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Monday, March 26, 2007

This Requires a Book?

In the category of "Earth Found To Be Rotating Around Sun" news category:
The Chaleston (WV) Gazette

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Pamela Druckerman is completing a book, Lust in Translation, analyzing why extramarital affairs inflict more harm on couples in Puritanical America than in many foreign cultures, where more people are casual about infidelity. (link)
I wonder how much time was devoted to this revelation.

I Have a Better Idea

Far be it from me to question the rationale exercised by Virginia Tech students but ...

... wouldn't it be cheaper and more effective and more useful to buy a boatload of Ray-o-Vac batteries?

Virginia Tech engineering students help Kenyan village
The Associated Press

Blacksburg, Va. (AP) -- Some Virginia Tech engineering students are combining academic know how with the sun's power to bring a healthier future to an African village.

The nine Tech seniors have designed a system that will use solar panels to channel sunlight into electricity powering a clinic in southwestern Kenya.

The Tech students have designed a system to provide about 24 kilowatt hours of solar energy to the clinic each day. The average U-S household uses about 30 kilowatt hours a day.

For now, the students are still raising money for the project. They need about 120-thousand dollars to build and ship the equipment to Kenya. (link)

$120,000. To power a handful of lightbulbs and a refrigerator.

Now I don't have an engineering degree from Virginia Tech but ...

Silicon Valley Should Be Afraid

... very afraid:
Intel Plans $2.5B Chip Factory in China
By Joe McDonald, AP Business Writer

Beijing (AP) -- Intel Corp. announced Monday it will build a $2.5 billion chip factory in China, giving the U.S. company a bigger presence in the booming Chinese market and boosting Beijing's efforts to attract high-tech investment.

The factory will supply chipsets to customers in China, which Intel expects to be the largest information technology market by the time the facility opens in 2010, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said. (link)
And none of those inexpensive Chinese chips meant for Chinese customers will find their way into the U.S. market. No, that'll not happen.

Be very very afraid ...

Counter Talking Point

From this morning's Roanoke Times editorial page:
Talking point

"What matters is whether or not we produce a product today that puts pressure on this administration and sends a message to Iraq, to the Iraqi politicians, that we're going to end the permanent long-term dead-end baby-sitting service."

-- U.S. Rep. David Obey, D-Wis., after the House voted Friday for an Iraq funding bill that set a firm deadline for withdrawing U.S. troops. (link)
Counter Talking Point

What matters is whether or not we produce a product today that funds the troops who are in harm's way. Mr. Obey decided that his funding bill would be some kind of "message" instead.

You can't shoot messages at the enemy, Dave.

But I think you know that. And don't care.

Foreclosure Wave Bears Down On Idiots

That should have been the title of this article in today's Washington Post:
Foreclosure Wave Bears Down on Immigrants
Economic Success Story Turns Sour as Thousands May Face Losing Homes
By Kirstin Downey, Washington Post Staff Writer

Immigrants are emerging as among the first victims of a growing wave of home foreclosures in the Washington area as mortgage lending problems multiply locally and across the country.

Nationally, 375,000 high-interest-rate loans were made to Hispanics in 2005, and nearly 73,000 of them are likely to go into foreclosure, said ...

Nahid Azimi, who immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan 22 years ago, recently stood in the upstairs hallway of her home in Loudoun County, silently sobbing as she removed the last of her personal items from the $410,000 townhouse in South Riding she bought with pride last summer. She said she was persuaded to buy the house by an Afghan real estate agent she considered a friend and by an Afghan mortgage broker who promised to get her a good loan.

Instead, Azimi, a cashier at Giant who makes $2,400 a month, found herself strapped into a no-down-payment loan with payments of $3,800 a month. She knew it would be impossible to make the payments, but ... (link)
This woman makes $2,400 a month.
Her monthly mortgage payment is $3,800.
Good grief.

There is a story here. But the focus shouldn't be on immigrants.

Putting Their 'Faith' To The Test

While most Americans now accept the fact that child molesters are incorrigible and will never be reformed, requiring that they be removed from society forever, liberals still cling to the notion that, in fact, prisons are bad and bad people are, deep down inside, good. This despite all the evidence to the contrary.

