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Friday, January 19, 2007

A Plan We Can All Support ... Sorta

Virginia's transportation "crisis" is solvable. So says the Republican majority in the legislature:

GOP Drafts Broad Plan For Va. Transportation
Lawmakers Seek Huge Infusion of Cash
By Michael D. Shear, Washington Post Staff Writer

RICHMOND, Jan. 18 -- Senate and House Republicans proposed a multibillion-dollar transportation plan Thursday that would raise taxes and fees in Northern Virginia, impose stiff fines on bad drivers and launch a round of borrowing to build the state's most-needed road projects.

After weeks of negotiations, long-feuding GOP leaders, who control both chambers of the General Assembly, said they will also push for localities' authority to control sprawl and for changes aimed at making the state's transportation department more efficient. (link)

Except for a proposed increase in diesel fuel taxes and in certain fees (which must be sops intended to mollify the Democrats and Republican-In-Name-Only, Senator Chichester), the plan is good for Southwest Virginia. Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads are going to shoulder the burden of fixing problems that are exclusive to Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads and we won't see an increase in our tax burden here - once we eliminate those harmful increases on fuel.

All things considered, this is a great solution to a very real problem.

For that reason, expect the Democrats and the mainstream media who are hell bent on increasing our taxes to howl in opposition.

Jihad, American Style

Taking a page out of the Taliban play book ...
Maine City Bans Smoking in Cars With Children
By Pam Belluck The New York Times

Bangor, Me. — Tonya Henderson will have to be more careful where she lights up her Marlboros.

Bangor is banning smoking in cars if children are present, and Ms. Henderson, 24, is accustomed to having a cigarette when her boyfriend’s 7-year-old daughter is in the back seat.

She is just the kind of person City Council members had in mind when they passed the ordinance, which has delighted some and angered others and prompted complaints about ... (link)
That some Americans would be "delighted" that other Americans are being singled out for retribution speaks volumes about us.

And we wonder how it is that the Parisian paysans cheered when a fellow countryman's neck was severed by la guillotine during the r├Ęgne de terreur.

It's frightening.

News Flash! 20-Year Old News Is Still News!

This warning has been issued so many times in recent decades (and gone completely unheeded by our stalwart legislators in Washington), that it should be put to DVD, sent to Netflix, assigned to the Oldies But Goodies category, and made available for daily rental:
Fed Chief Warns That Entitlement Growth Could Harm Economy
By Steven R. Weisman, The New York Times

Washington, Jan. 18 — Warning against complacency over the federal deficit, Ben S. Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chairman, said Thursday that recent positive trends on the budget were a “calm before the storm,” masking a long-term danger posed by looming deficits in Social Security and Medicare.

“The longer we wait, the more severe, the more draconian, the more difficult the adjustment is going to be,” Mr. Bernanke said in response to a question at a Senate hearing about when lawmakers should tackle the growth of spending in the twin entitlement programs. “I think the right time to start is about 10 years ago.” (link)
Poor Ben. His admonition fell on ears that were attentive to more important matters, like resetting a minimum wage that will affect all of 0.6% of America (in a very minor way), and adjusting the interest on college student loans so that our institutions of higher learning can raise their already astronomical tuition costs even higher, and expanding the funding of embryonic stem cell research that was rendered completely unnecessary in recent weeks.

America is facing impending doom? Shush. We have more important things to think about. Like registering bloggers as political 527's and ...


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is celebrating this morning. She delivered on her promise:
House Wraps Up Legislative Marathon
By The Associated Press

Washington (AP) -- Democrats, still riding high from their election sweep, were also celebrating successes with House completion of their ''100 Hour'' legislative blitz and Senate passage of major ethics and lobbying reform.

House Democrats, eager to get going after 12 years in the minority, wrapped up their two-week, must-do agenda Thursday by voting to ...

... finished in the ''100 hour'' stretch, which took 87 hours in real legislative time, were bills to ... (link)
Okay, I'll admit I had trouble with finite math in college. And I had to really bear down in my two graduate level statistics courses. But someone is going to have to help me with those three sentences.

The Democrats took two weeks to meet their 100-hour deadline and are celebrating because they came well-within that 100-hour goal by completing their tasks in 87 hours that took two weeks.

Let's see: 24 hours in a day ... two weeks ... that's 24 X 14 ... that's 336 hours ... and they gave themselves 100 hours ... and achieved that target by getting it all done in 87 hours ... that required 336 hours.

This ... is ... so ... beyond ... my ... ken.

Democrats Encourage Energy Dependence

Well, they talked a mean game regarding our need to gain energy independence. Of course, that was in their effort to get elected. But now that they're in ...
House Votes to Rescind Oil Drillers’ Tax Breaks
By Edmund L. Andrews, The New York Times

Washington, Jan. 18 — House Democrats easily passed legislation on Thursday that would rescind $14 billion in tax breaks and subsidies for oil drillers and reserve the money to develop alternative energy projects and conservation technologies.

The measure passed 264 to 163, with many Republicans joining a bloc of Democrats. Passage came despite opposition from the oil industry and the Bush administration, which said the bill singled out the companies for higher taxes and could increase the country’s dependence on foreign oil. (link)
You're wondering what these people were thinking? Hatred reserved for the rich trumps sound energy policy every time.

So we sacrifice oil exploration. In return we hope to get more potent solar-powered pocket calculators.

The Democrats have taken charge ...

On Tree-Huggers And The Devastation They Wreak

For those of you environmentalists out there who think you are saving the planet by squeezing yourself into one of those atrocious little electric, and occasionally-electric cars, I regret to inform you that you are, in fact, destroying the environment, according to a report coming out of the UK:

The impact of eco-car batteries
Martin Delgado, Mail on Sunday

It has become the ultimate statement for those seeking to stress their commitment to the environment.

However, the green credentials of the Toyota Prius are seriously undermined by the disclosure that one of the car's essential components is produced at a factory that has created devastation likened to the arid environment of the moon.

So many plants and trees around the factory at Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, have died that astronauts from Nasa practised driving moon buggies on the outskirts of the city because it was considered the closest thing on earth to the rocky lunar landscape. (link)
So you environmentalists know, the recyclable battery in my Chevy Silverado (that would be the one with the ass-kickin' V-8 underneath the hood) lives in relative harmony with Mother Nature.

Shame on you for harming our planet.

* For a photo of the damage you've done, go here.