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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Let Me Settle This

Leave it to our esteemed legislators in Congress to come up with a solution to a problem ... that won't solve the problem.

As the White House has now informed them:

White House Opposes D.C. Vote
Constitutional Concerns Put Bill in Jeopardy
By Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post Staff Writer

The White House declared its opposition yesterday to a bill that would give the District its first full seat in the House of Representatives, saying it is unconstitutional, and a key Senate supporter said such concerns could kill the measure.

"The Constitution specifies that only 'the people of the several states' elect representatives to the House," said White House spokesman Alex Conant. "And D.C. is not a state."

He declined to say whether President Bush would veto the bill, but ... (link)
Here, fellas. Let me help you out.

1) The people of Washington DC deserve the franchise.

2) The people of Washington DC are prohibited by the Constitution from voting because they don't fall into the category of "the people of the several states."

3) See map for solution.

Click on image to enlarge

4) Send check payable to From On High at this address ...

We're Broke! We're Broke!

I read on occasion that the U.S. Forest Service is strapped for cash.

Then I read crap like this:
Easement to protect land along New River
The forest service will buy easements on 960 Grayson County acres along the New River.
By Tim Thornton, The Roanoke Times

Vaughn Arey seemed surprised anyone would ask why he's putting a conservation easement on 375 acres of land on the New River's edge in Grayson County.

With a conservation easement, a landowner trades development rights for some benefit, usually tax breaks. In this case, the trade is for direct payments.

A federal conservation program called Forest Legacy will spend up to $2.1 million for the easement on Arey's place and two other Grayson County tracts that touch the New River. Altogether, they cover about 960 acres.

Funded by the USDA Forest Service, the program is designed to identify and protect ecologically important forest land that's under development pressure. (link)
The U.S. Forest Service doesn't have the bodies necessary to clean the toilets in our parks' public restrooms or to patrol the area's six million miles of hiking trails, looking for kids smoking dope.

Bu the forest service has the funds available to buy undeveloped land with the intention of there never being an intention for its use. Millions in funds.

Plead poverty again. See where it gets you.

Do We Even Deserve To Win?

Islamist thug and mass murderer Khalid Sheik Mohammed admits to having been the ringleader in the terrorist attack that killed 3,000 American men, women, and children in New York City on September 11, 2001, and certain members of Congress react to his admission of guilt ...

... with sympathy:

Probe of Al-Qaeda Leader's Handling Sought
Senators Urge Inquiry After Mohammed Alleges Abuse
By Dafna Linzer and Josh White, Washington Post Staff Writers

Two senators who observed last week's closed military proceedings against al-Qaeda leader Khalid Sheik Mohammed called for an investigation into allegations that the accused planner of the Sept. 11 attacks was physically abused while in CIA custody.

"Allegations of prisoner mistreatment must be taken seriously and properly investigated. To do otherwise would reflect poorly on our nation," Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, and Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), a committee member, said in a statement issued yesterday. (link)

No thoughts expressed by either senator on the slaughter of those innocent Americans in the World Trade Center, 1,000 of whom we are still searching for.

Rest assured, though, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, their killer, is in safe hands.

Oprah Moves On To Maryland

Now that we've gained permanent and consummate racial harmony here in Virginia, at the stroke of a pen, legislators up in Maryland be wantin' some o' that too:
'Regret' Over Md. Role in Slavery
State Senate Resolution Follows Similar Action in Virginia
By Ovetta Wiggins, Washington Post Staff Writer

The Maryland Senate agreed to express "profound regret" for the state's role in the slave trade with unanimous approval of a resolution that acknowledges the responsibility the state had in maintaining "the institution of slavery and its attendant evils."

The gesture of contrition comes just a month after Virginia passed a similar resolution as part of the state's 400th anniversary celebration of the founding of Jamestown. (link)
It's been only a month? It seems like so long ago that we absolved ourselves of our slavery sins. Was it before Anna Nicole died?

Hey, is it too early to be thinking about apologizing again?

Thought For The Day

Leon Wieseltier on Barack Obama:

I was troubled by the extent of Obama's own reliance on the machinery of celebrity, and wondered how it was that in his few years in the Senate he found time to write a big book but almost no legislation.

This is not an era of easy questions, but Obama makes them all look easy. Or, worse, he finds their complexity toasty - an occasion for the display of his talent for suasion. In this respect he reminds me not so much of Bill Clinton, whose facility was at least riddled with the particulars of policy, but of Mario Cuomo. Maybe Obama is the new Cuomo, but without the infirm will. (link)

Big talk. Like Cuomo, no walk.

I'll Bet There's a Story Here

This, from the Roanoke Times, is funny.

She Could Have At Least Appeared Topless

There was so much she could have revealed.

At least, had she done so, we would have gained something from this Democratic operative's performance before a less-than rapt Congressional committee:
Plame Sheds Little Light in Leak Case
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Associated Press Writer

Washington (AP) -- Valerie Plame put a glamorous face and a personal story to Democrats' criticism of the Bush administration Friday, telling a House committee that White House and State Department officials "carelessly and recklessly" blew her CIA cover in a politically motivated smear of her husband.

