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Friday, January 26, 2007

Uh Oh

Those of you who live in the outside world won't relate to this breaking news. We who live here on the frontier, however, have a special appreciation for it:

Wal-Mart fabric, craft department faces uncertain future
By Wayne Quesenberry, Staff, Bland County Messenger

The potential closing of the fabric and craft department at the Wytheville Wal-Mart Supercenter has local customers in a bind. Word that the company is phasing out this merchandise has been making the rounds for several weeks.

Management at the Wytheville store declined comment and directed inquiries to the retail giant's media relations division in Bentonville, Ark. Media spokeswoman Marisa Bluestone issued a press release late Friday afternoon that neither confirmed nor denied the closing. (link)
This a black day in Southwest Virginia.

Finally, After All these Years ...

Jimmy Carter has finally acknowledged his stupidity. Three decades after singlehandedly bringing the country we hold dear to the brink of collapse:

Carter apologizes for 'stupid' book passage
By Eric Pfeiffer, The Washington Times

Jimmy Carter has apologized for what he called a "stupid" passage in his book that critics say is a de facto endorsement of Palestinian violence against Israelis.

The former president had spent most of the past two months defending his new book, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," after 15 board members at his Atlanta-based Carter Center resigned in protest of the book's content.

The questionable passage, which appears on Page 213 of the book, reads: "It is imperative that the general Arab community and all significant Palestinian groups make it clear that they will end the suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism when international laws and the ultimate goals of the Roadmap for Peace are accepted by Israel."

"I apologize to you personally and to everyone here ..." (link)
We'll take your apology into consideration, old man. But you have much more than a (revealing) passage in a book for which to be ashamed. Much more. So much more. So very much more.

How Little They Know About Us

Pigs will sprout wings before this happens:
Hagel Ponders White House Run As War Criticism Raises His Profile
By Shailagh Murray, Washington Post Staff Writer

His Republican colleagues regard him warily. The White House barely speaks to him. He is reviled by his party's conservative base.

Looks as though Sen. Chuck Hagel is on a roll.

Hagel's sharp criticism of the war has placed him squarely in the mainstream of public opinion on Iraq and revived long-dormant speculation about his presidential ambitions. (link)
Only a liberal east-coast reporter shielded from real Republicans could write something as silly and boneheaded as this.

Chuck Hagel, who yesterday joined his Democratic colleagues in trashing our president (the only Republican on his committee to do so), is a legitimate contender for the Republican nomination for president.


Say It Ain't So

What makes the Democratic presidential primary so enjoyable every four years is watching all the fruits, nuts, and windbags - oh, and those much-decorated 120-day Vietnam heroes - "lay down their thang." It appears, though, that one of the most colorful of a very colorful lot may opt out. If so, we will be the worst for it:
Sharpton: Step up or I'll run in '08
By Brian DeBose, The Washington Times

The Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday threatened to again seek the Democratic presidential nomination unless current contenders, including four senators he visited on Capitol Hill, commit to focusing attention on civil rights issues.

Mr. Sharpton, a New York-based activist and perennial candidate for various posts, said strong attention must be placed on affordable housing, access to wealth, retirement security, health care and education. (
I especially savor that "access to wealth" demand. Sharpton has over the years gained a reputation for being the consummate shakedown artist. Now he makes no bones about it. He wants wealth. Or else.

Anyway, let's hope the senators, in the end, disappoint the Rev and he decides to run again in '08. We could all use a good laugh about then. And Hillary's legendary raging hormones are only going to get us so far.

They Never Met A Felon They Didn't Like

The Democratic leadership in Washington is making a determined stand on the illegal immigration issue. It is going to do everything in its power to encourage the practice. And, at the same time, to send the message that it's okay to break our laws and poke fingers in the eyes of law enforcement:
Alien hiring fine fails on Hill
By Charles Hurt, The Washington Times

Senate Democrats quashed a proposal yesterday that would have dramatically increased civil fines on employers who hire illegal aliens.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican, offered the amendment to the bill now being debated that would increase the federal minimum wage.

Ridding the economy of illegal aliens, he argued, would do far more to help low-income wage earners than simply raising the minimum wage. Not only do aliens displace U.S. citizens in the work force, he said, they also artificially suppress wages.

But Democratic leaders refused to let Mr. Sessions' alien amendment reach the Senate floor yesterday ... (link)
So much for all that talk about helping America's poor and downtrodden.

