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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Guvna Finds Some Useful Idiots

We're told this morning that there are local officials in western Virginia who are concerned that the state's general fund is in jeopardy. Probably the same bunch who told us not long ago that Tim Kaine would be the perfect leader for the commonwealth:

Kaine gets feedback on bill
Western Virginia officials do not want to see the general fund depleted to pay for transportation.

By Ray Reed, The Roanoke Times

Local government officials in Western Virginia don't want to pay for roads and transportation out of the state's general fund, its main pool of revenue from income taxes and similar levies.

The general fund, however, is the primary source of money for roads in Western Virginia under the transportation bill approved by the General Assembly and awaiting action by Gov. Tim Kaine.

Local officials would rather see highways financed by an increase in the gasoline tax, many of them told Kaine in Roanoke on Thursday during the second of three transportation meetings he's holding with local officials around the state.

Roanoke Mayor Nelson Harris, who was in the meeting, said, "Whether you were from Rockbridge County, Roanoke or Wytheville, everyone was concerned about this depletion of the general fund."

Salem Mayor Howard Packett said the transportation bill's choice to tap the general fund "makes us a little squeamish at the local level." (link)

Horse shit.

We're to believe these guys have serious concerns about the state's finances. Like the state is not awash in cash and is in fact teetering on the brink of disaster. Like state government has ever been short of funds. Like the legislature can't acquire additional funds should they become necessary. How utterly ridiculous.
This is about raising taxes, people. Nothing more. It has been from the very beginning.
It's not about education roads.
Or education bridges.
Or the general fund.
Or the end of life as we know it.
These guys want to dip into your grandchildrens' college education fund, your life's savings, and withdraw more than they already have.
"Depletion of the general fund." Stop insulting our intelligence.

But It Worked Well For The Hubby ...

Bill Clinton was able to pull this off. Why can't Hillary?

Candidate Clinton, Embracing the Trite and the True
Dana Milbank, The Washington Post

Are you in it to win? Would you regard civil rights as the gift that keeps on giving? Do you believe in the American Dream, stupid?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you might consider supporting Hillary Clinton, the person to send to the White House when you care enough to send the very best. More than any other candidate, Clinton has brought the sensibility of Hallmark greeting cards to the 2008 presidential race.

Yesterday, the Democratic front-runner took a number of provocative stands as she spoke about soldiers and veterans at the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank:

"If you serve your country, your country should serve you."

"I'm here to say that the buck does stop with this president."

"Let us work . . . to take care of those who are taking care of us."

The controversy didn't end there. (link)

She's just not going to be able to catch a break.

Bill Clinton will go down in history as the greatest orator of our time ... who never said anything anyone can remember.

Hillary isn't even going to be afforded that distinction.

It Speaks Volumes

A point to ponder:
What's in a lie
By R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr., writing in The Washington Times

I. Lewis Libby, Vice President Richard Cheney's former chief of staff, has been found guilty of lying and faces many years in prison. Joseph C. Wilson IV, his tormentor, has been found guilty of lying, and out in Hollywood they are going to make a movie of his life. He is Hollywood's idea of a hero. (link)
Hollywood sings Joe Wilson's praises. But then Hollywood lauded the life achievements of Anna Nicole Smith too.

This Is Good News

I fully expect to vote in the 2008 presidential primary come 2008. I haven't settled on a candidate yet, but I'll be there doing my civic duty.

And things are falling into place. I now have, based on a news report released this morning, good reason to go to the polls with especial impetus - to vote, with a great deal of joy, against this miserable excuse for a Republican:

Hagel expected to declare '08 bid
By Ralph Z. Hallow, The Washington Times

Nebraska's Chuck Hagel, the Senate Republican most outspoken in opposition to President Bush's March 2003 decision to invade Iraq, is expected to announce Monday that he will make a bid for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

Mr. Hagel's candidacy could refocus the presidential contest debate ... (link)

His anti-American views aside, Hagel, outside Washington Democrat circles, where he is considered something of an intellectual giant, is seen as something of a mental midget. And a rather small one at that.

Chuck Hagels' reputation for being a goof, coupled with his longstanding and well-known disdain for our troops in the field, will make for a potent reason to get up early and stand in line at the polls.

Hillary and Hagel. It don't get better than this.

Fact Check Time

A New York Post headline this morning:

Let the record reflect: In fact, the Democrats abandoned the troops there in 2003.

And These People Want To Take Charge

The Democrats have rallied around an Iraq withdrawal plan (according to the New York Times this morning).

Sad thing is, they know as little about the plan they are rallying around, it appears, as they do about Iraq:
Party baffled by its own war plan?
By Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times

For all the fanfare surrounding the announcement of the House Democrats' Iraq war plan, few members seem to understand the specifics in the bill or when it would actually bring troops home.

The confusion added a layer of comic relief to a tense debate between factions of the Democratic Party as groups held dueling press conferences yesterday.

Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, of the Out of Iraq Caucus could hardly keep the details straight as she attempted to excoriate the plan proposed by her Democratic leaders.

"What they say is, if in fact there is no progress that we will pull out, if they can't certify by October, by December, but if there is progress, if they are doing well, we will stay," she said. "This would eventually get us out perhaps by March. The latest we would get out I guess with another progress report, or certification, by August of 1980."

Come again? (link)
Democrats. They couldn't superintend a toilet flush if they all got together in special session in the men's room, but they want to micromanage the war in Iraq.

I fear for my country.

Leave It To The Europeans

The EU member states have come up with a way to defeat global warming. They are going to talk it into oblivion:

Europe Divided on How to Fight Global Warming
By Dan Bilefsky, The New York Times

Brussels, March 8 — Divisions over how to fight global warming threatened Thursday to overshadow a summit meeting aimed at making the European Union the world leader in the battle against climate change.

European leaders are expected to approve plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent by 2020 as part of an effort to reduce the bloc’s dependency on oil and gas exports. But governments of the union’s 27 member countries are at odds over other issues, including whether renewable energy targets should be binding and whether nuclear energy should be supported. (link)

20%! How noble.

Funny thing is, these same European leaders set reduction targets of only 8% by 2012 (from 1990 levels) when they signed on to the Kyoto Protocols, and failed to meet that, miserably in some cases. So now they decide to raise the bar by establishing an even tougher standard that none of them intend to ever actually try to meet. 20%. Why not 120%, fellas? 1200%?

Those silly Europeans. They crack me up.