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Sunday, February 25, 2007


Make no mistake about it - he pledged to not raise our taxes. We took it as a promise. He now has the opportunity before him to honor that pledge. If he's an honorable man.

Any bets?

Kaine condemns plan for transportation and pledges to rewrite it
By Michael Hardy and Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

In a closing-day showdown, Virginia lawmakers yesterday approved an election-year fix for transportation that will hit a roadblock in the governor's office.

The road-and-rail plan, which Gov. Timothy M. Kaine vows to rewrite, relies on $2.5 billion in bonds and a $184 million-a-year raid (sic) on the general fund, which finances schools, police and programs for the poor (sic).

"That's too much," Kaine told reporters last night. The use of the funds to pay off the borrowing does "significantly more harm than good." (link)
It's showdown time. Having famously hidden while the titanic struggle was taking place in the legislature, Kaine must now reveal himself. And there are now only two options available to our seemingly chimeral governor:

1) Sign the compromise funding plan with its reliance on bonds and existing general funds (and an increase in taxes on automobile purchases).
2) Gut the plan, raise our taxes dramatically, and go down in history as having been just another lying, scheming Democrat politician.

Tim Kaine can now no longer hide from the electorate. We are about to find out just who he really is.

May God have mercy.