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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

To Laugh. To Cry.

You'll not hear me say bad things about employers who bring jobs to Southwest Virginia. Ever.

But you will hear me criticize sleazy politicians who attempt to gain favor from it and who make more of it than they should. And whose priorities are routinely bass-ackwards.

Take Congressman Rick Boucher for instance:
Call center brings jobs
By Christopher Brooke, Galax Gazette Staff Reporter

Officials announced Monday that 255 jobs will be created by a 24-hour customer service call center that will work for XM Satellite Radio in Galax.The new positions help stem the loss of 1,100 local jobs in 2006.

Speakers noted at the Monday announcement at the Crossroads Institute, the new home of Results Galax, that efforts to recruit the firm to the Twin Counties started in 2001, when Rep. Rick Boucher began developing a relationship with the satellite radio service.

Boucher first started talking with the satellite radio service in 2001, just as the company was beginning to experience rapid customer growth.

Those conversations continued during the next two years, as Boucher hosted XM officials in his district to highlight the communities and facilities, educational and workforce assets, and Virginia's positive business climate.

“Today's announcements marks another landmark success for my Showcasing Southwest Virginia program and for local officials in the three localities,” the congressman said. “It is further proof of the ability of this region to attract top-tier companies providing 21st Century jobs for the area's residents.

“Rick's program of Showcasing Southwest Virginia has stimulated the region's economy by bringing more than 4,500 jobs to the Ninth Congressional District,” the mayor [of Galax] said. (link)

Lost in this group hug are two facts, one of which surfaces at the end of this fawning article:
Results is publishing an advertisement this week that states: “Results Galax, a full service contact center company to be located at the Crossroads center in Galax, Va., is seeking talented individuals to fill 225 inbound customer service positions for our new contact center on behalf of our major satellite radio client.”The ad described Results as a mid-sized contact center with 20 years of experience in handling customer service and sales calls for major blue chip clients.

The ad said the jobs would pay $7 per hour during the three-week training period and go to $8 per hour afterwards.
The other fact is this: Those $7 an hour jobs (The House just passed a bill raising the minimum wage to $7.15, so these jobs are effectively starting one out at below-minimum wage) are replacing 1,100 excellent factory jobs that have been lost in Galax in recent years, where the average hourly wage was $14.50 and the employee benefits were excellent, a circumstance that our congressman didn't lift a finger to prevent, preferring instead to devote his every waking moment, if this article provides any indication, to wooing another call center company to the area instead.

Thanks go out to Results Galax and XM Satellite Radio for bringing much-needed employment to Southwest Virginia.

As for our political leadership ...

There'll Be No Compromise

Tens of thousands marched on Washington yesterday to protest our ongoing holocaust:

Abortion Foes to Renew Efforts
Activists Rally on Mall, Vow to Keep Pressure on Congress
By Michael Alison Chandler and Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post Staff Writers

Tens of thousands of abortion opponents marched through melting snow on the Mall yesterday and vowed to work harder -- since Democrats have taken control of the Capitol -- to overturn the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in 1973.

"Pro-lifers aren't going to pack up and go home because of the 2006 elections," said Karen Cross, political director of the National Right to Life Committee, at a news conference before the march. "Indeed, we will redouble our efforts and continue working until every unborn child is protected." (
In an effort to prove themselves to be either completely obtuse or too sneaky by half, the Democrats intend to change the subject:

Democratic leaders have said they prefer what they consider a less combative approach in preparing legislation on the abortion issue. Several bills are circulating that would change the focus of the abortion debate to pregnancy prevention, through such measures as improved access to contraception.

Democrats say their goal is to find a political compromise, an approach echoed yesterday by some abortion rights advocates.
Compromise. Their idea of a compromise is to protect the abortionists, allow the killing to continue unabated, and change the focus to birth control pills. They must think we're all idiots.

As Wanda Franz, president of the National Right to Life Committee, put it:

The pro-abortionists say you legally can kill an unborn child for any reason. We say the child should live. Where is the middle ground?"
There can be no middle ground. The most innocent - the most vulnerable - among us are being slaughtered, with the full force of our government sanctioning the travesty and protecting those who perpetrate the crimes.

411 children will be killed today. In the United States of America.


