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Saturday, April 28, 2007

What's Wrong With This Logic?

The left is trying desperately to make the Virginia Tech Massacre out to be about something other than a psychopath slaughtering 32 innocent men and women.

The boys over at the Roanoke Times flail take a stab at it this morning with this jaw-dropper:

"Virginia should have closed its gun-show loophole, long ago. Perhaps mass murder at Virginia Tech will finally convince state lawmakers of that."

No, the shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, did not buy his handguns at a gun show.

Still ... (link)
The shooter didn't buy his weapons at a gun show - so we should pass a gun show law. Using that logic, we should demand, as a result of Cho Seung-Hui's heinous act:

● ... a law requiring dog licenses for all pets

● ... boxers rather than briefs

● ... a ban on sugar-free ice cream

● ... that Phil get kicked off American Idol or be required to wear a wig

● ... that the Roanoke Times quit killing trees just to print such idiocy ...

For the love of God.

Do What Al Gore Does

Here's the way things are coming together: You can buy that dreamy ass-kickin' SUV you've always wanted, as long as you go out and purchase one of those curlicue lightbulbs over at the Wal-Mart at the same time. Carbon offsets they're called. You are then absolved of your sin. Al Gore, no less, says so.

Apparently a lot of people up in D.C. have taken his campaign to heart. They're scooping up those big luxurious SUV's like there ain't no tomorrow (perhaps they saw "An Inconvenient Truth," found out there ain't no tomorrow, and have decided to go out with a smile).

I'll bet the shopping carts coming out of the Wal-Mart in Alexandria are chock full of curlicue lightbulbs too. Call it the balance of nature.

The news:
Area sales of luxury SUVs in high gear
By Bryce Baschuk, The Washington Times

The sport utility market may be down nationally, but some Washington-area auto dealers say their SUV sales are just fine.

"Our [Cadillac] Escalade sales have not stopped, it is our best-selling SUV," said David Marshall, a sales manager at Capital Hummer in Greenbelt.

"The clientele that buys Escalades can afford it, so gas doesn't seem to be an issue," he said.

Local SUV dealers attribute their continued sales to the economic stability of the Washington region.

"This area is very affluent and ... (link)
Oh, that's right. The affluent are exempt from Affluent Al's providential proscriptions. It's us poor schmucks who are supposed to be paying five bucks for that light bulb.

I wonder if Wal-Mart will allow me to run a tab...

This Explains Part Of It

An insight into Rosie O'Donnell:
Plumping 'Out': Lesbians Face Higher Obesity Risk

April 28, 2007 -- Lesbians are twice as likely as heterosexual women to be overweight or obese, researchers said.

The report, in the American Journal of Public Health, is one of the first large studies to look at obesity in lesbians.

Ulrike Boehmer of the Boston University School of Public Health and colleagues looked at a 2002 national survey of almost 6,000 women, and found lesbians were 2.69 times more likely to be overweight and 2.47 times more likely to be obese. (link)
Now if someone could come up with a study to explain Rosie's lapses into bouts of uncontrolled mental vacuity ...

Well, No. That's Different, You See.

Next time you hear a liberal whine about conservative politicians being fixated on social issues, in order to divide the nation as Howard Dean would have you believe, you might bring up the reign of Eliot Spitzer, governor of New York.

Thus far, in his short term in office, ultra-liberal Spitzer has proposed two major pieces of legislation. Neither of which has to do with fiscal matters.

The first involves abortion.

And now gay marriage:
Eliot Unveils Bill To Let Gays Tie Knot

April 28, 2007 -- Albany - Gov. Spitzer, following through on a campaign pledge, unveiled a bill yesterday to legalize gay marriage in New York.

The move by Spitzer drew praise from supporters of gay marriage.

"Today is a watershed moment in our community's struggle to win the freedom to marry in New York," said Alan Van Capelle, executive director of the Empire State Pride Agenda. (link)
The difference between Dean's attack on Republicans' obsession with "God, guns, and gays" and this proposal is in the fact that Dean, Spitzer, and their fellow liberals don't see this as being divisive. All their friends agree with the move(s).

