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Friday, February 16, 2007

They Support the Troops ... With Deeds, Not Words

Supporting the troops. Here's how it's really done:

These old guys won't let this generation of heroes down.

God bless every one of them.

The Truth Is Going To Hurt

On the Democrats and their newfound friend - Jesus:
Curse of the Christian-Bashers
The spirit of the Edwards bloggers haunts Democrats.
By Mary Eberstadt, opinionjournal.com

Heavens, it's getting crowded in the pews these days--at least with Democratic presidential candidates. Here is Sen. Barack Obama in California's Saddleback pulpit at the invitation of mega-selling pastor Rick Warren. There is Sen. Hillary Clinton with downcast eyes in Newsweek, praying before the cameras in New York's Riverside Church. And there preaches John Edwards, also in Riverside Church, weaving his personal faith into everything from AIDS to the minimum wage. Clearly the push is on to show that, for now anyway, the Democratic hopefuls are just plain folks in the religion department.

All the more reason to plumb the curious episode of Amanda Marcotte, that blogger for the Edwards campaign who resigned on Monday and was followed out the door Tuesday by another technical consultant, Melissa McEwan. Both quit thanks to circulation by conservatives of some of these former staffers' Internet musings. That is to say, in Ms. Marcotte's case especially: scatological Catholic-baiting rants about "theocracy" marked by leering references to the pope and liberal use of the F-word.

So far, so unremarkable. Just being a bilious feminist with a potty mouth doesn't much distinguish one in the blogosphere these days. What does matter is something else: We have here a Rosencrantz and Guildenstern moment, in which the fate of bit players becomes emblematic of a larger drama.

For what the blogger tempest really illuminates is a fact that could come to haunt the Democrats as they vie for national office: namely, that their past few wilderness years have also been boom years for the church-loathing liberal/left punditry. (link)
As ye sow, so shall ye reap ...

Puckett Needs To Come Home!

It's not too late for Senator Phil Puckett (D-Tazewell) to come to his senses and to remember just who it is he represents in Richmond. A day after voting to increase our taxes here in Southwest Virginia, so as to provide additional funding for the roads up in breathtakingly wealthy Northern Virginia, Puckett has been appointed to the House/Senate conference committee that will hammer out a compromise proposal between that which the rabidly liberal Senate has passed - an increase in taxes (fees) on car purchases - and the House plan that calls for the use of the existing - and ever growing - surplus in the general fund to pay for needed transportation expenditures.

Puckett has always been a good soldier. He votes the party line. Sometimes, what's good for his party, though, is horribly bad for us. So we need to put pressure on our state senator to stop hurting our fragile economy and to start voting in our best interests. For a change.

A tax increase means more job layoffs. More plant closings. More U-hauls heading north.

What Transportation Crisis?

James Atticus Bowden has a wonderful exposé on government waste. Check it out here.

This Is Funny

... or not.

From a Roanoke Times editorial:

Talking point

"Don't you ever send this kind of message to me! Erase this message from your computer right now!"

-- Software developer and federal contractor Warren Trepp, responding to an e-mail sent by his wife before they left on a Caribbean cruise with then-U.S. Rep. Jim Gibbons and his wife, Dawn. His wife had written: "Please don't forget to bring the money you promised Jim and Dawn." Gibbons, now governor of Nevada, often used his position on the House Intelligence and Armed Services committees to help Trepp's company win federal defense contracts. The FBI is investigating whether Gibbons accepted unreported gifts or payments in exchange for his official actions. (link)

Ah, those pesky email servers. You can hit DELETE until the end of time. But the server knows. it remembers. It never forgets ...

A Reasonable Compromise

The smoke-nazis in our midst won't go along with it, but this, it seems to me, is fair to all sides:
Senate committee OKs bill to encourage smoke-free eateries
By requiring posted signs in eateries that allow smoking, the bill would pressure restaurants to be smoke-free.
By Mason Adams, The Roanoke Times

Richmond -- A Senate committee voted Thursday to approve a bill that stops short of requiring restaurants to ban smoking but is intended to put economic pressure on them to do so.

The Senate Committee on Education and Health voted 11-3 to approve House Bill 2422, which would do away with requirements that restaurants have a nonsmoking section while requiring those who allow smoking to post a sign at all entrances.

Its sponsor, Del. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem, said times have changed since the law was altered to require nonsmoking sections. These days, he said, most people and families are looking for nonsmoking areas. And while the bill still allows restaurants to maintain a nonsmoking section, it removes that guarantee. (link)
That'll work. Although I rarely ask for a non-smoking table at a restaurant, Paula - and most of America, I'll bet - want to enjoy their meals in an atmosphere devoid of cigarette smoke. This compromise allows them to do that, and it allows others who like a smoke with their meal to light up, probably in a different restaurant from those non-smokers. Proprietors will make the decision as to which group they choose to market themselves to.

I like it. It's the American way.

A Message For Our Black Youth

For those of you who are in your teen years and who are trying to figure out where you are going, where you are intended to be, who you are intended to be, this saga playing out today in American politics should be instructive:

Black Like Me?
Those Asking if Barack Obama Is 'Black Enough' Are Asking the Wrong Question
By Marjorie Valbrun, writing in the Washington Post

What does it mean to be black, and who is the arbiter of authentic blackness? As Sen. Barack Obama's "blackness" has increasingly been discussed on black-oriented radio shows, at political conferences and on Sunday morning news shows, I've grown more dismayed by the day.