It's Hopeless

Verb: disparage
1. Express a negative opinion of

Media bias:
Noun: mēdēuh bias
1. A partiality on the part of two female Times-Dispatch reporters that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation

In today's TD:

Del. Hargrove's great-grandfather owned slave
By Olympia Meola and Pamela Stallsmith, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writers

Del. Frank D. Hargrove Sr., who recently disparaged blacks and Jews with comments about apologizing for slavery, had a great-grandfather who owned a slave. (
Get Over It
Colloquiallism: get ōver it
1. Move on
2. It's dead; you're not
3. Rodney King: 'Can't we all just get along?

4. How many apologies will suffice?
5. We can deal with important issues or we can screw around with bullshit like this for the remainder of our lives
6. We won. They lost. 141 years ago.
7. His great-grandfather?!

As much as I want this country to get beyond the race issue, the slave traders in our midst are just not going to allow it. They depend on it too much for their livelihood. And they have their way with a willing, eager, apologetic, and apparently not very gifted press. As indicated by these two affirmative action hirees at the Times-Dispatch.

For the love of God, people.

Quote Of The Day

From Liz Cheney, former principal deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs:
Sen. Hillary Clinton declared this weekend, " I'm in to win." Anyone who has watched her remarkable trajectory can have no doubt that she'll do whatever it takes to win the presidency. I wish she felt the same way about the war.
"Retreat Isn't an Option," The Washington Post, January 23, 2007

You're A Day Late, Fellas

It can be said that they at least understand what caused them to lose power. If only they'd paid attention months ago:
GOP pushes for stricter ethics reform
By S.A. Miller, The Washington Times

The debates on a House bill that would nix federal pensions for convicted lawmakers and a Senate measure to cut pork spending underscored how scandal-scarred Republicans are backing broader ethics reforms than the new Democratic majority is.

"We did have colleagues who violated the trust of the Congress and the public. We have to fix it," said Rep. Lee Terry, a Nebraska Republican whose pension-reform bill was sidelined by Democratic leaders in favor of a weaker bill. (link)
This is so pathetic. The Republicans have come to church to seek absolution. On Monday.

I Woke Up In A Cold Sweat Last Night ...

I dreamt that the White House had been taken over by the same two reprobates who, upon leaving the first time round, stole all the furniture, and defiled the Oval Office playing hide-the-cigar with a female employee, and denegrated our men and women in uniform, forcing them to serve canapés on the White House lawn to invited guests and political hacks, and spending all their time - our time - fighting charges of rape and sexual assault and lying under oath and...

Tell me it's only a nightmare.

And I'll awaken.

And it'll all be but a memory.

And they will have slithered back into the nether regions.

* Photo courtesy of The New york Post

My Senator. Ever The Democrat Toady.

May he reconsider his decision to run for reelection before we're forced to send him into ignominious retirement ...
Key Republican Senator Offers Bipartisan Call to Reject Bush Plan for More Troops in Iraq
By Jeff Zeleny and Carl Hulse, The New York Times

Washington, Jan. 22 — Senator John W. Warner of Virginia, one of Congress’s leading authorities on the military, presented a bipartisan proposal on Monday that soundly rejected President Bush’s plan to send more American troops to Baghdad and urged the administration to find a new course in Iraq.

“Mr. President,” Mr. Warner declared, “go back and look at all the options.”

On the eve of the State of the Union address, the proposal by Mr. Warner and two ... (link)
In time of war, with the Commander-in-Chief focused on the events playing out on the battlefield, a man like Warner should be covering his back. Not stabbing him in the back.

Such a disgrace. It's time we reminded John Warner whose side he's on. Then send him home.

We Were Right All Along

You know why I, and others like me, compete with the left in the arena of ideas? Because they eventually admit they're wrong, when pounded into submission. A good example of the white flag being raised appears in this morning's paper:

Death Knell May Be Near for Public Election Funds
By David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times

Washington, Jan. 22 — The public financing system for presidential campaigns, a post-Watergate initiative hailed for decades as the best way to rid politics of the corrupting influence of money, may have quietly died over the weekend.

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York became the first candidate since the program began in 1976 to forgo public financing for both the primary and the general election because of the spending limits that come with the federal money. By declaring her confidence that she could raise far more than the roughly $150 million the system would provide for the 2008 presidential primaries and general election ... (link)

The program was indeed hailed at the time it was launched. By those who believe unwaveringly in government regulation. To the rest of us, it was viewed as just another boneheaded, pie-in-the-sky attempt to keep money out of politics. A hopeless endeavor. As we all now see.

Finally, after 30 years, they admit their mistake.

Now, back to that whole man-made global warming nonsense ...