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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Yeah, But What About Those Voting Machines?

Another goofy theory has been exposed. No, not that relating to global warming. Not yet. This one has to do with cellphones and brain cancer:
Mega-Study Debunks Cellphone-Cancer Link

December 6, 2006 -- Washington - A huge study from Denmark offers the latest reassurance that cellphones don't trigger cancer.

Scientists tracked 420,000 Danish cellphone users, including 52,000 who had gabbed on the gadgets for 10 years or more.

They matched phone records to the Danish Cancer Registry, which records every citizen who gets the disease - and reported yesterday that cellphone callers are no more likely than anyone else to suffer from cancer. (link)
Sadly, this study won't make any difference to those who think there are little cancer monsters lurking in our cell phones. This is the same bunch who believe brain tumors are caused by high-capacity electricity transmission lines and who believe that Republican gremlins in our electronic voting machines are bringing about otherwise inexplicable results.

Speaking of Al Gore ...

I'm Not Getting a Warm And Fuzzy ...

From news accounts I saw last night, I got this bad feeling that Robert Gates, President Bush's nominee to replace sacrificial lamb Don Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense, just wasn't ... well, Don Rumsfeld. Now my concerns have been validated. The New York Times gives Gates grudging support:
The Un-Rumsfeld

The nearly universal (and bipartisan) relief at the departure of Donald Rumsfeld ensured that Robert Gates would have an easy confirmation hearing. And Mr. Gates played the role of the un-Rumsfeld masterfully yesterday. He offered just enough candor and conciliation to persuade most senators that he plans to be a very different sort of defense secretary

In any other time that would all be considered pretty bland stuff. But for an aspiring member of this administration, that came close to speaking truth to power. (link)
It was difficult to get a good understanding of the depth of Gates's grasp of the issues before him what with the probing questions asked of him by the elderly senators on the panel:

... John McCain was most concerned about what proper troop levels in Iraq should have been four years ago.

... Carl Levin simply wanted to be reassured that we were losing.

... and Robert Byrd, who's mind left for home when he turned 88, was most concerned about his dog, Billy. And asked questions accordingly.

So it was tough to get a good read. Until I found out the Times favors Gates' nomination.

Now I'm worried.

Good Lord. Not Again.

The space shuttle is scheduled to go back up.

No good reason given as to why.

What Would We Do Without Democrats

The city of New York has struck a blow against ... give me that again?
New York Bans Most Trans Fats in Restaurants
By Thomas J. Lueck and Kim Severson, The New York Times

The New York City Board of Health voted yesterday to adopt the nation’s first major municipal ban on the use of all but tiny amounts of artificial trans fats in restaurant cooking, a move that would radically transform the way food is prepared in thousands of restaurants, from McDonald’s to fashionable bistros to Chinese take-outs.

Some experts said the measure, which is widely opposed by the restaurant industry, would be a model for other cities. Chicago is considering a similar prohibition that would affect restaurants with more than $20 million in annual sales. (link)
Yes. Some experts would say that. Others wonder if the city (run exclusively by Democrats) has too many employees with excess time on their hands.

Then other experts wonder why the Board of Health is focused on the method used for cooking a donut at the same time that rats and filth in restaurants around town are causing E. coli outbreaks and hospitalizing large numbers of the citizenry.

This expert understands that it's easier to exterminate McDonald's than vermin.

Any Wonder Why E. Coli Is Running Rampant?

Bacteria in food in restaurants have sent dozens of New Jersey and New York residents to area hospitals in recent days. Witnesses there have blamed the problem on the squalor they wade through in order to buy their lunch.

So what's the Board of Health in New York doing? Well, besides crusading against trans fats, a scourge that brings about the death of anyone who consumes quantities of cooked foods over a period of 60 to 80 years, the Board is working on this looming global problem:
No Change in Definition of Gender
By Damien Cave, The New York Times

New York City’s Board of Health unexpectedly withdrew a proposal yesterday that would have allowed people to alter the sex on their birth certificates without sex-change surgery.

The plan, if passed, would have put New York at the forefront of a movement to eliminate anatomical considerations when defining gender. It had been lauded by some mental health professionals and transgender advocates who said it would reduce discrimination against men and women who lived as members of the opposite sex. (link)
A movement is afoot to declare the penis a non-qualifier for defining the sex of a human being.

Somebody hand me a trans fat. I just want to end it all. In 60 to 80 years.

You Can See Why People Are Dropping Like Flies

As E. coli ravages the New York metropolitan area, sending dozens to area hospitals, the city Board of Health springs into action:
Calorie Shock at the Counter
New York Times editorial

New York City’s first-in-the-nation order to ban trans fats from all city restaurants has received wide attention. But the most important health dividends might well come from a less prominent measure that was also approved by the city’s Board of Health yesterday: a requirement that fast-food restaurants post the calories in their offerings in large type and in readily visible positions. The likely shock when patrons realize just how many calories they are imbibing with their oversized burgers and fries or richly sweetened coffees may provide just the right impetus to propel overweight customers toward a healthier diet. (
link) [my emphasis]
Restaurants in New York City are using a large font on their postings! Thank God a'mighty!

Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of rats roam free to drop fecal matter in the french fries and deadly bacteria grow in the chef's salad.

Remind me to vacation in the Big Apple someday soon.