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Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Been Tried Before, Jeff

A columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch has come up with a plan to pressure those stubborn conservatives in the Virginia House of Delegates into coming up with a different compromise transportation funding proposal for Governor Kaine to sign. Jeff Schapiro thinks Kaine should put the squeeze on those reluctant to raise taxes again by doing what was done a year ago, a ploy that proved to fail miserably.

But propose it he has:
GOP road plan is its own pothole
By Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch Columnist

What most GOP lawmakers consider their finest hour could be shaping up as 15 minutes of infamy. The longer their re-election scheme -- and that's all it is -- sits in the sun, the worse it smells.

So says Gov. Tim Kaine, who, if he vetoes it, ought to order legislators to fashion a fix at a special session after Labor Day -- within 60 days of the election.

And you think Republicans are sweating now. (link)
It's not known if Schapiro was alert and of sound mind at the time this was last tried. Not that long ago. It was a neat idea to some then too.

Special session. Powerful political elites, the mainstream press, along with special interests and the Chamber of Commerce applying enormous pressure. Republican half-wits melting under the heat applied. It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Jeff. Been there. Done that.

It didn't work then; it won't work now.

Listen up. We are not going to allow the government of the commonwealth of Virginia to sit on a massive revenue surplus, raise state spending at a breakneck pace, and pass another massive tax increase.

We didn't melt last year. We won't cower this time. We're not intimidated by your friends' actions or harsh comments. We are not going to cave.

So have your pal there in the governor's mansion call for another special session. And have him pout as he did last time 'round. And whine about crisis and poverty and woe. Hell, have him call out the national guard.

It won't make a difference. This government is going to live within its lavish means.

In fact, the best thing that could happen at this point is for Tim Kaine to take your advice and call the legislature into special session again. That way, the current proposal, with its increase in car purchase fees, a tax increase, will go down in flames.

You're playing into our hands, Jeff. And you don't even know it.

What Exactly Are The Qualifications?

I guess you have to be British to understand this:

Charles' fitness to be king questioned
By Andrew Alderson, The Washington Times

London -- Prince Charles is locked in a bitter dispute with television bosses over a program that questions his fitness to be king.

Charles has aired his views on a range of subjects in recent years, including global warming, organic farming, education, alternative health remedies and modern architecture. The prince, 58, has been determined to find a purposeful role for himself while his mother continues on the throne.

A Television 4 spokesman said: "Prince Charles will one day be crowned King of England -- a position which by constitutional convention is politically neutral. (link)

This is all lost on me. Since the position of King of England is a ceremonial position, it would seem the only person not qualified to fill the position would be anyone with ovaries.

But in this day and age, that may not be a hindrance either.

It Begins Anew

Or did it ever even come to an end the first time around?

In any case, I don't think America is prepared to go back to reading news stories like these, appearing every day for eight years:

Pro-Clinton 'Dirty Cash' Man Flees
By Christine Field, The New York Post

March 4, 2007 -- A Pakistani immigrant is wanted by federal authorities on charges he channeled $30,000 in illegal contributions to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential war chest.

The FBI is hunting Los Angeles businessman Abdul Rehman Jinnah, who vanished soon after his grand-jury indictment for violating federal election laws last May.

Clinton's camp has denied any knowledge of Jinnah's scheme, which is also alleged to have funneled more than ... (link)
"Clinton's camp has denied any knowledge of ..." How many times have we read that over the years?

(A classic: "I don't know how those billing records got in my bedroom closet, your Honor.")

Hillary - and her co-hustler-in-chief - should be in the federal pen. Instead she's soon to be our next President.

A nightmare unfolding.

I Don't Want To Be Around These People

Isn't seeking help from a "self-help" book self-defeating?

Well, tell it to the millions who are grabbing up Oprah's new book about having happy thoughts that lead to ... Oprah making a bundle of money off the suckers. The news:
A 'Secret' Oprah Craze Hits New Yorkers
By Jill Culora, The New York Post

March 4, 2007 -- Oprah Winfrey has kicked up a storm in Manhattan.

Suddenly, the question being asked in e-mails, in chat rooms, around office cubicles, on blind dates is: Do you or don't you believe in "The Secret"?

Of course, it's not much of a secret anymore.

The self-help DVD-turned-book-turned-"Oprah"-double-episode is The New York Times' No. 1 advice best seller and has toppled the forthcoming final Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," on Amazon's best-seller list.

"The Secret" promises followers that anything - love, money, happiness, health - is possible if you "ask for it, believe you will get it, and receive it."

