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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Nice Tribute

This remembrance of those who are today risking their lives to make this world a better place will bring tears to your eyes.

1st Amendment Is For Me. Not For Thee.

The plan worked so well for a racist hatemonger - and recent contender for the Democratic nomination for president - Al Sharpton, that three Democrats here in the commonwealth are trying to pull off the same stunt. Rereading the First Amendment to the Constitution, they've found it to actually say:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech unless it involves a right-wing talk show host, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble unless it involves a right-wing talk show host, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. "

That explains this:

Delegates call for boycotting talk show host for Tech stance
The radio personality referred to the "wussification of America" and asked why students did not retaliate.
By Mike Gangloff, The Roanoke Times

Three members of the Virginia House of Delegates are calling on radio stations to drop self-described "Talkmaster" Neal Boortz after his comments that Virginia Tech students should have done more to defend themselves.

"Mr. Boortz's hateful comments should have no place in this Commonwealth, particularly at this trying time," says a letter that Dels. Jim Shuler, D-Blacksburg; Steve Shannon, D-Fairfax County; and Chuck Caputo, D-Fairfax County, sent Monday to the eight Virginia stations that carry Boortz.

Starting the day after the April 16 killings of 32 people on Tech's campus, Boortz began asking why students didn't fight back against shooter Seung-Hui Cho. (link)

Before I go any further, I should scold the editor at the Times for not proofing this article more thoroughly. The header says the delegates are calling for a "boycott" while the article itself says the delegates actually want area radio stations to fire Boortz (using the word "drop"). Big, Big difference.

But to the point of the article:

Is Boortz's opinion defensible? I don't think so.

But is Boortz's right to have and express an opinion, free of government intimidation, defensible? To the death.

There'll be no ban.

You guys don't like what this American citizen has to say? Don't listen. Call for a boycott. But don't be strong-arming radio stations into forcing him off the air. That is not your prerogative. In fact, as representatives of the people, you have been given, by us, no such authority. So knock it off.

Only racist hatemongers - Democratic presidential nominees no less - can get away with that.

Quote Of The Day

From Michael Barone:

In 1987, Florida passed a law allowing citizens who could demonstrate that they were law-abiding and had sufficient training to obtain permits on demand to own and carry concealed weapons.

When Florida passed its concealed-weapons law, I thought it was a terrible idea. People would start shooting each other over traffic altercations; parking lots would turn into shooting galleries. Not so, it turned out. Only a very, very few concealed-weapons permits have been revoked. There are only rare incidents in which people with concealed-weapons permits have used them unlawfully. Ordinary law-abiding people, it turns out, are pretty trustworthy.
Imagine that.

"Feeling Safe Isn't Safe," The Washington Times, May 1, 2007

Don't Make Us Come Over There

At some point we are going to have to make the determination that seizing control of our wayward western counties, in order to protect the citizenry there and to inject a bit of modernity into the region's ossified way of life, is what's best.

Right out of the 18th century, and emanating this morning from West Virginia:

‘Murder by dueling:’ Investigation into shooting results in new charges against McDowell suspect
By Samantha Perry, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

Welch — A McDowell County man was arrested Monday on the charge of “murder by dueling” in connection with a fatal shoot-out April 20 in the Gilliam Bottom section of Northfork Hollow.

The charges stem from an alleged shoot-out between Simpson and Dana Martin, 39, of the Worth area, McCarty said. Martin was killed as a result of injuries sustained during the shooting.

“There was an initial argument between the two,” McCarty said. “After that argument Mr. Martin went to his residence and obtained a firearm and Mr. Simpson went to his residence and obtained a firearm. Both subjects, after they obtained firearms, met back at the same location where the initial argument had taken place, and it was shortly after that gunfire was exchanged between the two and Mr. Martin ended up dying.” (link)

Dueling to the death. In the year 2007. Have these people never watched Oprah?

Which Would Make It Unique Among All Cities ...

Galax is "a progressive city" with leaders, not politicians.


Yeah, I'll Sleep Better Tonight

Well, the debate over just how psychotic a person has to be before he is barred from purchasing a firearm here in the commonwealth has come to a close. This in lieu of the debate that is going to be avoided at all costs over what we should do with the all the psychotic persons in our midst who are out there and will kill with whatever weapons they can lay their hands on.

