov. 28 — They call themselves the ultras. They are the hardest of the hard-core soccer fans of France, the ones with the edgy reputations for being racist, right-wing, anti-Semitic and even violent.

For two decades, they have operated openly as fan associations without much interference from the police or soccer officials, who have claimed that they have limited authority to stop them. On Thursday night, a group of these ultra-right-wing supporters of the Paris St.-Germain team set off a chain of events that ended with one of their own being shot to death by a black policeman.

The trouble began outside the stadium, as is often the case, after the Paris team was defeated, 4-2. Dozens of Paris supporters pursued and cornered Yanniv Hazout, 25, a French fan who is Jewish.

“The crowd hurled insults — ‘dirty Jew,’ ‘dirty Negro’ and monkey cries — and raised Nazi salutes ..."

The episode has set off nationwide soul-searching and finger-pointing as the French government as well as soccer officials, analysts and fans have confronted the violence and hate that have poisoned the sport. (link)

It would indeed do the French well to search for their soul. Finally.

Showin' 'Em How It's Done

What is it about the words MERRY CHRISTMAS that the heads of Target Stores don't understand? Perhaps they could, and definitely should obtain a clear working definition and learn something about the USA at the same time from these guys:
Wal-Mart and Sam's Club Celebrate Long-Standing Salvation Army Partnership

Associates at more than 3,900 Wal-Mart stores, Sam's Clubs and Neighborhood Markets across the country today staffed the Red Kettles to celebrate the company's 20-plus year tradition of rolling out the red carpet for The Salvation Army's bellringers.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. chief executive officer Lee Scott led the kick-off of the "Bells Ringing Across America" celebration with a $1 million donation from the Wal-Mart and Sam's Club Foundation.

Additionally, the Wal- Mart and Sam's Club Foundation will contribute an extra $250,000 through the company's online Red Kettle, which is accessible from http://www.walmart.com and http://www.samsclub.com. (link)
The holiday season. Bellringers. Donating to feed and clothe the poor. At a Wal-Mart near you.

This is shaping up to be a joyous Christmas.