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Thursday, February 08, 2007

From The Sublime ...

Lots of money to burn + Lack of ideas to develop = This:
Site sings trail's praises
By Brian Funk, Galax Gazette Staff Reporter

Many people have played the game “Mad Libs” as a kid.

The Virginia Tourism Corporation has turned the game's concept into a new marketing campaign for the Crooked Road, Virginia's heritage music trail.

Tourism officials from Richmond congregated at the Rex Theater in Galax last Friday to announce the marketing campaign, called “Build-A-Lyric.”

At the new site, crookedroadvirginia.com, visitors can build a personalized bluegrass lyric to send to friends via e-mail or phone. (link)
Build-A-Lyric. Your tourism tax dollars at work.

For the love of God.

To Remove Is To Include

Noun: exclusion ik'skloozhun
1. A deliberate act of omission
2. The act of forcing out someone or something.

I'm reminded of a revealing quote from Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: "It is true that liberty is precious - so precious that it must be rationed."

From the Roanoke Times this morning:
The decision by the College of William and Mary's president to remove a cross from the college's historic Wren Chapel sent an appropriate message of inclusiveness to the campus community.
Exclusion. Inclusion. It's all the same.

Republicans Cave

How many times has that headline been written in recent years?

The politicians in Richmond have come to terms with the manner in which we are to deal with our transportation crisis. We're going to raise taxes. Again.

Transportation bill rolls out of House
The House bill was the product of several weeks of private negotiations.
By Michael Sluss and Mason Adams, The Roanoke Times

RICHMOND -- Hopes for a long-term transportation funding plan rest with a House of Delegates bill that passed Tuesday after a day of frenetic maneuvering in the General Assembly.

On the last day to act on its own legislation, the House passed a multifaceted bill that would generate about $500 million in new transportation revenue annually, authorize $2 billion in long-term debt for statewide road projects, and allow localities in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to raise taxes and fees for projects in their regions.

When the dust settled Tuesday evening, Gov. Tim Kaine congratulated the House and said he will continue to work with legislative leaders to reach consensus on a transportation funding and policy package. (link)

It speaks volumes that the governor, who has been hell-bent on raising our taxes since the day after he was elected, speaks glowingly about this agreement.

So the Republicans have sold us out again. This time it's over a make-believe transportation crisis; last time it was over education; next time it'll be over health care. Then Medicaid. The Chesapeake Bay. Open spaces. Seashore erosion. Global warming. Chicken flu ...

Then, three years from now, it'll be education. Then transportation ...

Meanwhile, the Chinese are taking our jobs because the costs of production here are soaring.

What fools.

The Reactionary Left

How did the college campus, once the incubator for liberality and open-mindedness, of inquiry and wonder, become a haven for hate-filled, intolerant reactionaries?
Faculty Resists Vote on Bush Institute
By The New York Times

The Faculty Senate at Southern Methodist University in Dallas rejected a proposal yesterday for a faculty referendum on plans for an independent policy institute on campus that would accompany President Bush’s future library and museum.

The university learned on Dec. 21 that it was the favored site for the Bush library, museum and policy institute. Then in late January, more than 170 faculty members, about a quarter of the full-time professors on campus, signed a petition calling for a referendum because the proposed institute would be controlled by the Bush Foundation, not the university. (link)
God knows these neanderthals don't want the hundreds of thousands of presidential papers, files, videos, notes, memoranda, etc. brought onto campus. Might cloud their thinking.

Or lack thereof ...


Just a few short years ago he was voting on dog license tag legislation. Now he's trying to come up with ideas of national import. If this is an indication of the depth of his thinking, I'd suggest we throw him back until he grows up:
Obama Proposes Candidates Limit General Election Spending
By David K. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times

WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 — Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, a contender for the Democratic presidential nomination, issued an unusual challenge to his rivals on Wednesday. He proposed a voluntary agreement between the two major party nominees that would limit their fund-raising and spending for the general election. (link)
One can only imagine the chuckle that the other candidates, particularly Hillary with more potential campaign cash available to her than any other in history, must have gotten out of this naive suggestion.

An "unusual" challenge. From a not-ready-for-prime-time candidate.

Good Idea

Worrying about foam insulation peeling off a fuel tank, resulting in a catastrophic failure, was nothing compared to this challenge:

Astronaut’s Arrest Spurs Review of NASA Testing
By John Schwartz, The New York Times

NASA is reviewing its psychological screening and checkup process in the wake of the arrest of Capt. Lisa M. Nowak, the astronaut accused of attempted murder, space agency officials said yesterday. It will also try to determine whether “indications of concern” in Captain Nowak’s case were overlooked.

Officials said, however, that her behavior had raised no obvious concerns recently and that she had been at work last week preparing for her job at mission control for the next shuttle flight, in March. (link)
The fact that she suddenly looked like warmed over death must not have been of "obvious concern." Yeah. I'd say a complete review is in order, starting with those red flags - diapers, steel mallet, buck knife ...