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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ah, To Fly Without Wings ...

“An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young.” Oscar Wilde

We Have Us An Apology!

Let the churchbells ring! Shout the news from every street corner! Let the word go forth to all corners of the Earth! We got us an apology! Finally, after all these years!* Let the tears flow freely! Rejoice! Thank God a'mighty!

House panel approves slavery resolution
The new wording expresses regret for slavery and strongly denounces other forms of
By Michael Sluss, The Roanoke Times

Richmond -- A House of Delegates committee defused tension over a proposed state apology for slavery Wednesday, passing a substitute resolution expressing "profound regret" for Virginia's role in sanctioning slavery and other forms of discrimination.

The revised proposal, House Joint Resolution 728, gained unanimous support from the House Rules Committee. And it satisfied House and Senate sponsors of resolutions calling for the General Assembly to atone for slavery and appeal for racial reconciliation. (
Hallelujah! Let this be a day of jubilation!


Sorry. I got so caught up in the excitement, I've forgotten. What is it exactly that we did and to whom did we do it?

I guess, in the end, it doesn't really matter. Bill Clinton taught us** that there is a whole host of things for which we should be apologetic.***

So, apologize away! I'm feelin' the love!

* Okay, so it's only been nine years.
** Including Apology For Slavery Round 1
*** Except for rape, perjury, adultery, molestation, harrassment, fraud, corruption ...

An Explanation

I've tried to understand what it is that drives this silly movement that all of Virginia is seemingly caught up in these days to apologize for actions we cannot truly comprehend committed by people we never met against others we'll never know.

The following, I think, comes as close to a plausible explanation - for that which propels the discussion on both sides - as any I've read:
It strikes us that the biggest disparity between black and white Americans may be precisely that racial identity is so important for many blacks and so unimportant for almost all whites. (link)
Speaking as one who stands on the "white" side of the debate, one who could probably go the rest of his life without thinking about the color of his skin and the implications that might be derived therefrom, one who thinks it to be a complete waste of time to deliberate on such mindless matters as empty apologies coming from politicians (for God's sake) - apologies that nobody alive today is worthy of accepting - one who doesn't give a damn if the same worthless apology were made at sunrise every day for the rest of his freaking life, one of the few Americans alive today who believes that a person should be judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin, that quote makes perfect sense.

So apologize already. I'm going to work.

Hello? Anyone Home?

While John Warner hobnobs with his new-found friends on the anti-American left, a Republican pollster sends him - and us - a warning:

The Pollster in Exile
Frank Luntz Runs Into a Wall of GOP Denial
By Robert D. Novak, writing in The Washington Post

Pollster Frank Luntz for the past decade has issued warnings to his fellow Republicans that they did not want to hear, but never has he been so out of touch with them as he is today. "The Republican message machine is a skeleton of its former self," Luntz told me. "These people have no idea how the American people react to them."

Luntz sees a disconnect between Republicans and voters that projects a grim future for the party. That contradicts what House and Senate Republicans are saying to each other in closed party conferences. While Luntz views 2006 election defeats as ominous portents, the party's congressional leaders see only transitory setbacks and now dwell on bashing Democrats. (link)
Somehow Republicans have decided that they need to act more like Democrats. In doing so, they can expect to receive a smattering of Democrat votes on election day. As for those who anchor their party, their conservative base, NONE OF THE ABOVE continues to look a whole lot more attractive.

Will Wonders Never Cease

Of course, wishing doesn't make it so:
USDA Outlines a Plan To Cut Farm Subsidies
Proposal Would Close Many Loopholes
By Dan Morgan and Gilbert M. Gaul, Washington Post Staff Writers

The Bush administration yesterday proposed ending farm subsidies for an estimated 80,000 wealthy individuals as part of a broad plan that would close loopholes and cut traditional farm programs by $4.5 billion over the next 10 years.

The proposal unveiled by Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns was the administration's opening move in what will be a lengthy tug of war with Congress over a new multi-year farm bill. (link)
Let's see if the Republicans have any fight in them any more. A fight for what's right.

What Would Jesus Say?

Actually it wouldn't hurt for someone to reintroduce Him to this bunch. They lost track of Him long ago:
Episcopal diocese sues breakaways for property
By Natasha Altamirano, The Washington Times

The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia has filed lawsuits seeking to retain the property of 11 churches whose congregations voted to leave the denomination and prohibit those congregations from using the property, the diocese announced yesterday.

The suits were filed in the circuit courts of the churches' respective counties, which include Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Northumberland and Prince William, diocesan Secretary Patrick Getlein said. (link)
All this because the Episcopal hierarchy wanted the church to be more inclusive, and ordained a homosexual alcoholic bishop to force the issue.

May God have mercy.

Getting Down & Dirty

When you have crushed your foe, you should be gracious in victory. Or continue beating him into a bloody pulp, as Fox News is doing to CNN:
'Paris' Tease Flummoxes CNN
Richard Johnson, The New York Post

February 1, 2007 -- Ratings-challenged CNN is flipping out over a taunting Fox News Channel ad that cattily compares the also-ran cable network's dapper newsman Anderson Cooper to Paris Hilton.

