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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Should Have Known

My eyes brightened when I read this headline in this morning's Washington Post:

Democrats Push Coal-to-Liquids Energy Plan

What it should have read is:
Democrats Push Silly & Monumentally Wasteful Environmentalist Plan

The headline, you see, came with details:
A group of Senate Democrats from coal-rich states is drafting an amendment to proposed energy legislation that would provide as much as $10 billion in federal loans to pay for capturing and storing greenhouse gases produced by plants that would turn coal into liquid transportation fuels or chemicals. (link)
That, friends, isn't a "coal-to-liquid energy plan." That's nothing more than Senator James Webb's goofy and deceitful contrivance to appease environmentalists (which doesn't have a prayer of appeasing them) that calls for the piping of power plant emissions into the ground, costing billions of dollars, so as to not send carbon dioxide (those nasty emissions) into the atmosphere where, heaven forbid, it might make our crops and forests healthier.

Think I'm making it up? Read about it on the man's web site.

There's no way a sane person could call carbon sequestration an energy plan. One might, with a certain amount of legitimacy, call it an absurd plan. Certainly an environmentalist's plan. But not an energy plan.