Plame, the operative at the center of the leak scandal that resulted in last week's criminal conviction of a former top White House official, created more of a stir by her presence on Capitol Hill than by her testimony.

She revealed little new information about the case, which sparked a federal investigation and brought perjury and obstruction of justice convictions of Vice President Dick Cheney's former top aide ... (link)
Too bad. We were so looking to be entertained.

A Do-Nothing Legislature? Not Even!

Some in the commonwealth have been wondering how it is the folks up in Richmond can't fix the roads, even after debating the issue for years now.

Well, those people need to understand there are more pressing matters that need dealt with.

There was that apology thingie ...

And then there was this:

Kaine likely to sign suicide bill
The action's intent is to encourage schools to provide help to suicidal students, not expel them.

By Greg Esposito, The Roanoke Times

Gov. Tim Kaine is expected to sign into law a bill that prohibits state universities from penalizing or expelling students for attempting suicide despite objections to the legislation from student affairs professionals.

House Bill 3064, sponsored by Del. Al Eisenberg, D-Arlington, unanimously passed both houses of the General Assembly. The bill would also protect students from penalties for threatening suicide and would require universities to create policies that ... (link)

" ... to help suicidal students, not expel them."

Our legislators. Always keeping their eyes on the big picture.

Next thing you know they'll be banning the use of gas chambers in capital punishment cases in which tiny, fuzzy kittens have been convicted and sentenced to death.

... Uh, never mind. Got that covered too.

Competing Philosophies

I turned to my wife yesterday and said:

The only reason we have lesbians in this country is because none of them has yet met a real man.

Paula looked at me and replied:

The reason women become lesbians is because they have met real men.


The Next To Go

Halliburton has announced its intention to move its headquarters overseas. And the Democrats in Washington are in a tizzy over it.

Go figure.

With the abuse that's been heaped upon them by those same Democrats, I wouldn't be surprised to see these guys the next to move to Dubai:

Wal-Mart Abandons Bank Plans
By Eric Dash, The New York Times

Few efforts illustrate the breadth of Wal-Mart’s ambitions — and the fears that they at times generate — as much as a nearly decade-long drive to establish its own bank.

Yesterday, Wal-Mart Stores abruptly abandoned those plans for its own bank, withdrawing its application to obtain a special banking charter after a firestorm of criticism from lawmakers, banking industry officials and watchdog groups.

Wal-Mart’s latest banking bid, made in July 2005, had been stalled after the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced in late January that it would delay reviewing applications for so-called industrial loan corporations. And a move in Congress to bar nonfinancial companies like retailers from owning banks has been gathering steam.

... its opponents said that Wal-Mart could not be trusted. (link)
Wal-Mart cannot be trusted ...

● A company that currently employs 1.3 million Americans, including 150,000 Hispanics, 225,000 African-Americans, 36,000 Asians, 16,000 Native Americans, and a quarter of a million elderly.

● A company that, through its 61,000 suppliers, supports the employment of an additional 3,000,000 Americans.

● A company that provides health insurance to over 1 million American men, women, and children.

● A company that, according to an independent survey, saves the average American family $2,300 per year.

● A company that, in 2005, donated a quarter of a billion dollars to charity.

● A company that has 127 million American customers every week. (source)

And they're not to be trusted.

And the government drives them out of the banking business for no good reason other than the fact that the Democrats feel they are not to be trusted.

Dubai has to be looking pretty good right now.

And I wouldn't blame them one bit.

Pack Your Bags. We're ALL Moving To Dubai ...

... if these idiots get their way:
Taming Fossil Fuels
New York Times editorial

... Congress has all the reasons it needs to move quickly to regulate global warming emissions here at home, thus setting an example for the world.

The lead authors of [an M.I.T. report on the subject], writing in The Wall Street Journal, argue that the most effective way to reduce emissions is to attach a significant price to carbon emissions, either as a carbon tax or through a cap-and-trade program of the sort now embodied in various legislative proposals in Congress. Forcing people to pay to pollute would do more than any other known incentive to bring new technologies to commercial scale. That is the task before Congress. (link)
All this to solve a problem that, more than likely, doesn't exist.

These people must be stopped.

Time To Make Your Move

A bit of advice: Those in the black separatist movement who want the United States government to cede to them Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana should make that demand NOW. While the Republicans in Washington are all frightened beyond cognitive thought and are inclined to agree to anything. No matter how outrageous.

Here's the latest:

Republican Support for Gonzales Erodes
By The Associated Press

Washinton (AP) -- The White House dropped its contention Friday that former Counsel Harriet Miers first raised the idea of firing U.S. attorneys, blaming ''hazy memories'' as e-mails shed new light on Karl Rove's role. Support eroded further for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Meanwhile, a Republican House member suggested it might be time for Gonzales to go.

''It is ultimately the president's decision, but perhaps it would benefit this administration if the attorney general was replaced with someone with a more professional focus rather than personal loyalty,'' said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif. He complained of ''a pattern of arrogance in this administration.''

On the Senate side, Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, a Judiciary Committee member, said Gonzales should go if it is proved he misled Congress. (link)

Like frightened children.

Cowards all. And they call themselves Republicans.