The discourse, occurring mostly among black people, has been dominated by questions about Obama's being biracial, his immigrant father and his suitability as a presidential candidate, given that his life story doesn't parallel that of most blacks born in the United States. Some have implied that only a black candidate whose ancestors were slaves here or who have themselves experienced the trauma of this country's racial history can truly understand what it means to be black in America and represent the political interests of black Americans.

This is a narrow-minded and divisive notion. At a time when blacks living in this country, whether by birth or by choice, should be harnessing their collective political clout to empower all black people, we're wasting time debating which of us are truly black. (link)

This black immigrant from Haiti goes on to tell of her plight - being discriminated against by other blacks ...

For the love of Christ, don't get caught up in all this. Or this.

While all other ethnicities in America assimilate, well, including (in near entirety) black immigrants to this country, there is one group that refuses to participate. The "black community." Its members dwell on the past. They are fixated on wrongs they have no real understanding of perpetrated on people they don't know in an era long past. They wallow in their ancestors' misfortunes. They brood over misery and sorrow and pain. They will want it to be your misery. Your sorrow. Your pain.

Except for the slave traders in their midst, who earn a fabulous income from the retelling of the tale of woe, they're all losers. And always will be.

Don't get caught up in it. Get past the "victimization of self" attitude these people will throw at you.

Join us. America long ago welcomed you into the fold. You can succeed. We will help one another succeed. Americans helping fellow Americans.

Or you can sign on with the perpetually disaffected "black union" crowd and piss and moan about your skin color, your miserable lot in life, and the disadvantages that have been placed in front of you as roadblocks. And let the fabulous opportunities awaiting you fall away.

Don't. We need you. But first you must resolve to fight this bunch and reject their self-defeating plan for you.

There is so much we have yet to accomplish. Together.

Another Viewpoint On Global Warming

As only Emmett Tyrrell (appearing in the Washington Times) can put it:
Global warming is our friend

Most scientists agree the planet is today about 1 degree Celsius warmer than it was a century ago. But so what?

I sit here in our nation's capital freezing. In California, the citrus crop is near ruin. The Plains States look like Antarctica, and from the Midwest to the Atlantic Coast snow and ice are everywhere. The logical conclusion is that rather than debate the possibility of
global warming we should applaud it and do everything we can to usher it in.

Thus, we might all ask why the opponents of global warming are so hysterical? Basically, they are led by the same environmentalists who have been so wrong in the past, and they are always hysterical. (link)
As I write this, it is 8° fahrenheit (-1° with the chill factor) outside here in southern Virginia. As Paula was saying last night, bundled and hugging the fireplace: Tell me again what's so bad about global warming?

I-i-i-it's ha-a-ard-d t-t-t-o arg-g-g-ue wi-wi...

'We Choose To Lose' II

Another warning that these guys intend to have us defeated on the battlefield:

Murtha's plan for defeat
Washington Times editorial

When the House votes today on the resolution denouncing Mr. Bush's plans for additional troops to combat al Qaeda and other terrorist groups in Iraq, members should be under no illusions about what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership are trying to do: to make it impossible for American troops to properly do their job in Iraq. In an interview yesterday with MoveCongress.org, a Web site for a coalition of anti-war groups, Mr. Murtha, who chairs the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, explained that by placing conditions on $93.4 billion in new combat funds, he would make be able (sic) to effectively stop the troops in their tracks. "They won't be able to continue. They won't be able to do the deployment. They won't have the equipment, they don't have the training and they won't be able to do the work. There's no question in my mind," Mr. Murtha said. (link) (my emphasis)

"Stop the troops in their tracks." American troops. Our brothers and sons. Our daughters; our neighbors. Us.

Al Qaeda smiles and nods in approval.

Our forefathers hang their heads in shame. And sorrow.

'Slick Wilhemina' Has Learned From The Master

The New York Post sends out a warning this morning. Hillary and the reprobate she calls a husband are at it again:
The Old Hillary Is Back
New York Post editorial

February 16, 2007 -- Hillary Rodham Clinton just picked up the influential endorsement of South Carolina State Sen. Derrell Jackson, who is also pastor of the state's largest African-American church.

But, it seems, not exactly on the merits.

The Post's Maggie Haberman reports that Jackson also runs a political consulting and PR firm, Sunrise Enterprises.

And, wouldn't you know it, a scant six days before Jackson named Hillary as his choice for 2008, the Clinton campaign signed up Sunrise to a contract through the presidential election that could be worth at least $210,000.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It should.

Bill Clinton (and partner Al Gore) gave America eight full years of fundraising abuses - going far beyond merely turning the White House into a Motel 6 for fat-cat contributors.

Hillary has had her own fundraising embarrassments. Back in 2000, she was caught using a public White House holiday party list to solicit cash for her Senate campaign - a possibly criminal act.

She later admitted "my error," calling it an inadvertent "mix-up." (link)
Many of us had great fun heaping ridicule on this pair of two-bit scam artists back in the day. But there is the serious side to the damage they inflicted on our country in the eight years they were in office (and before) (and after).

It's time to start reflecting on the past, looking to these stories that are once again beginning to appear, and deciding whether we want to endure such shameful antics in the White House again.

Now's the time.