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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Reminder

Join me Saturday at the book-signing event in Roanoke to help an injured firefighter. Details here.

Quote Of The Day

From Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman:

"The challenge before us ... is whether we respond to al-Qaeda's barbarism by running away, as it hopes we do -- abandoning the future of Iraq, the Middle East and ultimately our own security to the very people responsible for last week's atrocities -- or whether we stand and fight.

To me, there is only one choice that protects America's security -- and that is to stand, and fight, and win."

"One Choice in Iraq," Washington Post, April 26, 2007

If Only We Had Had That 20,001st Gun Law

The New York Times this morning complains that the NRA has stifled debate, intimidated elected representatives into submission, and prevented gun control laws from being enacted. And whoever wrote this seems serious:
Guns and More Guns
New York Times editorial

By now, the logic is almost automatic. A shooter takes innocent lives, and someone says that if the victims had been armed, this wouldn’t have happened. The only solution to a gun in the wrong hands, it seems, is a gun in the hands of everyone.

That’s the state of the debate over gun control today. The National Rifle Association and the gun lobby have silenced every legislature in this country. Instead of stricter laws, tighter controls and better background checks, the gun lobby proposes more guns. And what the gun lobby proposes, lawmakers deliver. (link)
Dude, if the NRA has been able to "silence every legislature in this country" and prevent the enactment of gun control laws, how do you explain the fact that we now have, according to the leading expert on the subject, 20,000 gun laws on the books at the federal, state and local levels?*

20,000 laws and Cho Seung-Hui was still able to slaughter 32 innocent Americans at Virginia Tech last Monday. What, we're to believe that, had we only had that 20,001st law in place, he would have been prevented from committing that heinous act?

Please. We find you no longer amusing.

* I had earlier reported there to be only 10,000 gun laws on the books. I was off by half.

The Do Nothing Congress. Act VIII.

You wonder why the Democrat-controlled Congress is getting nothing done?

Our elected representatives have apparently tired of the everyday task of legislating and have taken on the role of private dick investigator:

Flexing Muscles, Democrats Issue 3 Subpoenas
By Neil A. Lewis and Eric Lipton, The New York Times

Washington, April 25 — In a vivid display of their new power, Democrats across Capitol Hill on Wednesday approved a flurry of subpoenas to fuel a series of investigations of the Bush administration.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued three subpoenas in quick order. One was to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to answer questions about the administration’s prewar claims about Iraq’s weapons programs and two were to the Republican National Committee and its chairman to be questioned about whether the party’s e-mail system was used by Bush officials to conceal some of their actions. (

Since the Democrats have decided to not do anything constructive ever again, do we still have to pay them tribute taxes?

Somebody Wasn't Paying Attention In Business 101 Class

I made passing mention the other day of the fact that someone over at General Motors had been paying attention in Business 101 class because he or she understood that "profit is more important than sales."

Well, it's a lesson that the folks at Nissan apparently now need to be taught:

Nissan's 1Q Profit Plunges 54 Percent
By The Associated Press

Tokyo (AP) -- Nissan's profit plunged 54 percent in the January-March quarter, contributing to its first drop in annual profit in seven years -- the first such setback under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn, who salvaged the Japanese automaker from collapse.

Group net profit at Nissan Motor Co. for the quarter through March 31 totaled 70.6 billion yen ($595 million), down from 152.4 billion yen, as job reduction costs and higher taxes offset improved sales. Quarterly sales rose 7 percent to 2.8 trillion yen ($23.6 billion). (link)

Sales grow 7%. Profits decline 54%. I don't think that's how it's supposed to work.
Hey, Nissan, put me in charge. I can get you guys record sales, if selling your cars doesn't require that we turn a profit ...

What? Their Cowardice Makes Them Look Strong?

This would be hilarious, if it weren't so pathetic.

Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani came out swinging Tuesday, accusing the Democrats of being cowards and predicting that, should one of them be elected commander in chief, that he - or she - would "wave the white flag" of surrender.

