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Friday, April 06, 2007

Good News On The Economic Front

Now that I think about it, perhaps we shouldn't complain that the Democrats are off plotting with the enemy, whining about Alberto Gonzales, and blathering about impeachment (see items below). Without their meddling with the economy, we thrive:

Unemployment Rate Drops to 5-Month Low
By Jeannine Aversa, The Associated Press

Washington -- America's employers ramped up hiring in March, driving the unemployment rate down to a five-month low of 4.4 percent. It was a surprisingly strong performance in an economy that has otherwise shown signs of sluggishness recently.

The new snapshot, released by the Labor Department on Friday, also showed that companies boosted their payrolls by a strong 180,000 in March, the most since December. Workers' also saw their paychecks get bigger. The fresh figures suggested that companies are not feeling a need to dramatically clamp down on hiring in the face of the slower overall economic activity and the deep housing slump. (link)

Excellent performance.

A note: For how many years now have the "experts" in the media been predicting economic gloom approaching, but reporting economic prosperity continuing apace? More than I can remember.

A high-five is in order.

A Few Facts To Calm The Hysteria

It has only been in the last few years that CO2 has become recognized as a polluting greenhouse gas agent. Well, "become recognized" isn't the right term. "Been accused" may be more appropriate.

I've allowed the hysteria go without comment, much as I have with regard to the many other wild-eyed pronouncements that now routinely come from those who are frightened by every change in the weather (It seems like just yesterday we were using the old adage: Don't like the weather? Wait 15 minutes. Now it's: Tomorrow is supposed to see a cold spell pass through the area. Aaaagghhh! We're all going to die from global warming!).

And I could have continued to ignore the frightened anthropoids among us had not the Supreme Court decided recently to join in the madness.

So a few facts about our newest pollutant are in order (provided by Alan Caruba in this morning's Washington Times):
CO2 is not a pollutant. It exists in the Earth's atmosphere and every blade of grass and every great tree utterly depends on it. In that regard, other than the oxygen on which all living creatures depend, CO2 is the second-most essential gas for its ability to harness the sun's energy and, through photosynthesis, maintain every form of vegetation on Earth.

According to the Energy Department, CO2 represents a concentration in the Earth's atmosphere of 368 parts per million or 0.0368 percent, i.e., 368 ten-thousandths of 1 percent.

What is the most significant greenhouse gas, accounting for an estimated 95 percent of Earth's greenhouse effect? It is water vapor. Its origin is 99.999 percent natural. If you wondered where the snow goes when it melts, it becomes for a time, water vapor. The vast percentage of the Earth's surface is water. (source)
At 0.0368 percent of a million particles, how many million particles does it take for CO2 to be considered a significant "pollutant?" More than you and I will ever emit, brother.

And as for the bugaboo relating to CO2 auto emissions, a startling reality:
John A. Charles Jr., president of the Cascade Policy Institute, notes, "Emissions of hydrocarbons from cars and trucks in the U.S. have fallen 99.3 percent on a per-mile basis since 1968, and carbon monoxide emissions have declined by 96 percent." We already have clean air and this despite increased motor vehicle and energy use.

Contrast that with a U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization report that the global livestock sector is responsible for a higher share of greenhouse gas emissions than transport. The report says livestock account for 9 percent of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, 37 percent of methane emissions, 64 percent of ammonia emissions, and 65 percent of global nitrous oxide.
So. Relax. Take a deep breath (of very clean air). And have fun. Tomorrow will be another day.

But let's resolve to replace those muddleheaded fossils that are taking up space - and sucking up our oxygen - on the Supreme Court.

The Do-Nothing Congress. Part I.

They can't even get that minimum wage increase through. The one that everyone in Congress and even the President supports. Why?

They have more important things to waste their time on:

Liberals push to impeach Bush
By Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times

Congressional Democrats say their constituents are clamoring for something even the most liberal lawmakers promise they won't pursue: President Bush's impeachment.

"I get one call after another saying, 'Impeach the president,' "said Rep. John P. Murtha, Pennsylvania Democrat and one of Mr. Bush's most relentless critics on the Iraq war. (link)

Meanwhile, on actual legislative matters ... well, there are none to report at this time.

Non-binding resolutions. Timetables that the President has promised to veto. Idiotic babble (again from Jihad Johnny Murtha) about reinstating the draft. Impeachment.

I ask you: Should we dissolve this Congress and start over?

And I Get Paid To Do This

Had the opportunity yesterday to check out the war-readiness of our United States military. I was given a tour (albeit whirlwind) of both our Naval Air Station Oceana and the Navy Amphibious Base in Little Creek, both in and around Norfolk (which the locals pronounce Nah'fuck). I was hoping to get to Portsmouth as well but time didn't permit.

Actually I was conducting business with the Navy.

Still, I can officially report: All is in mighty good hands. Key word being mighty.

I Am Not Alone

It seems there are others who are now questioning the bizarre and rather embarrassing behavior of those British sailors and marines who were just released by Iran (see yesterday's post).

This from the New York Times:

Freed Britons Are Back Home but Face Questions About Their Capture and Behavior
By Sarah Lyall, The New York Times

London, April 5 — The 15 British marines and sailors held captive in Iran for nearly two weeks arrived back home on Thursday. But Britain’s relief at their safe return was tarnished by questions about how they behaved during their detention and why they had been captured in the first place.

Seized March 23 while conducting a routine operation in the disputed Shatt al-Arab waterway, just north of the Persian Gulf, the captives were repeatedly displayed on Iranian state television, sometimes looking relaxed and smiling. In several cases, they confessed to and apologized for having trespassed on Iranian territorial waters.

In The Daily Mail, the columnist Steven Glover compared the captives with those from other conflicts. “I do not blame the hostages for their apparent willingness to confess and apologize,” he wrote. “But we had better be honest with ourselves. In no previous era — not during World War II or Korea or Suez or the Falklands — would British servicemen have behaved in such a manner.” (link)
In no previous era.

With the possible exception of the person to the right in this photo (I've circled his face), who looks to be disgusted with the antics of his cohorts, the marines and sailors shown here, still in captivity, look like they are touring Times Square and just got to meet Yoko Ono.

I look at this and, once again, fear for western civilization.

The New York Post offers this scathing assessment.

Ralph Peters has this.

And Speaking of Despicable ...

... we have Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, hat ... er, scarf-in-hand, consorting with the enemy, pretending to be something we didn't give her permission to be.

Because of her embarrassing antics, Dick Cheney let's her have it:
VP Spanks Nancy For 'Behavior' Problem
By Ian Bishop, New York Post Correspondent

April 6, 2007 -- Washington - Vice President Dick Cheney chastised House Speaker Nancy Pelosi yesterday for her "bad behavior" during a Mideast trip - and for bungling a message to Syria's dictator.

"The president is the one who conducts foreign policy, not the speaker of the House," Cheney declared in one interview.

While in Damascus on Wednesday, Pelosi had told Syrian President Bashar Assad that Israel was ready to negotiate with Syria.

The bungle drew a swift correction from Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who said, "Syria continues to be part of the axis of evil and an element that encourages terror in the entire Middle East."

Cheney said it was obvious Olmert hadn't authorized Pelosi's dunderhead delivery.

"It was a nonstatement, nonsensical statement, and didn't make any sense at all that she would suggest that those talks could go forward as long as the Syrians conducted themselves as a prime state sponsor of terror," he said on Rush Limbaugh's radio show. (link)
A "dunderhead." If the scarf fits ...