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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On Censorship And The Blogging Community

There has been much discussion of late in the blogosphere about Waldo's decision to censor ... no, it goes beyond that, his decision to ban a fellow blogger from posting to his virginia political blogs aggregator. Apparently forever.

Although I was initially supportive of his decision, I wondered at the time where it would stop. I've also been troubled by comments he's made on other weblogs about the offender that he banned. It seems Waldo's decision was far more subjective than he'd like to admit.

So where's the line, Waldo? Does a weblog that posts a very offensive photoshopped image of a Republican member of Congress dressed in Nazi uniform warrant a permanent ban? If not, why not? Is there a right-wing threshold and a separate left-wing threshold?

The degree to which the aggregator-in-chief is "offended" as an ethical standard is a very unstable foundation upon which to foster the free expression of ideas. But such is your standard.

I don't envy you the problems you've now brought upon yourself.

Too bad too. It was a nice read.

We Got Us A New Trail!

Well, it looks like we have a new hiking trail here in Southwest Virginia. This makes 812. One for each tourist we see here annually.

The exciting news:

Southwest Va. hiking trail gets help from church group
By Rex Bowman, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

A new, 22-mile hiking trail connecting two lakes in Southwest Virginia could be ready for hikers and bikers by 2008 thanks to a church group's generosity.

The Brumley Cove Baptist Camp has conveyed an easement granting right of way to hikers along an 1,800-acre tract on rugged Clinch Mountain.

The trail is one of several under consideration or construction in Southwest Virginia as local communities increasingly attempt to use their mountain scenery to lure tourists. (link)
Even the Baptists, generally known to be sane and level-headed people, have gotten caught up in this silly business.

Time for a reality check:

First of all, there's not a biker in his right mind who is going to risk his life tackling Clinch Mountain.

And second, what exactly are you all expecting out of those five or six hikers (for the sake of argument, we'll call them "tourists") you're going to see walking your new trail? They are going to be very young and penniless, they'll have their sleeping quarters strapped to their backs, and they'll drink from streams and eat Snicker's bars. If you gain anything, it will be lice or some communicable disease that they're going to bring to your church campground.

Oh, I shouldn't forget, there is also the deposit they're going to leave in your flower beds.

If there is one demographic on the planet that will deliver absolutely nothing in the way of economic prosperity to a business or community, it is the young, white, male, unemployed college student who is hiking down your path for a few days who has the goal of spending no money on the journey.

The Brumley Cove Baptist Camp has joined the rest of Southwest Virginia. It has its very own hiking trail. And its members have lost their collective minds.

May God have mercy.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Former Senator John Edwards is your classic limousine liberal. He campaigns for the poor and downtrodden and even touches one of them occasionally in a show of solidarity - just before he gets back into his private jet (or limousine) and heads back to his palatial estate where he expects those same poor and downtrodden to have the goddam lawn manicured and the pool cleaned or he's going to send them back to Guadalajara!

The latest:

Estate of Denial
By Ian Bishop, The New York Post

December 27, 2006 -- Washington - White House hopeful John Edwards is playing to the poorest people in America to propel his presidential bid while living in the lap of luxury on a North Carolina estate that makes the famed Kennedy compound look like a seaside cottage.

The megarich Edwards, worth upwards of $30 million, is slated to use the very symbol of American blight as a political prop to announce his candidacy tomorrow: the Lower Ninth Ward of Hurricane Katrina-ravaged New Orleans.

It's a far cry from his new Shangri-La nestled amid soaring Carolina pines on a 100-acre estate outside of Chapel Hill.

"It's one thing to be a millionaire, but it's totally tone-deaf to be using Katrina victims while you're putting the finishing touches on your multimillion-dollar mansion," said one Democratic operative.

Edwards' posh estate is a work in progress, with a recently completed 10,700-square-foot main mansion as its centerpiece.

The $3.1 million ritzy pad sports 10 rooms, 61/2 baths, two garages, a huge country kitchen with hardwood floors, and sweeping verandas to soak in the view of the verdant pasture. (link)

I've said more than once, I'll believe these bleeding hearts, especially the slimy former trial attorneys in the crowd, really want to solve the problems we face with poverty when one of them signs over his or her fabulous worldly wealth to the poor. But none do. Ever. They fly in. Hug a bum. Shed a tear. Fly back out. Before they catch something.

Talk is cheap, pal.

Write that check, Johnny. Show us you mean it.