Rhonda Byrne, the Australian producer behind the self-help sensation, argues that the law of attraction is the strongest force in life and that through positive thinking you will attract the positive things that you want in life. If your thoughts and actions and all your energy dwell on the negative - problems you're having or frustrations you're feeling or things you do not like or want - negative things will dominate your life. (link)
The frightening thing about this is that there are millions and millions of people who buy into it. Key word being buy.

Snake oil salesmen put it in a bottle and hawked it as a miracle cure a hundred years ago. Oprah puts it on DVD and in book form today and hawks it as a miracle cure. The suckers that bought it back then must have bred. Their grandchildren are buying it today.


Them & Us

Let's talk about those who make up the two political parties in this country.

An observation: What separates Republicans from Democrats, at the core, is in the fact that Democrats look for an Oprah-type President to serve the roll of hugger-in-chief, while Republicans seek someone who can lead.

Travel with me back in time when Bill Clinton's popularity poll numbers were in the dumper. Until, that is, the Oklahoma City bombing occurred. It was at that time that he perfected his biting-of-lower-lip routine. He flew to the scene of devastation, hugged those most affected, shed tears, (bit lip), and became an overnight success.

Never got anything substantive done in eight full years in office (which made him popular with us conservatives ...) but he was beloved just the same like no President ever before.

Bill Clinton proved to be a lousy leader but, boy, could the guy emote.

On the other side of the equation, we have Republicans who disdain Clinton's (and Oprah's) shallow approach to leadership (in Oprah's case, to human interaction; did she ever even marry that guy she's been cohabiting with all these years?) and who gravitate toward someone who can be Commander-in-Chief.

That explains this:
Joltin' Giuliani Rolls Up A 25-Point Lead In Poll
By Niles Latham, The New York Post

March 4, 2007 -- Washington - Rudy Giuliani is surging ahead of such GOP big guns as Sen. John McCain for the GOP presidential nomination, a poll shows.

The Newsweek poll suggests that Republicans and social conservatives are so far either tolerant or unaware of the ex-mayor's liberal views on gay marriage and abortion.

Giuliani leads McCain by 59 to 34 percent and Mitt Romney by 70 to 20 percent. In a late-January Newsweek poll, Giuliani's led McCain by 48 to 44 percent. (link)
Giuliani, despite his many flawed personal characteristics, and broken personal relationships (expect his exes to appear on Oprah soon for a group hug), the man oozes leadership capability.

We'll have to wait and see if his positions on gay marriage and abortion doom his chances. They may.

But the contrast between Republicans and Democrats can't be more starkly revealed than in the fact that the Dems are enthralled with Barack Obama right now (but couldn't make a cogent argument as to why), an Oprah type if there ever was one, and those Republicans who look to Rudy Giuliani as the kind of person who can move our nation forward, lead the free world, and command the largest, greatest fighting force ever known to man.

Oprah. Winston Churchill. The contrast is startling.

Speaking of Gun Trigger Lock Legislation ...

Would someone tell Hillary we're at war.
Coming Clean

March 4, 2007 -- Los Angeles - Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton joined the mayor of L.A. yesterday in a national volunteer drive to clean up litter and graffiti - an event that showcased environmental activism and presidential politics.

Democratic Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa showered Clinton - the latest in a string of candidates to visit California - with praise for her work on clean energy, climate change and other programs.

"She's been fighting for a brighter and cleaner future for all our children," Villaraigosa said as a crowd cheered. (link)
Our next Commander-in-Chief picking up dirty diapers and used condoms from a back alley.

I can only imagine that the crowd gathered around Osama bin Ladin cheered too.

My Guy

He drives the left nuts. They hate him with a passion. The mainstream news media will make his life a living hell when he gets elected. The hatred directed toward George W. Bush is nothing compared to that which he'll experience. That is the chief reason I'm offering up my (probationary) support to this guys' candidacy:
Not in race, Gingrich still has right stuff
By Ralph Z. Hallow and Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

Newt Gingrich received a hero's welcome at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday ...

Mr. Gingrich, who won't decide whether he will run for president until after September, tied former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for second place in the conference's combined first- and second-choice straw poll with 30 percent each, trailing only former New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, who won with a combined 34 percent.

"We will not defeat the Clinton machine by being negative," Mr. Gingrich said, referring to Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York. "We will defeat the Clinton machine by offering better solutions based on better values with a deeper reach into the American people's lives and psyche." (link)
Newt Gingrich/Condoleezza Rice. Now there's a dream team.