In a big spread in Television Week magazine, Fox, which regularly trounces CNN in viewership, has a shot of Cooper from behind posing for a team of paparazzi who are frantically snapping his picture. "Meet the Paris Hilton of Television News," the ad crows. It then accuses the silver-maned talking head of being a "media darling" who's the product of "endless hype," but is really all "style over substance."

The ad also claims CNN has shelled out "tens of millions of dollars in advertising" to put Cooper on the map, "and he still gets beaten every night by 'On the Record With Greta Van Susteren' - the No. 1 show at 10 p.m." (link)
I will say this: Anderson Cooper is the most eye-glazingly boring news anchor on television today (followed by Wolf Blitzer in a close second), but he's prettier than Greta Van Susteren. At least he has that going for him.

Apologies to Greta.

Getting To The Nut

What's all this blather concerning Kyoto and global warming and the end of the planet really all about? A new world order. Centered around global taxation. And a planetary socialist governing body. Because we choose to not participate, we're now being threatened:

France Tells U.S. to Sign Climate Pacts or Face Tax
By Katrin Bennhold, The New York Times

Paris, Jan. 31 — President Jacques Chirac has demanded that the United States sign both the Kyoto climate protocol and a future agreement that will take effect when the Kyoto accord runs out in 2012.

... he warned that if the United States did not sign the agreements, a carbon tax across Europe on imports from nations that have not signed the Kyoto treaty could be imposed to try to force compliance. The European Union is the largest export market for American goods.

“A carbon tax is inevitable,” Mr. Chirac said. “If it is European, and I believe it will be European, then it will all the same have a certain influence because it means that all the countries that do not accept the minimum obligations will be obliged to pay.” (link)

It all becomes clear. It's never been about the planet's warming one degree centigrade. It's been about control.

For not joining, we are being threatened by the French. The same bunch that cowers in fear of global terrorism sends a not-even-subtle warning to the United States of America.

I'd be enraged if I didn't remember who it is we're up against.

Excuse-Moi, Monsieur Terroriste

While he talks tough about imposing taxes on the American people, Jacques Chirac runs in fear of the Iranian ayatollahs:

French Leader Says Nuclear Iran Not Big Danger, Then Retracts
Associated Press

French President Jacques Chirac said in an interview with three newspapers that Iran's possession of a nuclear bomb wouldn't be "very dangerous" and that if it used the weapon on Israel, Tehran would be immediately "razed."

Chirac -- who made the comments during a Monday interview with The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune and Le Nouvel Observateur, a weekly magazine -- called reporters back the next day to try to have his quotes retracted.

"I should rather have paid attention to what I was saying and understood that perhaps I was on the record," Chirac said ..." (link)

... while clutching his teddy bear to his chest, hiding in the deep recesses of his bedroom closet, crying, "Je suis désolé ... Je suis désolé ..."

And this sniveling coward thinks he can intimidate the United States of America.

Let It Be Duly Noted

Joe Biden is a Democrat.

My Senator. Cindy Sheehan's Poster Boy.

Senator John Warner is now a big hit with the far left in this country. Now that he's thrown our President over the side and has decided he knows better how to fight the war on terror than do the generals in the field.

A sloppy kiss from the New York Times:
In Fighting Troop Increase, Senator Finds Few Old Allies
By Carl Hulse, The New York Times

Washington, Jan. 31 — Senator John W. Warner, a lawmaker often admired for his demeanor and experience, has long wielded influence on military policy given his own years at the Pentagon and his tenure as the Republican chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

So when the Virginian, a senator from central casting who turns 80 next month, offered a bipartisan resolution opposing President Bush’s troop buildup in Iraq in more muted terms than one broadly backed by Democrats, people took notice. He appeared to have provided a center of gravity for lawmakers anxious about the war yet unwilling to challenge the White House too harshly. (link)
Warner "provided a center of gravity." A pronouncement from a far-left-wing rag. Speaks volumes.

More reasonable viewers would say he's now locked in an embrace with the angry anti-war left.

I'd offer up my vow to never vote for the back-stabbing weasel again, but I did that long ago.

To the movers and shakers in the Virginia GOP: You want to keep your running record of campaign failures alive? Back Warner and watch thousands of loyal conservatives here in the commonwealth back out of the race, as I have already resolved to do.

A warning.

Such The Comedian

Having brought ruin to one endeavor, Al Franken, the comedian, has decided to bring his unique expertise to another. He's running for the Senate:
Official: Al Franken to Make Senate Run in Minnesota
Associated Press

Comedian Al Franken has decided to run for U.S. Senate in Minnesota in 2008, a senior Democratic official from Minnesota said Wednesday.

Franken told the official, who did not want to be identified because Franken has not made an announcement, that he had decided to run in a recent conversation. (link)
I'd consider this to be a joke if a portion of the Minnesota electorate hadn't just (lost their minds and ...) sent a Louis Farrakhan groupie to Congress. So anything is possible.

Even a joke like Al Franken.

Take Heart

As each day goes by, there are more of us being born. And more of them dying off.