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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Meanwhile, Here In The Great Frozen South ...

Can we talk about that whole global warming thing?

Memo To Roanoke Times Editorial Editor


Let it be your standing rule: If one of your staff comes to you with a well-reasoned column relating to something that came up in the news of the day, and in making an argument pro or con, invokes Russ Potts' name as an authority figure, slap him down. In fact, fire him. No, slap him down and then fire him. And slap him again on the way out the door.

From an editorial this morning:

Ultimatum wasn't a compromise
A new Senate transportation proposal is a far better solution. But if it doesn't pass, there's always the November election.

Thursday's demise of the "compromise" transportation bill in the Virginia Senate Finance Committee should not be [... blah, blah, blah]

The members of the committee who voted to substitute Winchester Republican Sen. Russell Potts' more responsible approach to ... (link)
Dan, your readers have just now burst into side-splitting laughter. Russ Potts' name and the words, "more responsible approach" used in the same sentence. Say you didn't let that slip through.

There is not a Virginian alive today that doesn't know Russell Potts (so he's decided to be a Republican again?) to be a complete goof. A complete two-faced, untrustworthy goof.

So police your people, Dan. Or you'll soon be viewed as the Russ Potts of newspaper editorials ...

You've been warned.

It's Punishment All Right

Here's something I'll not care about to my dying day:
The cherry has healthy following in S.W. Va.
By Christina Rogers, the Roanoke Times

The cherry industry's new push to reposition the image of its fruit has a ready and established market among health food stores in Southwest Virginia, where merchants have long stocked it in various forms from concentrate to capsules.

"It's sort of a natural-foods staple," said Bruce Phlegar, a general manager ... (link)
Is this a form of punishment? Was Christina, having been late to work three times in recent weeks, ordered to go to her tiny little desk and write a 355-word story on the remarkable, ever-evolving image of the cherry?

Or was this some kind of homework assignment? Editor to probationary reporter-in-training Christina: "Write me a 355-word story about cherries and make it interesting. I want our readers to be on the edge of their seats. I want passion! I want joy! I want heat!"

So we get "The cherry industry's new push to reposition the image of its fruit has a ..."

You go, girl.

Nobody Asked For My Vote

Just because the Roanoke Times says it's so doesn't make it so:

Not if it's the last one I stayed at. Three years ago.

The Age In Which We Live

Somehow, these two headlines (in the Washington Post this morning) just seem to go together these days:

DNC Turns Focus to White House

and ...

Bush Reaches Out to Dems

Somebody shoot me.

Hillary Tries To Pull A Slick Willy

It can be said that she was for the war before she was against it. Or was she?
I'll End War
By Ian Bishop, New York Post Correspondent

February 3, 2007 -- Washington - Pumping her fists and shouting to the rooftops, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton vowed yesterday to bring an immediate end to the war in Iraq if she's elected president.

"If I had been president in October of 2002, I would not have started this war," she said. (link)
Well, actually, lady, you did help start the war. Your vote is a matter of public record. As is your explanation for it. As is your argument long afterward that your vote to start the war was the right one. That is, before public opinion turned and your explanation changed. As did your stance on your vote.

Hillary Clinton said, just days ago, with regard to her Iraq War vote, that there are no "do-overs in life." It's obvious that she no longer holds to that belief either.

A Related Thought

Quick. Check the polls!
Hillary's Iraq Poll-icy
New York Post editorial

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton left no room for doubt yesterday: "If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will," she told the winter meeting of the Democratic National Committee.

Welcome to the latest chapter of the longest-running work in progress Washington has ever seen: Sen. Clinton's ever-morphing, "quick, check the polls" position on the Iraq war. (link)
Our soon-to-be commander-in-chief ...

So Which Is It?

Noun: incompatibility incum·pati·bili·ty
1. The relation between propositions that cannot both be true at the same time
2. The quality of being unable to exist or work in congenial combination

Somehow these two sentences seem incompatible:
Making a Good System Better
New York Times editorial

New York’s campaign finance system has been a model for cities seeking ways to insulate politicians from special interest money while shoring up public confidence in the political system. But this enviable system is hardly free of loopholes, and gaming it has become commonplace. (
Either New York's campaign finance system is enviable because of its many loopholes that allow New York's politicians to "game" it (take advantage of it), or it's not the envious model that someone at the Times wishes it to be since it has so many loopholes that have made gaming it commonplace.

It can't be both.

So Shut Up

Adjective: unequivocal un'i-kwiv'u-kl
1. Admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion
2. Clearly defined or formulated

Well. Here's a good way to close down debate. Deny the existence of that body of evidence that weakens yours:

Science Panel Calls Global Warming ‘Unequivocal’
By Elisabeth Rosenthal and Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times

Paris, Feb. 2 — In a grim and powerful assessment of the future of the planet, the leading international network of climate scientists has concluded for the first time that global warming is “unequivocal” and that human activity is the main driver, “very likely” causing most of the rise in temperatures since 1950.

They said the world was in for centuries of climbing temperatures, rising seas and shifting weather patterns — unavoidable results of the buildup of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. (link)
In fact, if you remove all the anecdotal evidence (it's unseasonably cold - 8 degrees fahrenheit - in Bland, Virginia, latitude 37.101N., longitude 81.116W., at 5:41 am, February 3, 2007, a fact that leads one to conclude what?), there are few facts to support the contention that the planet's warming is caused by human activity, and even those are in dispute.

Most of the "evidence" is to be found in computer models, which can be devised to support any argument one might want to make. And, in the case of global warming, they actually have supported every argument pro and con over the years made by "scientists," some of whom now find themselves arguing with ... themselves.

Unequivocal? Only to those "scientists" who want it to be so.

Noun: science scī'uns
1. Knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, especially as obtained and tested through scientific method.

On Our Counterfeit Sorrow

Adjective: profound prō-found'
1. Showing intellectual penetration or emotional depths; from the depths of your being
2. Of the greatest intensity; complete
3. Far-reaching and thoroughgoing in effect especially on the nature of something
4. Coming from deep within one

Does anyone in the commonwealth of Virginia feel, from the depths of your being, with the greatest and most complete intensity, this?
In Va. House, 'Profound Regret' on Slavery
Delegates Unanimously Pass Resolution of Contrition About State's Role
Tim Craig, Washington Post Staff

Richmond, Feb. 2 -- The House of Delegates unanimously approved a resolution Friday expressing "profound regret" for Virginia's role in the slave trade, a significant act of contrition by a body that used to start the day with a salute that symbolized the state's Confederate heritage. (link)
I'll go on record once again and make it clear that I don't give two squirts if you want to kneel facing Mecca and make your apologies for slavery every morning at dawn. With Norah Jones playing in the background. And a bottle of Maker's Mark in each hand. To make the solemn occasion(s) more meaningful. Even rapturous.

But profound? Regret? (sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment)

Please. This is about as insincere (lacking in reality or substance or genuineness) as is possible.

And for those of you who thought it would be a neat thing to do, what has changed on this the morning after?

I'll tell you: Squat. Except to make every state delegate who voted for this bit of disingenuousness look a whole lot like Bill Clinton - biting lip, tear-in-eye, stain-on-dress and all.

But you've had your way. And you probably feel good about it. Profoundly good.

Profoundly swell.