Remember this. Use it.

While We're On The Subject Of Howard Dean's Hypocrisy

He never uttered a bad word about Bill Clinton's immoral behavior. Nor did he decry our former child-president's filthying of the Oval Office with his hide-the-cigar escapades with an underage female employee.

But Howard Dean, moral arbiter of the Democratic Party, has a major problem with Rudy Giuliani's past. Why does this ring sorta hollow?
Dem Dean Flings Dirt At Rudy
By Carl Campanile, The New York Post

April 28, 2007 -- Rudy Giuliani's stormy personal life will be a "serious" liability
in his campaign for president, Democratic National Committee boss Howard Dean charged yesterday.

"His personal life is a serious problem for him," Dean said in a CNN interview, adding that Giuliani "has a lot of character issues."

Dean refused to discuss the specifics of Giuliani's personal woes, but ... (link)
And Bill Clinton is a saint.

How pathetic.

Virginia GOP Should Look To Nebraska

For all you conservatives here in Virginia who are fed up with the liberal representation in the Senate, look to Nebraska with hope.

From Robert Novak, whose column appears this morning in the New York Post:
Sen. Chuck Hagel, facing opposition from the right wing of the Nebraska Republican Party, is expected to decide within the next 21/2 months what he will do in 2008: run for president, seek a third term in the Senate or neither.

Hagel has been testing the presidential waters in Iowa and New Hampshire over the past several months. He would be the only major Republican presidential prospect who opposes President Bush's Iraq war policy.

His stance on the war may force a contested Nebraska primary against Hagel, who has been the state's most popular Republican in a generation. State Attorney General Jon Bruning has withdrawn his earlier support for Hagel and indicated he may run against him for the Republican nomination for the Senate. (link)
Unlike Senator John Warner here in Virginia, Chuck Hagel isn't so much the liberal as he is a weirdo. Still, it's good to see a conservative stepping up to challenge Hagel's wayward meanderings into leftdom.

Who here has the cojones?

The Church Of Brotherly Love Ain't So Loving These Days

The leadership of the Episcopal Church in this country has a special place in its heart for homosexuals. Church leaders have opened their arms - with an offering of unbridled love - to those who have been most egregiously spurned by our society.

And the concept of hate? Well, they denounce it in no uncertain terms.

But let a black Anglican archbishop step foot in these United States and watch their seething wrath pour forth. These Princes of Peace become Vaders of Darth:
Visit by Anglican Bishop Draws Episcopal Anger
By Neela Banerjee, The New York Times

Washington, April 27 —The Anglican archbishop of Nigeria, a fierce critic of the Episcopal Church for its acceptance of homosexuality, is arriving next week to install a bishop to lead congregations around the country that want to break from it.

Episcopal leaders say the visit threatens to strain further the already fragile relations between their church and the rest of the worldwide Anglican Communion. But Episcopal traditionalists say there is a growing desire among them to break away. A decision by the Episcopal Church in 2003 to consecrate an openly gay priest, V. Gene Robinson, as the bishop of New Hampshire profoundly alienated those theological traditionalists, and most of the Anglican Communion overseas, who contend that the Bible condemns homosexuality.

The Nigerian archbishop, Peter J. Akinola, will preside over a ceremony in Virginia on May 5 installing Martyn Minns, former rector of an Episcopal church there, as the bishop of the Convocation of Anglicans in North America, an offshoot of the Nigerian church.

The convocation was created in part to oversee congregations that no longer want to be in the Episcopal Church but would like to remain in the Anglican Communion. (link)
You may remember, all this began out of an interest in compassion. A desire to be inclusive.

If it becomes any more compassionate, the Episcopal Church hierarchy will be taking up arms and burning people at the stake. Again.

Can't you just feel the love?

A Portent?

