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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

This Is Your Editorial Staff On Drugs

If this makes any sense whatsoever, I need some of the drugs these guys have consumed great quantities of:
Macaca Treatment
Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial

An aide to Virginia's Jim Webb recently tried to enter a U.S. Senate building with a loaded pistol. Authorities charged him with the illegal possession of an unregistered firearm.

Webb called the aide's action an "oversight." We agree. Wits called the poor fellow half-cocked. Yesterday's scuttlebut said the gun belonged to Webb. The senator denied giving the weapon to his aide, and attributed the situation to a mixup involving cars.

The incident complemented Webb's born-fighting persona. Yesterday had moments resembling a macaca frenzy.

Cynics might consider the whole thing a ploy to shore up the Democratic senator's sagging standing in Virginia's rural regions. (link)
Born fighting persona? Macaca frenzy? The beaners in the boonies will be able to relate to Webb's stupidity?

Is there an intern running the Times-Dispatch editorial page today?