Hey. How 'Bout You Focus On Educating.

The racists who control our college campuses will just not relinquish control:
Colleges Regroup After Voters Ban Race Preferences
By Tamar Lewin, The New York Times

With Michigan’s new ban on affirmative action going into effect, and similar ballot initiatives looming in other states, many public universities are scrambling to find race-blind ways to attract more blacks and Hispanics.

At Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, a new admissions policy, without mentioning race, allows officials to consider factors like living on an Indian reservation or in mostly black Detroit, or overcoming discrimination or prejudice.

Others are using many different approaches, like working with mostly minority ... (link)
There are colleges here in the USA that pride themselves on their inclusivity.

There are many other colleges that focus with resolute determination on providing their charges a comprehensive and intensive education. Skin hue be damned.

The first turn out great night shift managers at McDonald's. The second, tomorrow's leaders.

Tough choice.

Amid the Chaos And Dread ...

A U.S. Marine squad was patrolling north of Fallujah when they came upon an Iraqi terrorist, badly injured and unconscious.

On the opposite side of the road was an American Marine in a similar but less serious state.

The Marine was conscious and alert and, as first aid was given to both men, the squad leader asked the injured Marine what had happened.

The Marine reported, "I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway here, and coming south was a heavily armed insurgent. We saw each other and we both took cover in the ditches along the road. "I yelled to him that Saddam Hussein is a miserable, lowlife scum bag."

"He yelled back that Ted Kennedy is a good-for-nothing, fat, left wing liberal drunk."

"So I said that Osama Bin Ladin dresses and acts like a mean-spirited lesbian!"

"He retaliated by yelling, Oh yeah? Well, so does Hillary Clinton!"

"And, there we were, in the middle of the road, shaking hands, when a truck hit us."

Author unknown.

We Need To Go Where We're Least Needed

I meant to touch on one of the few points Jim Webb made in his Disaster-of-the Union address the other night, the one that followed President Bush's generally well-received State-of-the-Union speech, that didn't have to do with our retreating from the war on terror and abandoning our allies in Iraq to the terrorists. It had to do with Katrina and New Orleans.

Webb voiced the now-tiring complaint that not enough is being done to rebuild the Crescent City since the hurricane virtually destroyed it:

Democratic Va. Sen. Webb: rebuilding N.O. 'national priority'

NEW ORLEANS -- Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, set to deliver the Democrats' rebuttal to Tuesday's State of the Union address, said rebuilding New Orleans is "a point of national priority," and he suggested money already spent in Iraq might have been better spent bringing the city back from Hurricane Katrina.

"If we're putting all this money into Iraq and ignoring New Orleans, then we're doing something wrong," he told reporters during a teleconference.

Webb recently questioned continued spending of federal money in Iraq while New Orleans has languished in the nearly 17 months since the storm. (link)
Being the coward all these guys are proving to be though, Webb's call for change amounted to nothing more than a bitch:

But Webb, a freshman senator, stopped short of calling for money earmarked for Iraq to be diverted to New Orleans ...
It's worth noting, beyond the fact that Jim Webb and his pals don't really give a squirt about the poor people of New Orleans, and the fact that some $23,000,000,000 have been spent on its recovery, this: most of the inhabitants - make that former inhabitants - have decided it's not worth rebuilding. They have moved on, never to return:

New Orleans of Future May Stay Half Its Old Size
By Adam Nossiter, The New York Times

New Orleans, Jan. 20 — The empty streets, deserted avenues and abandoned houses prompt a gnawing question, nearly 17 months after Hurricane Katrina: Is this what New Orleans has come to — a city half its old size?

... economists and demographers are beginning to wonder whether New Orleans will top out at about half its prestorm population of about 444,000, already in a steep decline from its peak of 627,525 in the 1960 Census. At the moment, the population is well below half, and future gains are likely to be small. (link)

So Jim Webb is pursuing a policy that will serve to rebuild ... what? Provide for ... whom?

There is a powerful and instructive lesson being shouted out here. While Webb and his Democratic cohorts want us to abandon a people who are struggling mightily to rebuild their cities, their schools, their hospitals, their entire way of life, a civilization that forges on amid bomb blasts and terrorist attacks, and the slaughter of thousands of its inhabitants, with a capital city that will survive and grow, he calls for our commitment to rebuilding a ghost town that nobody wants to return to.

What is he thinking?

What were you thinking?