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Thursday, May 31, 2007

He's Right

Don't ever take the Troutville exit off of I-81 (north of Roanoke). Not unless you want to watch as your life slowly slips away as you crawl along in a snarl. It's a mess. With the several truckstops there, traffic is, on any given day, at a slow creep.

And a Botetourt County supervisor thinks he can fix it. I wish him luck:
County supervisor says his priority is handling I-81 exit
By Jay Conley, The Roanoke Times

Don Assaid will seek re-election as the Valley District representative on the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors.

Assaid, a Wachovia executive, is the first Republican in Botetourt County to announce his candidacy for one of three supervisors' seats in the November election.

He said Wednesday he will seek a second term in office and that his main concern is to find a solution for heavy traffic at Exit 150.

The Interstate 81 interchange in Daleville is one of the busiest in the Roanoke Valley, located next to U.S. 220 where it intersects U.S. 11. (link)
Nothing is said regarding a plan to fix the problem, but something must be done. Exit 146 doesn't realize the same kind of traffic volume, but that area is experiencing serious growth as well. North of there, exit 156 is a good bet. As is the Buchanan exit at mile marker 162.

The county supervisors, and Mr. Assaid, would do well to concentrate their efforts on steering expansion efforts to that area north of Troutville/Daleville. And leave the truckers to battle it out at the 150.