Well, a liberal church in Carlsbad, California has a chance to put its "faith" in rehabilitation to the test. A child molester there wants to walk in their midst:
Sex offender's request fuels church debate

A sex offender's request to join a California church congregation has sparked debate on the tough issues of criminal re-entry.

The Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Carlsbad is wrangling with the emotional issues that surround Mark Pliska, 53, a registered sex offender and an ex-con who was accused of molesting two boys and exposing himself to children.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that congregation members have been meeting to talk about Pliska's joining the church. The talks revealed certain congregation members who had been abused as children. But the question still remained over what it means to be a church, particularly because Pilgrim has a reputation for being liberal and accepting, the newspaper said. (link)
"What it means to be a church." To liberals, it means nothing more than being a social club. Sometimes a social movement. Where all are welcomed with open, loving arms.

This animal is soon to walk amongst them. And their children. We'll see how open and loving those arms become.

Quote Of The Day

"Enough Said," Richmond Times-Dispatch, March 26, 2007:

Critic Michael Medved, taking a stab at defining modern conservatism and liberalism: "While conservatives obsess over distinctions of right and wrong, and insist that inevitable consequences must flow from good and bad behavior . . . liberals focus on differences of another sort entirely. The rhetoric of today's left shows that they see society divided between the privileged and the powerless, the favored and the unfortunate, victors and victims. Liberals feel an irresistible instinct to take sides with the less fortunate. While the right wants to reward beneficial choices and discourage destructive directions, the left seeks to eliminate or reduce the impact of the disadvantages that result from bad decisions. In place of the conservative emphasis on accountability, the left proffers a gospel of indiscriminate compassion."
For a working example, reread the story of the liberal California church considering taking a convicted repeat child molester into its congregation above.

On Moral Equivalence

From Suzanne Fields, "Moral equivalence revived," The Washington Times:
The intellectual elites of the left, both here and in Britain and Europe, are resuscitating moral equivalence, this time promoting the idea that the values of the West are no better than the nostrums of the Islamists. Bernard Lewis, the distinguished scholar of the history of the Middle East, doesn't like the terms "left" and "right," but he applies them to Europeans of the left who encourage radical Muslims who spout anti-American slogans and the Europeans on the right who encourage Muslims who vow to destroy the Jews: "In Europe, their hatreds out weigh their loyalties."

Bruce Bawer makes this point in his book, "While Europe Slept: How Radicalism is Destroying the West from Within." One of the most disgraceful developments of our time, he writes, "is that many Western intellectuals who pride themselves on being liberals have effectively aligned themselves with an outrageously illiberal movement that rejects equal rights for women, that believes gays and Jews should be executed, that supports the cold-blooded murder of one's own children in the name of honor." Young Europeans in Che Guevara t-shirts and Palestinian scarves, to identify with a "glamorous" revolution that exists only in their naive imaginations, are dangerously out of touch with the authentic peril in the world. (link)
All of which manifests in the West being incapable of understanding, and therefore being powerless to deal with, insolent, flagrant Islamist aggression in this modern era.

I fear for the civilized world.

They Haven't a Clue

This reminds me of Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's proposal to extend state educational opportunities to preschool-aged children:
Failing Schools See a Solution in Longer Day
By Diana Jean Schemo, The New York Times

Fall River, Mass. — States and school districts nationwide are moving to lengthen the day at struggling schools, spurred by grim test results suggesting that more than 10,000 schools are likely to be declared failing under federal law next year.

In Massachusetts, in the forefront of the movement, Gov. Deval L. Patrick is allocating $6.5 million this year for longer days and can barely keep pace with demand: 84 schools have expressed interest.

Gov. Eliot Spitzer of New York has proposed an extended day ...

And Gov. M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut is proposing to lengthen the day ... (link)
Here's the premise (though no politician, including Kaine, will put it in these terms): We can't lock a kid in a schoolroom for twelve years, thirteen counting kindergarten, and teach them to read and do math. So we'll try a fourteenth year. Or, in this case, we'll lock 'em in for a longer period each day.

Ever notice how long it takes a four-year-old to learn to ride a bike? Minutes.

Ten hours a day. For fourteen years.