And the Democrats haven't even started ripping apart President Bush's tax cuts yet:
Economy at Its Slowest in 4 Years
By Eduardo Porter and Jeremy W. Peters, The New York Times

Economic growth slowed to its weakest pace in four years during the first three months of 2007, underscoring how the persistent slump in the housing market continued to serve as a drag on the American economy.

In its first estimate of economic growth for the quarter, the Commerce Department said the nation’s gross domestic product, the most comprehensive measure of overall economic activity, expanded 1.3 percent for the quarter, barely over half the rate recorded in the final quarter of last year. (
Best guesses predict a rebound from this slow start.

But the Democrats don't need to be rocking the boat right now. Reinstate the tax cuts.

Imus Doesn't Hold a Candle To This Maniac

Radio Talk Show host Don Imus was fired, and banished from society in disgrace, for cracking an ill-considered joke about nappy-headed hos. But he didn't threaten to harm his eleven-year old daughter. And he didn't scream vile epithets at her, for all the world to hear. But he was fired just the same.

Had Imus only been a darling of the liberal elite in this country ...

If he were, perhaps this writer for the New York Times would have come to his defense too, and begged him to stay on the air:

Under Fire, an Actor Lashes Back With a Plan
By Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

The fate of “30 Rock” looks dire. Alec Baldwin said on “The View” yesterday that he wanted to quit that NBC sitcom to write a book about “parental alienation.”

For the good of viewers — and readers — Mr. Baldwin must not leave the show.

His performance yesterday suggests that he may need some persuading to stay with the sitcom, in which he is brilliant, and away from talk show couches, where he is anything but.

It’s certainly in the best interest of the child. As bad as all the publicity over her father’s ranting voice-mail message must be for 11-year-old Ireland, she will have to live it all over again if her father quits show business. The book reviews — let alone the stand-up comedy routines — would surely inflict even more emotional damage.

Mr. Baldwin told Barbara Walters and Rosie O’Donnell that he wanted to devote his life to exposing the injustices perpetrated on divorced dads, and that he hoped ... (link)
Get that part about the publicity being bad for Baldwin's kid? Never mind the threats. Never mind the hatred. Never mind the rage. Never mind the fact that this animal called his own daughter a pig. Never mind the fact that this little girl's life is in danger.

The eleven-year old should be concerned about the publicity.

And the Times correspondent doesn't want to lose Baldwin. It would be bad for the TV production.

How utterly contemptible.

Listen to this recording of Alec Baldwin snarling accusations and threats aimed at his own daughter. An act for which he should be locked up. TV ratings be damned.

* requires media player

The Judicial Branch Should Butt Out

Some apparel manufacturers are upset with the way tariffs are levied by Congress. And they may have good reason to be. But ...

The news:

In Apparel, All Tariffs Aren’t Created Equal
By Michael Barbaro, The New York Times

Congress, it turns out, plays fashion favorites.

Take bathing suits. It slaps a 28 percent tax on men’s imports, but just 12 percent on women’s. Or overalls. The government imposes a 14 percent tariff on women’s, but only 9 percent on men’s.

There is no apparent pattern to the tariffs, which penalize men in some instances, and women in others. But the fees tacked onto clothing, shoes and swimwear as they enter the country’s ports may be the last legal form of sex discrimination in the United States, approved year after year by lawmakers and passed on to consumers.

For decades, apparel companies have grudgingly tolerated the peculiar disparities, writing them off as a vestige of smoke-filled, backroom trade negotiations.

But now, several major apparel makers, like Steve Madden, Asics and Columbia Sportswear, are challenging the tariffs in lawsuits against the federal government that have broad implications for the clothing industry, not to mention the battle of the sexes. (link)

Our courts these days seem to be involved in all aspects of the legislative process but this is clearly beyond their realm of authority. Because of something called the Constitution, the judiciary should butt out.

Article I, Section 8

Clause 1: The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States;

Clause 3: To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes (source)

Key words (in clause 3): "To regulate commerce." In other words to shape, to adjust, to fix.

The courts should reject this petition forthwith.

Your civics lesson for today.