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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Quotes Of The Day

From James Taranto comes this look into lessons learned, and not:

Who Wants Another Vietnam?

● "Last year, some believed that cutting back our military assistance to the South Vietnamese Government would induce negotiations for a political settlement. Instead, the opposite has happened. North Vietnam is refusing negotiations and is increasing its military pressure." --
Gerald Ford, "Special Message to the Congress Requesting Supplemental Assistance for the Republic of Vietnam and Cambodia," Jan. 28, 1975

● "I want to make it very clear that we need to threaten the Iraqi government, that we're going to take money away from their troops, not our troops who still lack body armor and armored vehicles; that we're going to send a clear message--that we are finished with their empty promises and with this president's blank check." --
Hillary Clinton, speech to the Democratic National Committee, Feb. 2, 2007

Best of the Web Today, February 6, 2007

Loud And Clear

I have an employee who told me a month ago that he, as a William & Mary graduate, had joined this effort:

Alumni urge reversal on cross
By Natasha Altamirano, The Washington Times

College of William & Mary alumni are sending a simple message to the school's governing body: No cross, no cash.

They are encouraging the Board of Visitors (BOV), which meets tomorrow and Friday, to overrule college President Gene Nichol's October decision to remove a cross from the 313-year-old public college's Wren Chapel.

The alumni who are seeking to withhold contributions make up a small percentage of the college's donors. In fiscal 2006, nearly 16,000 donors gave $4.77 million to the college's Fund for William & Mary. Nearly 10,700 of those were alumni, according to the school's Web site.

As of yesterday, at least 18 alumni have said they will not donate to the school. (link)

There are a whole lot more than 18 alumni withholding donations if the person with whom I had dinner is to be believed. He told me there was a widespread movement, that went along with near-universal revulsion at the college president's arbitrary actions, to reverse the decision.

In any case, the pressure is on.

The Left Learns What's Right

30 years of unrelenting violence and tens of thousands of murders in the streets will make even the most obtuse liberal come around to doing what's right:

Barry aims for gun-ban hiatus
By Gary Emerling, The Washington Times

D.C. Council member Marion Barry yesterday introduced legislation that would suspend the District's 30-year ban on handguns, providing gun owners a 90-day period to register weapons they would then be allowed to legally own.

"We are in the midst of a gun-violence epidemic," said Mr. Barry, Ward 8 Democrat. "We need to see gun violence as an emergency in the District of Columbia."

Mr. Barry's bill, which only applies to pistols, would allow D.C. residents with no criminal record to register guns for 90 days from the law's enactment. After the 90-day period, current gun restrictions would be reinstated. (link)
It's about time the citizens of the murder capital (and gun control capital) of the world were able to shoot back.

Here's to Marion Barry for finally seeing the light.

The Democrats Now Support The War!

That's the way I read this New York Post headline anyway:

It's about time. Here I thought they were anti-American scum.

Why The Global Warming Group Hug Won't Work

Guess where the largest Initial Public Offering (IPO) in history took place recently.

I'll give you two hints. It didn't occur on Wall Street. And it involved the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China. So what, you ask?

So global warming; that's what.

Even if President Bush (or the alien who has been occupying his body since the November elections) caves on the We All Need To Breathe Less So As To Emit Less CO2 issue, and he starts putting the brakes on growth and prosperity here in the USA by restricting industrial carbon emissions, there is another country, one experiencing extraordinary economic growth, that is not going to go along with the madness.

That's right. China.

What is rapidly becoming the largest polluter on the planet is rejecting any attempt at stifling its jaw-dropping growth; pollution be damned:

China Says Rich Countries Should Take Lead on Global Warming
By Jim Yardley, The New York Times

Beijing, Feb. 6 — China said Tuesday that wealthier countries must take the lead in curbing greenhouse gas emissions and refused to say whether it would agree to any mandatory emissions limits that might hamper its booming economy.

Jiang Yu, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry, said China was willing to contribute to an international effort to combat global warming but placed the primary responsibility on richer, developed nations that have been polluting for much longer. (
This is particularly rich for two reasons. First, one has gotta love that "You've been polluting longer so you have to pay up first" line, and second, China, though not rich by western standards, is on its way to being just that. And the Chinese leadership, knowing that it has a good thing going, is not going to get caught up in the fool's game one might refer to as the We're All Going To Die! We Need To Revert To Our Stone Age Way Of Life! plan.

They play a different game. One we once mastered. They plan to continue kicking your ass in the marketplace.

They will leave you to change out all your incandescent lightbulbs, thinking you're doing something for your fellow man, in order to save the planet. After all, those replacement bulbs too are Made in China.

The Chinese Will Rule The World

The Chinese, as you just read, are not going to don the straightjacket and join the madness.

We, on the other hand, it would appear, are:
On the Climate Change Beat, Doubt Gives Way to Certainty
By William K. Stevens, The New York Times

... it was said in the 1990s that while the available evidence of a serious human impact on the earth’s climate might be preponderant enough to meet the legal test for liability in a civil suit, it fell short of the more stringent “beyond a reasonable doubt” test of guilt in a criminal case.

Now it seems that the steadily strengthening body of evidence about the human connection with global warming is at least approaching the higher standard and may already have satisfied it.

The second element of the sea change, if such it is, consists of a demonstrably heightened awareness and concern among Americans about global warming. The awakening has been energized largely by dramatic reports on the melting Arctic and by fear — generated by the spectacular horror of Hurricane Katrina — that a warmer ocean is making hurricanes more intense. (link)
Sorry, folks. That's it. I can't take it any longer. I'm changing my name to Mao tse Fuhrman. From this day forward, consider me Chinese. You Americans have lost your collective minds and are doomed to your fate. We Chinese are going to kick your ass, white boy, while you fret over tadpoles in the swamps of Louisiana and polar bear mating habits in the Arctic tundra, and we will enjoy the opportunity. And the spectacle.

Look at that third paragraph. Didn't history (not even ancient history; we're talking 2006, for Christ's sake) disprove that Worsening Hurricanes Are Caused By Global Warming idiocy? Didn't 2006, if anything, prove just the opposite? And yet this doorknob cites it as evidence that we're all cooked? (insert another apology for delivery of a shameful play on words)

Get caught up in the scientifically weak and untested - untestable - theory of global warming if you choose. As for us Chinese, we've already got the air conditioner industry sewn up. Soon we'll have the ice cube market cornered as well. We'll let you know whether we're willing to accept your worthless American dollars as form of payment or whether we'll require that you pay us in yuan.

To take a line from a Jack Nicholson movie, "Go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here," by the time we're through with you American moonbats, crazy will be the only thing we Chinese won't be selling you.

Yours truly,
Mao tse Fuhrman.

From Apartheid To The Depths Of Hell

Much was written about the south African nation of Rhodesia before 1979, when it ceased to exist. Topics centered around two themes - (1) its egregious white minority rule (its apartheid system) and (2) its fabulous economy, agricultural surpluses, and higher than average living standard. Like the name, both are now gone forever:

As Inflation Soars, Zimbabwe Economy Plunges
By Michael Wines, The New York Times

Johannesburg, Feb. 6 — For close to seven years, Zimbabwe’s economy and quality of life have been in slow, uninterrupted decline. They are still declining this year, people there say, with one notable difference: the pace is no longer so slow.

Indeed, Zimbabwe’s economic descent has picked up so much speed that President Robert G. Mugabe, the nation’s leader for 27 years, is starting to lose support from parts of his own party.

In recent weeks, the national power authority has warned of a collapse of electrical service. A breakdown in water treatment ... (link)

We should all agree on this: Apartheid is bad. Certain alternatives are worse.