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Friday, February 09, 2007

Back To The Icebox

An item of no great import:

I left Spartanburg, SC at 4:30pm yesterday. Temperature 59 degrees.

I arrived on Big Walker Mountain in Bland, VA at 8:30pm. Temperature 17 degrees.

A 42 point drop.

Virginia, the great frozen N... South.

What Does She Charge?

Hooker sets sales record

13 Year-Old Girl Raped By Kidnapper

13 year-old girl admits to having sex with kidnapper

Stop The Presses!

Embarq Phone Book Missing Numbers

Smoking Ban Battle Seems Won

Smoking ban battle seems lost

On Democrats And Their Environmental Fervor

Al Gore burns millions of gallons of precious fossil fuels and spews thousands of pounds of pollutants into the atmosphere by flying back and forth across the planet in private jets, warning crowds of eager and gullible half-wits that our profligate use of fossil fuels and our polluting the planet will destroy ... well, you know his schtick.

They don't call him Crazy Al for nothing. He's earned the sobriquet.

Then there's the new Speaker of the House. She's a real piece of work too:

House GOP Blast Pelosi for Plane Request
By Darlene Superville, Associated Press Writer

[House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] went before the House Science Committee in the morning to champion her commitment to do something about global warming, a rare appearance for a leader of the House.

She did so as reports swirled on Capitol Hill that she had requested a bigger, swankier government airplane than her Republican predecessor had used for trips back to her home district when Congress isn't meeting.

A waste of the taxpayers' money, some said, claiming her trips would cost $15 million a year if she used planes such as the military version of the Boeing 757-200. In its commercial configuration the 757-200 usually seats 175-190 passengers.

Pelosi should lead by example, argued others, because a bigger plane consumes more fuel and contributes more to the global warming she expresses concern about. (
Y'all just don't understand. As the European elites are proving by their flat-out ignoring the Kyoto global warming limitations they agreed to a few short years ago, liberals have no intention of adhering to that which they demand of the rest of us.

Environmental restrictions, like
gun controls, and national security laws, and minimum wage requirements, you see, are meant to be obeyed by us little people. And scum-sucking corporations. Not by them. The beautiful, enlightened people. They exempt themselves. They do greater good.

That's their worldview. Beautiful.

Why The Chinese Are Going To Rule The World II

First, but not foremost, the global warming madness.

Second, our licentious lust for litigiousness:
New York Moves Toward Suit Over a 50-Year-Old Oil Spill
By Nicholas Confessore, The New York Times

Albany, Feb. 8 — New York State moved to sue Exxon Mobil and four other companies on Thursday to force them to clean up a half-century-old spill of millions of gallons of oil lying under the Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn and to repair environmental damage inflicted on nearby Newtown Creek.

The spill, originally several times the size of the Exxon Valdez oil leak, resulted from an accident in the 1950s and lay undiscovered until 1978. In notices of intent to sue that were sent to the five companies, Andrew M. Cuomo, the state attorney general, said that so much oil had leaked into the creek that some samples of its sediment, when dried and weighed, were nearly one-tenth oil.

A 1990 agreement between Exxon Mobil and state environmental officials had required the company to recover the spilled oil, but it specified no deadline and ... (link)
A 50-year-old incident. Laying undiscovered for a quarter century. A lawsuit. In a case that had already been dealt with by the state once.

For the love of Christ.

Can Our Borders Be Less Secure?

From the White House:
The United States Must Secure Its Borders

Border Security Is The Basic Responsibility Of A Sovereign Nation And An Urgent Requirement Of Our National Security.

* To Supplement The Border Patrol As Its Numbers Increase, Approximately 6,000 National Guard Members Have Been Sent To Our Southern Border In Coordination With Governors.

* The President's Secure Border Initiative (SBI) Is The Most Technologically Advanced Border Enforcement Initiative In American History.

* The Administration Is Increasing Infrastructure Investment At The Border.

* The Administration Expanded The Use Of "Expedited Removal," Which Allows Us To Send Illegal Immigrants Home More Quickly.

* The Administration Is Working Closely With State And Local Law Enforcement To Stop Illegal Immigration.

Now for a dose of the real world:

Illegal Immigrants Slain in an Attack in Arizona
By Randal C. Archibold, The New York Times

Los Angeles, Feb. 8 — Three illegal immigrants were shot to death, three were wounded and others were missing Thursday near Tucson after gunmen accosted them as they traveled north from the Mexican border, the authorities said.

The shootings came a day after gunmen in ski masks and carrying assault-style rifles robbed 18 people who had illegally crossed the border 70 miles to the south, near Sasabe. On Jan. 28 a man driving illegal immigrants from the border several miles from the scene of Thursday’s killings was ambushed and shot to death as the immigrants fled.

Illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border often encounter bandits, armed civilian patrols and rival smugglers bent on robbing or stopping them.

The violence has been particularly acute in Arizona, which in recent years has become the busiest crossing area for illegal immigrants. (link) (my emphasis)

Those of you who buy into the rhetoric coming out of Washington probably thought the violence was occurring on the Mexican side of the border. That is, after all, where anarchy reigns and two-bit thugs with badges mete out justice. Now you know differently. It's happening in the United States of America.

This follows on the heels of a recent story depicting the United States military (a national guard unit), the most powerful fighting force ever known to man, disgracefully fleeing our border in an incident in which armed illegals were approaching their position.

The White House can tout its accomplishments all it wants. Dead bodies littering the desert floor in Arizona and Texas tell a different story. Illegal immigration is out of control. And getting worse.

Gee, It Worked For Jim Webb

It turns out that weblogs can be called to account for their scandalous, ill-tempered, and shamefully vulgar attacks on others after all:

Edwards Learns Blogs Can Cut 2 Ways
By John M. Broder, The New York Times

Washington, Feb. 8 — John Edwards learned the hard way this week of the perils of grafting the raucous culture of the Internet to the decidedly staider world of a presidential campaign.

Mr. Edwards announced on Thursday, after 36 hours of deliberation,* that he would keep on his campaign staff two liberal feminist bloggers** with long cybertrails of incendiary comments on sex, religion and politics.

In deciding to retain [the two], he extracted public apologies from them for some of their work and a promise from them to maintain a civil tone while in his employ.

In some of their online writings, [Amanda] Marcotte and [Melissa] McEwan used vulgar language to characterize religious conservatives and Roman Catholic teachings on birth control, homosexuality and the virgin birth.

On her personal blog, Shakespeare’s Sister, Ms. McEwan had referred to conservative Christians as “Christofascists.” On the Pandagon blog site, Ms. Marcotte had said that the Catholic Church’s prohibition on the use of birth control forced women to bear “more tithing Catholics.”

Ms. McEwan will serve as the Edwards campaign’s so-called Netroots coordinator, in charge of outreach to the online community. (link) (my emphasis)
Edwards could learn something from Senator Jim Webb's successful use of Virginia weblogs to get elected last November. Webb too used hate-filled venom, mixed with libelous innuendo and disgraceful rumor-mongering, not to mention all that idiocy about macaca, to advance his campaign and to destroy his opponents (Allen and Miller). The difference here is in the fact that Webb kept his reprehensible attacks aimed at his rivals, and not God or the Catholic Church. Though I wouldn't put either past him in a pinch.

Old Jim could teach Edwards something, you bet. The proper means to the end.

* Edwards took 36 hours to decide to do nothing about a relatively trivial matter. Our future commander-in-chief.
** Huh, I thought all the feminists were dead. Who knew.