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Monday, February 19, 2007

Clean House

Decided to abandon the ones what brung ya, and to dance with the devil instead? Fine. But do it somewhere else and on your own dime:

Republican challenges incumbent Hanger

Three-term Republican State Senator Emmett Hanger is facing a challenger from his own party, Buena Vista businessman Scott Sayre.

Sayre plans to announce his candidacy February 19 for the 24th District, which stretches from Rockingham to Rockbridge counties, covers all of Augusta, Greene and Highland, and includes a snippet of Albemarle.

District Republican Party chairs claim that Hanger “has lost touch with his constituents,” according to the News Virginian.

And Hanger’s support of a Senate tax bill raising tobacco, gas, sales and high-end income taxes cost him support among the party faithful as well, reports the News Leader.

Sayre is a Waynesboro native, graduate of VMI and ... (link)

Good for Sayre. Good for the GOP. Time to clean house. And Senate.

We Got It Bass Ackwards

Aren't our world-renowned arts and crafts supposed to bring breathtaking wealth to Southwest Virginia? Doesn't the plan call for all that disposable income in D.C. to be lured down to this area, with the beautiful people from up north flocking here to watch all the homespun-clad natives (and more recent arrivals - aging tie-dye-clad, lice-infested hippies) make pots and crap right before their very eyes? If that's the case, a rather bif IF, what's up with this?

Arts Center appeals to board for help with matching grant
Doug Thompson, The Floyd Press

The financially-strapped Jacksonville Center for the Arts appealed to Floyd County Supervisors Tuesday for help in meeting operating deficits that leaders of the popular center say threaten its future.

“We cannot continue these annual operating deficits,” Jacksonville board President Wilmer Stratton told supervisors in asking for a grant of up to $5,000 that could be matched by the Virginia Council for the Arts (VCA).

The center ... is home today to Virginia’s only residential arts craft school and the commonwealth’s only business incubator dedicated to arts and crafts. (link)

Buying those tourist dollars can get mighty expensive, can't it?

Our Legislators, There For Us

If only they were as concerned about our ever-shrinking citizenry as they are about our 45 million trees:
Capitol Update
By Peter Hardin, Richmond Times-Dispatch

WILDERNESS BILL -- Legislation to protect more than 54,000 acres of public lands in Southwest Virginia has been reintroduced by Sen. John W. Warner, R-Va., and Rep. Rick Boucher, D-9th.

The legislation would establish six new wilderness areas, a wilderness study area and two new scenic areas, as well as expand several existing wilderness areas, in the Jefferson National Forest. Boucher said the bill also would enhance the region's tourism economy.

The legislation first was introduced in 2004. This year, it is co-sponsored in the Senate by Democrat Jim Webb of Virginia and in the House by ... [a bunch of Northern Virginia legislators who like to come down here, sip Chianti around the warm glow of the campfire, and pee in our bushes once a year]. (link)
Those six new wilderness areas, by the way, are officially designated as follows: Tazewell County, Russell County, Lee County, Buchanan County, Dickenson County, and Smyth County. The "several existing wilderness areas" that are due for expansion - likewise due to depopulation - are Alleghany County, Pulaski County, Carroll County, and Grayson County. And Galax.

No word on what we are supposed to do with all this manna from ... Washington, all these trees that will soon enjoy federal protection. Look at them, I guess. Admire their beauty. Take pictures ...

Eugenics Then; Global Warming Now

What causes seemingly sane, seemingly intelligent people to get caught up in - to get so fanatical about - pseudosciences like selective breeding a century ago, and global warming today? A mystery, elaborated upon in this morning's Washington Times:
Global-warming theory and the eugenics precedent
John Linder

"Global Warming" had a precursor in capturing the hearts and minds of the world. Michael Crichton, in his novel "State of Fear," brilliantly juxtaposes the world's current political embrace of "global warming" with the popular embrace of the "science" of eugenics a century ago. For nearly 50 years, from the late 1800s through the first half of the 20th century, there grew a common political acceptance by the world's thinkers, political leaders and media elite that the "science" of eugenics was settled science. There were a few lonely voices trying to be heard in the wilderness in opposition to this
bogus science, but they were ridiculed or ignored.

Believers in eugenics argued that we could improve the human race by controlling reproduction. The most respected scientists from Harvard, Yale, Princeton and other bastions of intellectual rigor retreated to a complex on Long Island named Cold Spring Harbor. Their support came from the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Harriman fortune working with the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, State and other agencies.

The "science" was not lacking important public supporters. Theodore Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson were enthusiastic ... (link)
The thinking behind the theory of eugenics eventually led to the creation, in Nazi Germany in the 1930's, of "clinics" where the mentally and physically infirm were put to death, and eventually to the gassing of millions of Jews.

Where will the madmen of our time take their global warming crusade? The precedent set a century ago does not bode well for humankind.

On Another Of Those Messianic Crusades

The subject of ozone holes and CFC's came up in the comments of a post yesterday. It was alleged by a reader that we were able (or are in the process of being able) to end the scourge of ozone layer depletion a few decades ago by a simple act of Congress. It was here and - poof! - it was gone.

Tucked into the column sited above is this bit of detail on that bit of hysteria:
It becomes clear from the literature -- not to mention documentary films -- produced by the alarmists, that if human beings do not change the way we live the planet is doomed. This is not the first charge against human behavior. Many of you will remember the "scientific" studies 30 years ago about the destruction of the ozone layer, particularly at the poles, that would reduce the atmosphere's ability to stop infrared rays from the sun.
We would see increasing incidence of skin cancer and increasing temperatures. It was theorized that this was caused by the increased production of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that were used -- as Freon -- in refrigeration units.

When Freon was invented it was considered a miracle gas. It replaced, in refrigeration units, a combination of toxic gases that, if released, actually killed people. But the settled science concluded that human activity was a threat to the planet. We outlawed the production of CFCs and thousands of people across the world died from eating rancid food due to the loss of refrigeration.

The world's production of CFCs peaked at 1.1 million tons per year. If 100 percent of that was released it would have added 750,000 tons of chlorine into the atmosphere. That is insignificant compared to the 300 million tons the oceans yield annually by the evaporation of seawater alone. But that couldn't be controlled so the alarmists went after us.

Indeed, the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in June of 1991 produced some of the highest levels of chlorine and bromines in history and led to some of the lowest ozone levels ever recorded. You would not know that today. The earth survived. [emphasis mine]
The Earth survived. But the question is, can it survive the rantings of "scientists" like Al Gore and the blind, fawning sycophancy of his adherents? I have my doubts.

A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

It won't stop the Iranians from shipping bombs into Baghdad with the intention of killing more American soldiers, but this may give them pause:
Iran Says Sunnis, Using Pakistan as Base, Planned Fatal Bombing
By Nazila Fathi, The New York Times

Tehran, Feb. 18 — The Iranian Foreign Ministry charged Sunday that Sunni insurgents from Iran used Pakistan as a base to plan a bombing that killed 11 people and wounded more than 30 in the southeastern border city of Zahedan last week. The ministry said it had demanded an explanation from the Pakistani ambassador.

A car loaded with explosives detonated in front of a bus carrying members of the Revolutionary Guards last Wednesday.

A second bomb was set off in Zahedan on Friday evening. (link)
Sunni vs. Shia. Fighting in Iran. We're back to where it all began.