And, in reaction to being bitchslapped, like whining children, how those cowards do howl:
Giuliani Broadens His Message on Terrorism
By Marc Santora, The New York Times

Manchester, N.H., April 25 — In his two months on the campaign trail, the central animating theme of Rudolph W. Giuliani’s presidential campaign has been that his performance as New York mayor on Sept. 11, 2001, makes him the best candidate to keep the United States safe from terrorists.

But when Mr. Giuliani broadened that message here on Tuesday night, saying that Democrats “do not understand the full nature and scope of the terrorist war against us” and that if they were elected the United States would suffer “more losses,” the response from his Democratic rivals was swift and pointed.

In his speech before Republicans here on Tuesday night, Mr. Giulani called the fight against terrorism “the defining conflict of our time.” If a Democrat were elected president, he said, they would “wave the white flag” in Iraq, cut back on surveillance of terrorists, restrict the ability of law enforcement officials to gather intelligence and limit interrogation techniques, curtailing their effectiveness.

The Democrats’ rapid response reflected a desire among their candidates not to let themselves be painted as weak, as many party loyalists believe occurred in 2004. (link)
The Democrats don't want to be perceived as being weak. I'll pause for your chuckle to pass.

I got news for these Conan wanna-bes. Their wimpish squeals of indignation, along with their incessant and ignobly timid implorings that we cut and run from the global terrorist threat, make them look like wienies, the likes of which Rudy Giuliani couldn't begin to effect.

I am Democrat; hear me roar.


This Is How It Was Supposed To Work

Before a small handful of wrinkled old men who were then occupying space on the Supreme Court decided in 1973 that they would move past the legislative process and start passing laws of their own, the nation was well on its way toward sorting out divisive issues like abortion. But because they decided to supercede the legislature - and the legislature allowed them to do it - the country has been in constant turmoil ever since.

Had the Supreme Court not acted rashly, the various states would have sorted the issue out on their own.

Finally, after so many tumultuous years, and so many deaths, we are beginning to move in that direction once again:

Spitzer Pushing Bill to Shore Up Abortion Rights
By Danny Hakim, The New York Times

Albany, April 25 — [New York] Gov. Eliot Spitzer said Wednesday that he planned to introduce legislation to overhaul the state’s pioneering but antiquated abortion law, shoring up abortion rights in New York.

The proposal follows the United States Supreme Court’s decision last week to uphold the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, at a time when several other states are moving to tighten restrictions on abortion.

New York took an early role in legalizing abortion, and the governor’s plan ... (link)

The people of New York apparently want to maintain their abortion-on-demand arrangement. Let them.

But the rest of us shouldn't be forced, by judicial decree - this is still America, after all - to live the way New Yorkers live.

A concept the Supreme Court, three decades ago, failed to grasp.

Boucher Abandons The Troops

General David Petraeus, our commander on the ground in Iraq, came to Washington yesterday to give Congress an update on how operations are going there. The Democrats in Congress weren't interested. They know better than he does. Or so it appears:
War Bill Passes House, Requiring an Iraq Pullout
By Carl Hulse and Jeff Zeleny, The New York Times

Washington, April 25 — The House on Wednesday narrowly approved a $124 billion war spending bill that would require American troops to begin withdrawing from Iraq by Oct. 1, setting the stage for the first veto fight between President Bush and majority Democrats.

Only hours after Gen. David H. Petraeus, the commander in Iraq, told lawmakers he needed more time to gauge the effectiveness of a troop buildup there, the House voted 218 to 208 to pass a measure that sought the removal of most combat forces by next spring. Mr. Bush has said unequivocally and repeatedly that he will veto it. (
The commander of our army in the field tells our representatives what he needs to win the war. They refuse him. Never in the history of this country has this happened. The Democrats are an ongoing disgrace.

Toeing the line, and bringing up the rear, ever the good toady, is our Congressman, Rick Boucher.