God knows we don't want to institutionalize them. We instead make it a bit more difficult for them to slaughter other human beings. Swell.

The vexing news:

Virginia Ends a Loophole in Gun Laws
By Ian Urbina, The New York Times

Washongton, April 30 — Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia closed a loophole Monday in the state’s gun laws that allowed a mentally disturbed Virginia Tech student to buy the guns used in a shooting rampage that left 33 dead at the university on April 16.

The governor issued an executive order intended to prohibit the sale of guns to anyone found to be dangerous and forced to undergo involuntary mental health treatment. Under the order, their names would be included a database of people banned from buying guns.

The governor said the database “should include any determination that someone is mentally ill and so dangerous to himself or others as to warrant involuntary treatment.” (link)

So Cho Seung-Hui's name will be entered into the national database. That should warm the hearts of 32 sets of Virginia Tech parents, and make the rest of us feel oodles safer.

Who Are They Kidding

The more affluent nations of the world are pointing fingers at the underdeveloped, impoverished nations of the world and lecturing them on their inability thus far to control greenhouse gas emissions. The phrase "whistling in the wind" comes to mind:
Nations Urged to Reduce Greenhouse Gases
By The Associated Press

Bangkok, Thailand (AP) -- The European Union called on developing countries Tuesday to take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gases, saying they must stop blaming richer nations for their own failure to act.

In its draft report, the panel says that by rapidly embracing energy efficiency and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels, the world may manage to hold the temperature rise to 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, beyond which the planet may become inhospitable to life.

Tom van Ierland, a climate change expert with the European Union, said cooperation from developing countries is essential to the goal of keeping temperatures from climbing more than 3.6 degrees, or 2 degrees Celsius.

''We need to ensure that in coming years the growth of emissions in developing countries is reduced and eventually capped to be in line with our 2 degree objective,'' he told reporters. (
And I'll bet those reporters listened, unlike the Chinese people who don't have the time because they are all out making a better life for themselves and who, because of their focused efforts, will soon rule the world. CO2-choked though it may be.

Do People Get Paid To Research This?

In Ducks, War of the Sexes Plays Out in the Evolution of Genitalia

Out Of Bangladesh!

Pelosi and Reid, it is expected, will call for a withdrawal of troops from Bangladesh this morning. There are terrorists there:

Bomb Blasts Rock Bangladesh Terminals, One Hurt
By Reuters

Dhaka (Reuters) - Three simultaneous bomb blasts rocked separate railway terminals in Bangladesh on Tuesday, with militant slogans claiming to be from al Qaeda found at two of the sites.

One man was hurt in the blasts, which triggered panic among commuters who evacuated railway terminals.

Thin metal sheets scribbled with slogans were found at the bomb sites in Dhaka's Kamalapur and Sylhet terminals. The third blast was in the railway terminal of the southeastern city of Chittagong.

No one was arrested and police could not immediately confirm any al Qaeda link to the blasts.

[An] officer, who asked not to be identified, said the bombs may have been intended to send a message that Islamist militants were back in business after a brief lull following the execution of a number of top leaders. (link)

Meanwhile, in Congress, the Democrats turn their attention to more pressing issues. Was Saddam an imminent threat? Did government emails contain improper messages? Should Gonzales apologize again? What's Halliburton up to?

Yes, more pressing issues ...

Where? In The White House Basement?

The fruit loops at the Charleston (WV) Gazette are so coherence-challenged, it becomes unfair for me to pick on them. But when they write silly crap like this, I must at least shine the light of day on it. From "Torture - Worst Offense" this morning:

"Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez may lose his powerful Washington post for unfairly dismissing eight U.S. attorneys. But his worst offense was helping President Bush torture prisoners of war, a scholar says."

The image of hunchbacked assistant Alberto holding down a writhing, screaming prisoner being confined against his will in a torture chamber deep in the bowels of the West Wing, while mad professor G.W. gouges out his eyeballs with a sharpened grappling hook is intriguing. And it's worth discussing as a tool to be used for affecting foreign policy.

But accurate?

Are there no literate adults in the labor pool over in West Virginia?