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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Giving Aid To The Enemy

At what point does this become treasonous?
To Deliver Their Remarks, Democrats Opt to Put a Fresh Face Front and Center
By Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

Washington, Jan. 23 — When President Bush concluded his State of the Union address, Democrats did not turn to the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, or to the Senate majority leader, Harry, to deliver their response. They chose a different face for the party: a former Republican, an ex-marine and a secretary of the Navy in the Reagan administration.

That Democrat, Senator Jim Webb of Virginia ... invoked his own biography, and his family’s three generations of military
service, as he declared that today’s soldiers could no longer trust the judgment
of their commander in chief.

“The majority of the nation no longer supports the way this war is
being fought, nor do the majority of our military, nor does a majority of our
Congress,” Mr. Webb said. “We need a new direction.” (link)

"We need a new direction." Slandering the Commander-in-Chief and inciting the troops in the field is hardly new for this despicable worm. And waiting for him to espouse any kind of new direction beyond surrender is useless.

What an embarrassment.