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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Great Time To Be Had By All

How many of you have Darfur on your list of vacation destinations this summer? The New York Times editorial page thinks it should be. But not so that you can become dinner for some Sudanese bandit, but because there are fuzzy little creatures there that haven't yet been slaughtered in the ongoing Darfur genocide that we should all want to go and see:
A Different Sudan

To many of us, Sudan means one thing — the ongoing disaster called Darfur. But scientists flying over Southern Sudan — the site of a separate civil war that finally ended in 2005 — have discovered vast numbers of migrating animals: herds of antelope and gazelle that may rival the scale of the great migration in Serengeti.

This discovery is important, first of all, because it records the unexpected well-being of such vast numbers of animals and of an ecosystem as a whole. But it is also important because it creates the possibility of ecotourism, and a source of employment and wealth to help balance the oil rush that is growing day by day there. (link)
Ecotourism. In a ravaged land beset by cutthroat marauders killing everyone in their path. Yeah. We'll be packing our bags. And strapping on the automatic weapons.

How many trees did the Times kill to print this idiocy?