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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Right-Wing Fascists On The March

Sometimes the labels just don't fit. But if the shoe does ...

Health Chief Promises 'Common-Sense' Rules
Proposal Faces Legislative Opposition
By Tim Craig, Washington Post Staff Writer

Richmond, April 2 -- Virginia's health commissioner said Monday that if the General Assembly votes this week to ban smoking in bars and restaurants, he will appoint a task force to develop "a common-sense definition" for eating establishments that would be covered.

Robert B. Stroube, the commissioner, was responding to concerns raised last week by some lawmakers that the restaurant ban proposed by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) is too broad. (link)

Why a law allowing SMOKERS ONLY eating establishments, to mollify those frightened individuals who go through life fretting that someone or something is about to get them but, at the same time, allowing American citizens to enjoy themselves at meal time in a manner they find appealing, wouldn't be considered is beyond me.

But this really isn't about smoke. It's always been about those goddam smokers. Most of whom are poor. And dirty smelly. And shouldn't be in our restaurants seated near us anyway.

So the liberals ban them. And feel good for having done it.

Sometimes I'd Rather Not Know

Look, I have an addicton to Chinese food. And I know that some of the restaurants I frequent don't meet certain societal standards when it comes to hygiene, but ... I have an addiction to Chinese food.

For that reason, I'd just as soon you didn't look too close for things like this:

Footage of Rats in Eateries to Be Shown
By Yolanda Woodlee, Washington Post Staff Writer

If area viewers became squeamish watching the recent video of rats running wild at the Greenwich Village KFC/Taco Bell in New York, then they may not want to see footage today of what was found in the nation's capital.

The popular television show "Inside Edition" will show "rodents running wild in restaurants" from Dupont Circle to Adams Morgan in a segment scheduled at 4:30 p.m. on WUSA (Channel 9). (link)

Rat turds in the Kung Pao chicken. I always wondered where that unique flavor comes from.

And we worry about second-hand smoke ...

The Work Goes On

Lest we forget why we are fighting terrorists in lands far away:
Tragic Wait Ends
By Stephanie Gaskell, The New York Post

April 3, 2007 -- Two 9/11 victims whose remains were found in the rubble of the World Trade Center more than five years ago were identified this week, the Medical Examiner's Office said yesterday.

The name of one of the victims is not being released at the family's request. The other victim's family is still deciding whether to release its loved one's identity.

Of the 2,749 victims of the World Trade Center attack, 1,146 have still not been identified. (link)
How sad. Sadder still, probably, for the parents, children, husbands, wives and friends of all those Americans - 1,146 - who vanished from the face of the earth that day and have never been found. They wait anxiously for a similar call that may never come.

Time To Retreat From Darfur

Where's Pelosi? We need to get our troops out of ... er, keep our troops from being sent to Darfur. There are bad people there too.
Rebel Ambush in Darfur Kills 5 African Union Peacekeepers in Deadliest Attack on the Force
By Lydia Polgreen, The New York Times

Dakar, Senegal, April 2 — Five African Union peacekeepers were killed in a brazen rebel ambush in Darfur less than a mile from their base along Sudan’s border with Chad on Sunday evening, the African Union said Monday.

It was the deadliest attack on the beleaguered African Union force since it was deployed to monitor a shaky cease-fire agreement in 2004. The motive for the ambush appeared to be theft — the rebels took one of the peacekeepers’ trucks, though reinforcements killed three of the attackers, African Union officials said. (link)
Expect to hear calls from the Democrats for a withdrawal timetable. And a redeployment of forces to Okinawa. Until ...

Well, At Least They're Being Honest

Years ago they asked for volunteers to join the Peace Corps and head to Africa to assist those in developing countries who needed their help. And we were asked to donate cash to aid the effort.

Not any more.

Now we're simply being told we owe them. Pay up:
Reports From Four Fronts in the War on Warming
By Andrew C. Revkin, The New York Times

Over the last few decades, as scientists have intensified their study of the human effects on climate and of the effects of climate change on humans, a common theme has emerged: in both respects, the world is a very unequal place.

In almost every instance, the people most at risk from climate change live in countries that have contributed the least to the atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases linked to the recent warming of the planet.

Those most vulnerable countries also tend to be the poorest. And the countries that face the least harm — and that are best equipped to deal with the harm they do face — tend to be the richest.

Disparities like these have prompted a growing array of officials in developing countries and experts on climate, environmental law and diplomacy to insist that the first world owes the third world a climate debt.

The obligation of the established greenhouse-gas emitters to help those most imperiled by warming derives from the longstanding legal concept that “the polluter pays,” many experts say.

“We have an obligation to ... (link)
IF we have an obligation to the poor of Africa, I'd say it's been paid. Many times over.