So That's What Cow Poop Looks Like?

The leaf and twig eaters at The New York Times make a pathetic argument this morning, trying feebly to convince us that meat is bad:
Meat and the Planet

When you think about the growth of human population over the last century or so, it is all too easy to imagine it merely as an increase in the number of humans. But as we multiply, so do all the things associated with us, including our livestock. At present, there are about 1.5 billion cattle and domestic buffalo and about 1.7 billion sheep and goats. With pigs and poultry, they form a critical part of our enormous biological footprint upon this planet.

Consider these numbers. Global livestock grazing and feed production use “30 percent of the land surface of the planet.” Livestock — which consume more food than they yield — also compete directly with humans for water.

But what is even more striking, and alarming, is that livestock are responsible for about 18 percent of the global warming effect, more than transportation’s contribution. The culprits are methane — the natural result of bovine digestion — and the nitrogen emitted by manure. (link)
This is abject idiocy.

1) Anyone having the slightest understanding of the cattle industry knows that the "30 percent of the land surface of the planet" used for grazing beef herds is generally either too rugged, too hilly, or too arid to support cash crops. In places like Iowa, where corn is king, hog farms take up only a tiny fraction of the valuable cropland.

2) The notion that 18% of "global warming effect" comes from cows farting is simply hilarious - and says a lot about the kind of people who will buy into any crazy theory ... like global warming.

3) The "nitrogen emitted by manure" is a highly sought-after nutrient for gardens and farmland. It's not a bad thing; it's just the opposite.

Someone needs to call these morons a taxi, pile them all in the back seat, drive them from their confines in downtown Manhattan to the nearest farm, introduce them to a cow, and educate them on what cattle eat, where they eat, and what they poop.

These people crack me up.

Speaking Of Those Consumed With Self-Importance

El Ingenioso Hidalgo de la Mancha, known to some as Senator Joe Biden, stated publically yesterday that he'll fight the Pentagon if the decision is made to increase troop strength in Iraq.

This isn't the first time he's gotten caught up in such antics. Biden, a (psychotic) senator from some tiny and insignificant northeast state, has been known to suffer from frequent bouts of delusions of grandeur. Assuming command of American land and sea forces is one of many manifestations ...

Biden Opposes a Troop Increase in Iraq, Foreshadowing a Fight With the Bush Administration
By Helene Cooper, The New York Times

Washington, Dec. 26 — Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, the incoming chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, on Tuesday rejected a troop increase for Iraq, foreshadowing what could be a contentious fight between the Bush administration and Congress.

Mr. Biden, a Democrat, announced that he would begin hearings on Iraq on Jan. 9 and expected high-ranking officials, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, to appear. (link)
Biden intends, in the mold of Don Quixote, to oversee the conduct of the war from his padded committee seat deep in the bowels of the Tower of Babble.

If the subject matter weren't so serious, he'd be laughable.


It all becomes clear. Biden is trying to capture the hearts of the Democratic Party's looney left (in lieu of brains) for a 2008 run. Ah, those delusions of grandeur.

A Good Man Swept Up In Bad Times

Former President Gerald Ford has died at age 93. Read the full story here.

President Bush has this epitaph that hits the mark:
“With his quiet integrity, common sense, and kind instincts, President Ford helped heal our land and restore public confidence in the presidency.

The American people will always admire Gerald Ford’s devotion to duty, his personal character, and the honorable conduct of his administration.”
I have no fond memories of the Ford years or of that tumultuous era in which he and Richard Nixon were caught up in the Watergate mess.

As Mr. Bush said, Gerald Ford had kind instincts. A genuinely good man.

Photo courtesy of The University of Texas at Austin.
Click on image to enlarge.

Lost In The Wilderness II

What does one do when confronted with a situation that requires action but it involves something that you know nothing about?

You hire an expert:

Hillary Hires Evangelical Consultant
NewsMax.com Staff

Hillary Clinton has hired an "evangelical consultant” to help woo Christian conservatives in her likely 2008 presidential campaign.

Clinton’s new hire is Burns Strider, an evangelical Christian who directs religious outreach for House Democrats and is the lead staffer for the Democrats’ Faith Working Group, headed by incoming Majority Whip James Clyburn of South Carolina. (link)

I wouldn't consider this a typically cynical move on her part if it weren't for the fact that she decided she needed help with Christian voters after she ran for re-election in New York.

Hillary needs an expert to teach her about Christianity.

For the love of God.